Our In-Depth Zomei Z818 Tripod Review!

In this article, we will be going over our Zomei z818 tripod review to help any of our readers who may be considering picking up a z818. The tripod has proven very popular for both indoor and outdoor use with both photographers and videographers. In particular, the tripod has gained a large amount of popularity in the travel tripod niche as well as for use during hiking.

With Zomei tripods offering some excellent functionality and performance with a very budget-friendly price tag when compared to other brands such as Manfrotto, it is no surprise that the Zomei range is taking off and becoming so popular.

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Zomei Z818 Specs

  • Maximum Tripod Height – 65 Inch.
  • Minimum Tripod Height – 22 Inch.
  • Tripod Weight – 3.7lbs.
  • Maximum Payload Weight -35.27 pounds.
  • Folded Tripod Height – 18 Inch.
  • Monopod Max Height – 72 Inch.
  • Leg Locks – Twist Locks.
  • Leg Sections – Four Independent.
  • Materials – Aluminium & Magnesium Alloy.
  • Head Type – Ball Head.
  • Panning Range – Three Hundred And Sixty Degrees.
  • Quick Release Plate – Included.
  • Bubble Level – Included.

The Tripods Head

We will kick off our Zomei z818 tripod review by going over the tripod head. As you would expect, the build quality is excellent and the simple yet effective design of the tripod makes it very easy to use and get maximum functionality out of the tripod. The head is based around the tried, tested, and very popular ball head design that is very easy to use allowing you to quickly put the tripod to use.

Unlike some competing tripods at this price point, the head of the Zomei z818 offers a full three hundred and sixty-degree panning rotation to allow you to capture some truly epic vistas via either panoramic photographs or slow pan video footage.

The image to the left shows the position of the bubble level on the tripods head. Thankfully, Zomei has actually planned its location to ensure that it is fully visible even when you have your camera mounted on the tripod to ensure that your rig is level. We have lost count of the number of tripods that put their bubble levels somewhere that either your camera or lens cover as soon as you mount your rig essentially rendering the level useless.

The quick release plate included with the tripod as standard allows you to quickly and easily mount and unmount your camera as required to allow you to switch between tripod photograph and freehand photography. If you are planning to use multiple camera rigs with this tripod you are also able to pick up additional quick release plates (Click here to check for product prices and availability) for your other cameras too.

The Tripods Body

The body of the Zomei z818 is made from a high-quality, lightweight magnesium and aluminum alloy that is very robust and can take more than its fair share of punishment. This makes the z818 ideal for any type of photography where you will be required to move around, potentially carrying all of your equipment on you and is why it has proven so popular as a travel photography tripod.

The counterweight hook at the base of the tripods center column allows you to mount additional weight to your tripod rig for increased stability when outdoors in windy conditions. Although you are able to purchase third-party sandbags to mount on counterweight hooks, we find that you are usually able to get away with attaching your backpack without needing to spend the additional money.

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The Tripods Legs

A key part of any tripod set up is its legs and how they perform due to the majority of the stability of the overall rig coming from the legs. Thankfully, Zomei have knocked the ball out of the park when it comes to the legs on the z818 and they perform perfectly in our opinion. We would like to point out that the tripod does use the twist lock system rather than the flip lock and we know some people prefer one system over the other but in reality, there is little to no difference in the stability provided by each system, it is just how you activate the leg locks.

That said, we would like to say that the twist locks on the z818 are responsive and actually lock in place when the locking system activates. We have noticed a few budget style tripods use a non-locking twist lock that allows you to twist and twist as you please even when the lock has activated resulting in potential damage to the tripod. Thankfully, this is not the case with the z818, once the lock has activated you are not able to twist any further also offering you peace of mind that the leg is stable and secure.


The image to the right shows the twist lock system used on the tripod as well as the non-slip rubber feet. These rubber feet offer increasing levels of stability when the tripod is in use by offering additional friction both indoor and out on a number of surfaces.

Just like the body of the tripod, the legs are also made from the same Aluminium & Magnesium alloy offering a firm and steady base that is very lightweight.

The Tripod Monopod

Another thing that helps push the Zomei z818 ahead of the competing tripods at this price point is its ability to quickly and easily be turned into a monopod. Depending on your photography niche this can still offer a stable platform for your camera while further reducing the weight you have to carry with you.

For example, say you are hiking with your camera rig and want to reduce the weight you have to carry, you can remove the monopod from the tripod and take it with you the rest of the way rather than having to take the full tripod.

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