Our Full In-Depth Zomei Q111 Review!

In this article, we will be gong over our full Zomei q111 review. The Zomei tripod range has exploded in popularity over the last few months with more and more photographers realizing that they are a very budget friendly tripod solution that offers excellent functionality.

Due to their sudden increase in popularity, we have noticed a number of people reaching out for advice on this camera tripod range. Due to this, we have decided to work our way through reviewing each of the tripods offered from the Zomei range and today is the turn of the Q111. If you have heard of the Zomei tripod range before then it should come as no surprise that they are taking the market by storm due to offering similar functionality at a fraction of the price of the Manfrotto tripods.

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Our Zomei Q111 Review

The Zomei Q111 has been designed from the very start to be a top contender in both the travel tripod and the lightweight portable tripod niches while still having the build quality and performance that you would expect from an entry level, budget friendly professional tripod.

The Zomei Q111 Tripods Head

The image to the left shows the pan head of the tripod as well as the panhandle that allows you to quickly and easily use the tripod to pan your video footage or take epic panoramic photographs of any vistas you see while traveling.

The tripod head is very smooth and responsive allowing you to smoothly pan the head from side to side without jittering allowing for some very smooth video footage. Although the panhandle on the Zomei Q111 is relatively short, it still offers you plenty of leverage to pan the tripod with ease, even if it has a heavy camera rig mounted on it.

The image to the right shows the quick release plate that comes with the Zomei Q111. It allows you to quickly and easily mount or unmount your camera of choice from the tripod as and when required.

Simply fix the tripods quick release plate to the base of your camera that will take around one minute and then you are able to mount and unmount your camera with the tripod within seconds. This can allow you to quickly switch between tripod photography and freehand photography with ease so you never miss the chance to capture an excellent photograph due to not being able to get your camera off your tripod in time.

Although the vast majority of tripods come with a bubble or spirit level these days, the one on the Zomei Q111 is very easy to see even with a camera and lens mounted on the tripod. We have lost count of the number of entry-level tripods that we see where the bubble level is hidden by your camera once mounted preventing you from ensuring your rig is level.

Additionally, the level is very easy to see in low light or night time conditions with minimal effort. This can allow you to capture perfectly level landscape photographs while you are out on your travels and remove the needs to digitally level them out in post-production after your journey saving you time.

Unlike many of the budget-friendly tripods currently on the market, the Zomei Q111 also comes with a variable plate as standard as shown in the image to the right.

This allows you to quickly and easily switch your camera from horizontal to verticle in a matter of seconds with minimal effort. Depending on your photography niche this may be totally useless to you but it can be handy for some people and it is a nice little feature on the tripod that its competitors usually leave off.

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The Zomei Q111 Tripods Body

The base of the center column on the Zomei Q111 comes with a counterweight hook as shown in the image to the left. This can be extremely handy if you are planning to take photographs outside in windy conditions. You can add counterweights or something as simple as your photography bag to it to add additional weight to the tripod to help keep it standing in high wind conditions.

Although the hook is made from plastic rather than metal, it is robust and reliable and able to support a surprisingly high amount of weight to help increase stability. Additionally, it offers easy access rather than using a closable clasp design that can waste your time when trying to apply weight to the tripod.

The body of the tripod is made from a high-quality, lightweight aluminum alloy that is very strong and stable. This allows the tripod to come in at only 2.6 lbs while also having a massive 55-inch maximum height when fully extended.

The center column of the tripod is also able to support a surprisingly high payload of 6.6 lbs covering the majority of the popular camera and lens combinations with plenty of weight to spare.

The leg brace attached to the center column is made of a high-quality but lightweight plastic to help keep the tripod stable when in use. When collapsed the leg brace seemlesley folds into place to become hidden and does not take up any additional space keeping the Zomei Q111 as small as possible when compressed.

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