13 Zhiyun Crane 2 Accessories To Help Up Your Game!

In this article, we are going to be going over what we feel are 13 Zhiyun Crane 2 accessories that you can add to your gimbal accessories to help up your game. Now, it is important to note that there is absolutely no need at all to pick up all 13 accessories as they are designed to work in different niches and do different things.

That said though, we have no doubt that picking up the ones that you feel you could put to use in the niches you work in will help to improve the image quality of your video footage. In addition to this, some of the accessories that we will be recommending are also ideal for making your life easier when out and about using your gimbal, especially if you use a heavier camera rig that uses up a bunch of the gimbals load capacity.

Spare Batteries

So, first up we have what we feel is a must-have accessory for any Zhiyun gimbal owner, a set of spare batteries (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Not only does this increase the potential battery life that you are able to get out of your gimbal but it also helps you stay prepared for one of the main batteries becoming damaged or going missing.

We have lost count of the number of people who have accidentally lost a battery for their Zhiyun Crane preventing them from being able to use it for the image stabilization that they need because they never packed some spare batteries for it. Additionally, having a spare set of batteries can allow the Zhiyun Crane gimbal range to be powered for around 24 hours as each set can offer up to 12 hours of power.

If you are working in videography niches where you will be out hiking in the wild without the ability to recharge your batteries then this is another excellent feature and picking up multiple sets of spare batteries would be a no brainer. Additionally, we have seen various YouTubers who go off vlogging in remote areas in places like Bali for days on end and end up running out of juice.

One thing that we would say is that Zhiyun batteries can be a total nightmare to source and it is only getting harder as time goes on. We don’t know why this but we have seen a few people mention how they are using generic third-party 2000mah 3.7v 18650 battery (Click here to check for product prices and availability) in their gimbal without issue.

That said, we have never used third party batteries ourself and we would always recommend that you try to find a set of official Zhiyun batteries where possible for your gimbal.

Wireless Thumb Controller

The next accessory that we would recommend anyone who owns a Zhiyun Crane 2 at least consider adding to their collection of accessories is a decent wireless thumb controller (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Now, these are by no means essential as the handle of the Crane 2 provides the same functionality but if you are planning on using the next accessory on our list, a dual handle grip holder then wireless thumb controllers are a great bit of kit.

You just mount them to one of the grip handles so you are able to support the weight of your gimbal and camera rig in the holder while tweaking the performance of the gimbal with just your thumb. Although there are a few thumb controllers on the market, we would recommend the Zhiyun ZW-B02.

The Zhiyun ZW-B02 is very easy to use, has a solid reputation and allows you to perform the following functions on your Zhiyun Crane 2 via the controller:-

  • Mode switching.
  • Power on/off.
  • Directional control via joystick.
  • Shifter control.

Dual Handle Grip Holder

Next up on our list and a very popular addition to any gimbal users kit is a decent Dual Handle Grip Holder (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Now, there are an absolute ton of these available on the market right now and it has become a bit of a minefield in all honesty due to there being many low-quality holders.

We prefer the Digitalfoto range as they have one of the best reputations going at the time of writing and are very popular within the community. Not only does the holder allow you to carry your gimbal and camera rig with two hands making it more comfortable but it also turns your 3 axis gimbal into a 5 axis gimbal while potentially providing you with up to a 30% improvement in the stability the gimbal provides.

The usefulness of a dual handle grip holder will depend on what you actually use your Zhiyun Crane 2 for. For example, a Youtuber or vlogger will probably never need one as they can get by with the regular handle but a professional videographer doing paid gigs can definatley benefit from adding a dual handle grip holder to their kit.

The video below goes into more detail on how you can best use a dual handle grip holder with your Zhiyun Crane 2 as well as shows the difference in image stabilization and ease of use that it can offer you.

Halo Stand

Next up and similar to the dual handle grip holder covered above, we have the Halo Stand (Click here to check for product prices and availability). They essentially do the exact same job for you and help to increase the stability that your gimbal can provide you. Personally, we prefer a dual handle grip holder but some people definatley prefer to use a halo stand.

Field Monitor

Now, the next item on our list is not strictly an accessory specifically for your gimbal and is more an a camera accessory that can be used with your gimbal. Anyway, next up, we have a mountable field monitor (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Now, there are two ways that you are able to use the field monitor when using your gimbal.

The first is to just mount it on your camera body as shown in the image above but this can be a total pain. Not only does it have an effect on the range of motion that you are able to use but the additional weight of the field monitor on your camera body may knock you over the upper load capacity of the Zhiyun Crane 2 depending on your camera rig.

The second way to use the field monitor is to actually mount it on your gimbal body or your dual handle grip holder if you are using one. This still ensures that you get the full range of motion on the gimbal as well as ensures you have as much payload available for your camera rig as possible.

If you are planning to mount the field monitor to your gimbal or dual handle grip holder be sure to get one that specifically says it is gimbal mountable as some are designed to just b used with a camera body. Anyway, once mounted the field monitor allows you to quickly and easily view the footage that you are recording with your camera of choice and helps ensure you are getting the image quality you want.

Inverted Handle

Next up we have the good old inverted handle (Click here to check for product prices and availability) that is probably one of the most popular gimbal accessories going. Not only does the ergonomic design of the handle make it easier to hold your gimbal during use but the natural position of the wrist when using your gimbal can also help you capture footage if you have Arthritis of the wrist.

Although the photograph above shows a DJI Ronin gimbal rather than a Zhiyun Crane 2, it shows how you are also able to use an inverted handle to make it easier to use both of your hands with your gimbal stabilizer. If you are using a particularly heavy camera rig for an extended period of time then this is a godsend and is well worth every cent in our opinion!

The actual grip itself is small, thin, and lightweight to so it is easy to add to your videography kit and take with you when you go out on location for your work. Although there are a few brands that offer an inverted grip for the Zhiyun Crane 2 we would recommend any of the UURig range due to their excellent reputation, easy of use, great performance, and low price tag.

Mini Dual Grip

Next up on our list of accessories for a Zhiyun Crane 2 is the mini dual grip (Click here to check for product prices and availability). As the name would suggest, a mini dual grip is essentially the baby brother of the dual handle grip holder covered earlier in our article. Not only does it help to improve your image stabilization provided by your gimbal but it is also smaller and lighter than a full-blown dual handle grip holder.

If you are a travel vlogger or something like that where you will be racking up those air miles while needing to save as much space and baggage allowance as possible, then the mini dual grip can be a great addition to your kit. Depending on what you are planning on doing, you can get really creative and take two mini dual grips with you as shown in the image below to make your life even easier.

Belt Kit

Next up we have a belt kit (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Now in all honesty, we thought that belt kits would be totally useless for use with a smaller gimbal like the Zhiyun Crane 2 until we saw a comment from a videographer that totally changed our minds. Now, the Zhiyun Crane 2 comes in at around 3 pounds, it also has a maximum load capacity of 7 pounds, and then you can also mount things like field monitors to the gimbal to further increase this.

The comment was from a videographer who said she is just over five feet tall and small built but works with as a professional videographer using a heavy camera rig. She then goes on to mention how she was really struggling to do her longer sessions as the weight would cause her arms to cramp up. That was at least until she picked up a belt kit and it helped make her job much easier.

If you feel that you may find yourself in a situation similar to this then adding a belt kit to your collection of gimbal accessories is probably a safe bet and a good investment.

Extension Pole

Although commonly used with the belt kit covered above, a decent gimbal extension pole (Click here to check for product prices and availability) has an absolute ton of uses. It can help increase your creativity as well as allow you to get some angles and video footage that you would never be able to capture without one.

The potential of a gimbal extension pole is only really limited by your mind and we have seen some pretty ingenious uses for them. Better still, they are usually pretty cheap, even for a carbon fiber one allowing you to add one to your gimbal accessories even if you have just gotten started on your videography journey.

L Bracket

Next up on our list, we have the trusty L Bracket (Click here to check for product prices and availability) that is essentially used to allow you to mount additional accessories to your Zhiyun Crane 2. For example, you would use an L Bracket to mount the field monitor to the gimbal so you can have a better view of the video footage that you are actually capturing.

At the time of writing, a new use for the L Bracket and one that we fully expect to increase in popularity as time goes on is to mount your smartphone to the bracket. Many of the modern cameras now have smartphone apps that allow you to see what you are capturing essentially working as a field monitor.

Hang Strap

Another gimbal accessory that you are able to add to your collection is a hang strap (Click here to check for product prices and availability) to help support the weight of your gimbal and camera rig. The hang strap works in a similar way to the belt kit and makes it easier to support the weight of your Zhiyun Crane 2, especially when out and about on long sessions.

It can also allow you to give your dominant arm a break when out recording your video footage as your non-dominant arm should easily be able to support the weight of your gimbal and camera rig when using a hang strap.

Gravity Adjustment Plate

The usefulness of a gravity adjustment plate (Click here to check for product prices and availability) will actually depend on what camera rig you are using. If you are using a large camera rig that the Zhiyun Crane 2 will not natively mount then these plates allow you to adjust the supported dimensions on the gimbal to house larger rigs.

You are also able to use the plate to offset the weight of your camera rig to potentially allow the gimbal to support a rig that is slightly over its payload. Although many people do this, we do not recommend it as it is additional stress on your gimbal motors and the Zhiyun Crane 2 is an expensive bit of kit that we would not risk burning out. If you are planning to use a larger camera or a heavier camera rig then look to pick up a gimbal that will natively support it.

Mini Tripod Stand

Depending on where you purchased your Zhiyun Crane 2, you may have had a mini tripod stand (Click here to check for product prices and availability) included with the gimbal as standard. There are a few things that the mini tripods are used for and your imagination can also help integrate them into what you need to get out of your gimbal too.

If you pick up a wireless remote that we covered earlier in the article, then you can use the mini tripod to place your gimbal in one location of a venue and control it remotely via the remote. If you are a YouTube vlogger then this allows you to capture video footage if you are alone while also having you in frame.

Wrapping It Up

That concludes our list of Zhiyun Crane 2 accessories that we wanted to share with our readers. As we mentioned back at the start of the article, there is no need to purchase all of the accessories as some of them will be probably be totally useless to you in the videography niche you work in. On the flip side of that though, some of them can make excellent gimbal accessories and help to make your job a lot easier while also improving the image quality that you are able to capture.