The Ultimate Zomei ND Filter Review!

If you are one of our regular readers then you are probably aware that we are massive fans of lens filters and have reviews the vast majority of them. Keeping to our goal of covering all of the major lens filter brands on the market right now, today, we will be going over our dedicated Zomei ND filter review.

With the Zomei brand increasing in popularity within the community on an almost weekly basis, it is no surprise that we have seen a large number of people reaching out for a review on their ND filters. Additionally, there is absolutely no doubt in our minds that the Zomei ND lens filter is without a doubt one of the fastest growing filters on the market right now and it only shows signs of increasing in popularity.

Although we will go into this more throughout the article, we feel that this is due to the filter having a cheap price tag, great build quality, and excellent performance. A large number of photographers and videographers who have already picked up the filter have posted their own reviews online (click here to read some of them) sharing how the filter has performed for them as their go-to filter of choice.

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Available Thread Sizes

Thankfully, the ND filter has a decent number of thread sizes available covering both common as well as some uncommon lens filter thread sizes. This makes it very easy for photographers to find a filter that will fit their go-to lens of choice without having to waste their time. At the time of writing, the Zomei ND filter is available in the following thread sizes:-

  • 40.5mm
  • 49mm
  • 52mm
  • 55 mm
  • 55mm
  • 58mm
  • 62mm
  • 67mm
  • 72mm
  • 77mm
  • 82mm

As you can see, Zomei have managed to cover a decent range of sizes. We feel that they have taken a leaf out of Gobes book and saw how quickly catering for uncommon thread sizes can help you grow and tried to duplicate their success. Thankfully, so far at least, this strategy seems to be working a treat for them as they show no sign of slowing their growth down at all.

Performance And Functionality

For a neutral density filter, the Zomei ND filter does a great job of surpassing the expectations that most people who try it have and help it compete with filters that are actually above its price point in the market. It does a great job of controlling the amount of light that is able to get into your lens and reach your sensor allowing you to blend time and movement to get some great photographs, especially around water features giving the silky smooth water effect.

This allows you to toy with long exposures when doing your landscape photography and get some of the best image quality possible. For example, the photograph of the waterfall below shows a great example of the type of photograph that you will be able to capture when using the ND filter, as you can see, the longer exposure has merged the falling water into the unique silky look.

The double anti-reflective coating on the filter also does a great job of helping you control the amount of light that can reach your sensor allowing you to come up with some really unique ideas for photographs. One of the main features that we like about the Zomei ND filter is its ultra-thin profile frame coming in at only 7mm. This makes it a very small profile filter and makes it very simple to store in your photography kit bag without adding much weight or taking up much space at all.

Another great feature is the variable light reduction via the 2-8 stop functions allowing you to tweak the performance of the filter to exactly what you are trying to do with your photography session. All in all, for its price tag, we are very impressed with the performance of the filter and feel that it is a solid choice.

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Build Quality

As you have probably guessed from the section above, we are massive fans of the high-quality ultra slim profile of the Zomei ND filter so we feel that we have to give credit to Zomei for smashing this one out the park. The frame is not only lightweight but it is also very robust at the same time, the optical glass used as the filter element is robust and performs very well too and does a great job in our opinion.

Although Zomei has not released the exact coatings used on the filter they do a great job of getting you the best image quality possible while offering some of the best light reduction capabilities on the market. The actual threads on the filter are firm and we doubt that they will easily cross-thread any time soon when mounting or unmounting your filter from your current lens of choice either.

Although not its primary purpose, the Zomei ND filter can also offer a decent amount of protection for your front lens element serving as a kind of UV filter while also providing its regular ND filter functionality too. We feel that this is definitely down to the excellent build quality of the filter and are unable to find fault with it.

Our Verdict

That brings us to the end of our Zomei ND filter review and we hope that you have found it helpful. As you can probably guess, we are massive fans of the filter and feel it will make a great addition to your camera accessories if you are into any kind of long exposure digital photography. It allows you to capture photographs with excellent image quality while merging the aspects of time and movement in the image.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Zomei ND lens filter to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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