Our In-Depth Zomei Z668 Review!

We have been seeing a steadily increasing amount of interest in the z668 so today we have decided to publish our full Zomei z668 review. Our hope is that we will be able to go over the tripod, its features, its performance, its functionality, and its build quality to help any of our readers who are looking to pick it up and add it to their camera accessories.

Although many people instantly go to Manfrotto, Zomei has definitely earned their place within the niche as their reputation continues to grow exponentially. The price tag of the Zomei range makes them a very attractive option and the features on their tripod range allow them to outperform the competing tripods at their price points while also competing against tripods at higher price points too.

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Coming in at 3.7 pounds and 20 x 5.1 x5.1 inches when collapsing the z668 make the ideal travel tripod for any kind of travel photography or and jobs where your client requires you to move around while traveling light. This lightweight and small tripod can support a maximum upper payload of 33 pounds while also having a maximum extended height of 65 inches allowing it to be used successfully in a massive number of photography and videography situations.

That said, being a ball head based tripod, it can struggle a little when it comes to stuff like capturing panoramic photographs or recording any kind of slow pan video footage. Thankfully, if you are planning to take part in either of these you are able to pick up a decent but cheap pan head attachment (Click here to check for product prices and availability) that provides smooth panning while still keeping the tripod cheaper than most of its competition.

With Zomei being an aspiring brand looking to keep increasing their customer base and reputation the design of their tripods is flawless and that includes the design of their quick release plates. As you would imagine, they are very easy to attach to your camera allowing you to easily mount and unmount your camera as and when required. As most photographers will be using multiple camera rigs throughout their photography session, you can also pick up spare or replacement quick release plates cheaply (Click here to check for product prices and availability) to ensure you can hot swap between your cameras as required.

The aluminum alloy used for the body and legs of the tripod is extremely lightweight considering how robust it is. This ensures that it can hold its own in the luggage holds of planes while traveling around and still perform flawlessly after taking its fair share of knocks.

For its price point in the market, the ability for the z668 to be de-built to product a monopod really is a great feature that helps set it appart from the competing tripods at this price point. You can quickly and easily detach the monopod leg from the rest of the tripod within seconds allowing you to reduce the weight you have to carry with you while still being able to get yourself some image stabilisation. This is perfect if you are planning on hiking to the location of the photo session as you can reduce the weight you are carrying to lessen the burden on yourself.

If you look at the top of the three legs where they all attach from the centre column, you can clearly see that one of the legs has a slightly different attaching mechanism as well as a screw grip to help you screw the leg as shown in the image below. This allows you to quickly identify the leg that you can turn into a monopod and start to rotate it if you need the monopod functionality.

As you would expect from any good travel tripod, the Zomei z668 has a counter weight hook at the base of its center column as shown in the image to the right. this allows you to quickly and easily attatch additional weight to the tripod to increase its stability in windy conditions.

Although you can purchase sandbags for this that you simply fill with sand, soil, or rocks when on location, you can usually get away with just using your backpack. Again, this is a great little feature to have on such a cheap tripod as it give you peace of mind that your camera rig is safe and secure while mounted on the zomei z668 in windy conditions.

The rubber feet at the base of the tripod legs are also excellent at gripping a number of surfaces even when its raining. This further increases the stability the tripod is able to provide you even when using a heavy DSLR and a heavy lens.

The actual legs on the tripod have four individual leg sections and use the twist lock leg mechanism that is very easy to use while also being very secure when locked in place. This ensures that the tripod legs will also stay in place when set up while also being very quick and easy to lock helping you save as much of your precious time during set up.

If you are wanting to pick up a high-quality yet budget friendly travel tripod then the Zomei z668 is definatley worth picking up. Its build quality is excellent, the features that are on the tripod are often not available on products at this price point allowing for the tripod to provide a ton of functionality and offer the best performance possible for you and your paying clients. As we mentioned earlier in the reputation, the tripod has proven very popular within the community and its reputation is only going up as more people pick it up and add it to their accessories.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Zomei Z668 to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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