The Ultimate Yongnuo YN968N Review!

After seeing a number of people reaching out over the last few months, we have decided to take the time to publish our dedicated Yongnuo yn968n review to help any of our readers who are considering picking the flash unit up. Being the Nikon variant of the yn968 flash unit we see people asking if it is able to hold its own against the Nikon SB-400 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) that is probably the closest competitor from the Nikon range or the Godox TT685N (Click here to check for product prices and availability).

In our opinion, the Yongnuo yn968n is slightly underrated, especially for its price tag and we feel that in the coming years both its popularity and its reputation will increase. That said, there are a number of photographers who use the Yongnuo yn968n as their go-to flash unit of choice and have posted their own reviews (click here to read some of them) online. If you have a little spare time then it may be worth reading some of them to get an external opinion on the performance of the camera flash.

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User Interface And Control System

Thankfully, unlike some other camera flash brands, Yongnuo has kept their navigation menu on their yn968 range very similar to some of their previous flashes. This can work to your advantage if you have used Yongnuo flash units previously as the menu is very similar. Additionally, if you have not previously used a Yongnuo camera flash then the menu system is easy to learn and can quickly become second nature to you after a few sessions of playing with the flash unit.

The actual control system on the yn968n is also very easy to pick up. All of the buttons are easy to operate no matter the condition, the rotary control wheel can also easily be turned in wet and or cold conditions too. This lets you quickly and easily flick through the various settings on the flash unit without having to waste time to tweak any settings required.

The flash mode button lets you quickly switch up the different modes for the flash to get it performing as required within seconds. You can easily cycle between manual flash mode, TTL flash mode and guide number mode at the press of a button.

Performance And Functionality

For a middle price point, Speedlite flash the Yongnuo yn968n actually provides a fair bit of utility and performance with plenty of functionality to allow it to hold its own against the competing flash units out there. This provides plenty of photographers a cost-effective way to improve their flash photography performance or improve the image quality that they are able to capture when photographing in low light.

The Yongnuo yn968n can be used as both a master unit or a slave unit depending on the rest of your lighting set up allowing you to get the best out of the flash no matter the situation. As the flash offers a large range of common wireless flash unit protocols you can mix and match it with other units and still get a large amount of functionality out of the flash. This can then be further enhanced by adding wireless triggers and such to your lighting rig too.

The high-speed synchronous flash setting can reach up to 1/8000s with ease but this can be outperformed by some other competing flash units at this price point. That said, for the majority of our readers, we feel that 1/8000s will be fine for the majority of the flash photography situations that you may find yourself in.

The Yongnuo yn968n supports both automatic and manual flash zooming between the range of 20-105mm that can easily be tweaked to fit your current requirements. If you are planning to set your Yongnuo yn968n up as a part of a studio lighting rig then it also supports a number of grouping functions to help customize the way the flashes performance will affect the performance of the overall rig.

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Build Quality

Although the build quality of the Yongnuo yn968n is decent, it does have a slightly cheap feel to it in all fairness. That said, it is still a robust and lightweight flash unit that should be able to take its fair share of bumps and knocks in your photography bag without breaking.

The hot shoe mount is solid and ensure a seamless attachment to your camera of choice when mounted and ensures that it will not randomly fall of mid-shoot. Additionally, Yongnuo has added a few upgrades to the yn968n when compared to some of their older flash units. Thankfully, when rotating or tilting the flash head it feels solid as if it is firmly attached and won’t just come off in your hand after rotating it as some previous products did.

We have already touched on the build quality of the buttons and rotary dial of the control system earlier in the article and we really can’t fault them. For its price tag, they perform well and ensure that you will be able to flick through the navigation menu and tweak your flashes performance on the fly without issue.

Our Verdict

That concludes our Yongnuo yn968n review, now we have no doubt that picking it up and adding it to your camera accessories will help improve your flash photography but the question is, should it be your main option at this price point. Unfortunately, we feel that if you are looking to pick up a great little flash unit for your Nikon camera then you would be better off opting for the Godox TT685N (Click here to check for product prices and availability) over the Yongnuo yn968n.

As far as we are concerned, the Godox unit outperforms the Yongnuo unit in every way while also having an almost identical price tag. You can sometimes actually pick the Godox unit up cheaper if you are willing to purchase a refurbished version (Click here to check for product prices and availability) too helping to push it even further ahead of the Yongnuo flash.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Yongnuo YN968N to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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