The Ultimate Yongnuo YN760 Review!

Welcome to our Yongnuo YN760 review and although we have seen a steady number of people requesting a review on the YN760 for some time now, we simply just haven’t had the free time available to type our article up until now.

Although the YN760 initially got off to a pretty slow start when released a few years back, this LED video light is slowly starting to pick up in popularity and build a solid reputation for itself. We feel the slow start was primarily due to still competition from the Neewer Studio Flash (Click here to check for product prices and availability) that is slightly cheaper and offers almost the same features as the Yongnuo YN760. On top of this, it already had an established user base as well as an excellent reputation within the community.

This made it difficult for the YN760 to punch through initially but now that word is getting out that it offers solid performance for its price tag, people are starting to give it a fair chance. We feel that over the coming months its core customer base is going to keep increasing at the steady rate that it has been and carve its own market out.

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User Interface And Control System

Unlike some other LED video lights on the market that try to add gimmicks to their user interface that often make things confusing and a nightmare to use, Yongnuo have kept the interface system for the YN760 as simple and as easy to use as possible as shown in the image above. This allows you to quickly and easily learn the system and get the most out of it without having to waste much time when you initially get the light.

Once the light is mounted in your studio, the wireless remote control also allows you to control a number of key settings on the light from a distance of up to 15 meters too. This allows you to stay with your camera rig and keep snapping away while tweaking the performance of your lighting accessories remotely to get the output you require.

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Although the Yongnuo smartphone app also offers the ability to wirelessly control the YN760 you have to ensure that you are using the most up to date version of the app! Quickly check your app store for updates and ensure that you have the latest version as some of the earlier app builds so not support the YN760. We have seen a number of people report problems with controlling their light from their smartphone and this is almost always the issue.

All that said and done though, the actual on light interface, the remote control, and the smartphone app are all easy to use. They allow you to quickly and easily tweak the performance of the YN760 without having to waste time while also allowing you to quickly adapt the performance of the light mid-session to meet your requirements.

The mount at the base of the lighting system is also very easy to use and allows you to quickly and easily mount the Yongnuo YN760 to pretty much all popular modern lighting stands. The tilt feature of the light shown in the image above lets you also get some tilt functionality even if you are using the lamp on a static stand too.

All in all, the Yongnuo YN760 is a very easy lighting unit to use and we doubt anyone will have any problems quickly picking it up and getting to grips with how to customize the performance of the light. We love the fact that Yongnuo has kept everything as easy to use as possible meaning there are fewer chances of accidentally changing a setting that you didn’t want to or being unable to find an option that you need too.

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Performance And Functionality

In our opinion, one of the most overlooked features of the Yongnuo YN760 LED video light is the level of performance that it can provide for and in its price bracket, there are a few competing lights that offer some of its features but none that offer them all.

The LED light angle of the lamps output is 110 degree and has been specifically selected to significantly increase the effective light output and ensure maximum illumination for the target area. If you have any large event photograph gigs booked where you need to light a large area with minimal kit this can really help you out. If you are planning to use the Yongnuo YN760 as a part of your studio lighting rig then it plays to your advantage by letting you get more done with less while also requiring you to purchase less kit.

With a color rating index of>= 95 the light offers some of the best color representation of your subject and truly restores the color in the frame allowing you to get excellent image quality when doing something like a portrait photography session. With a color temperature of 4500K, the emitted light is close to natural light and minimizes color issues in your photographs too.

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We know that there are a few popular lights out there that can suffer from burn out quickly but the Yongnuo YN760 is listed as having a minimum lifetime of 3600 hours of use without its light quality lowering. The longer lasting technology on the LEDs in the light will likely allow them to perform well for much longer than the 3600 hours list time too.

The driving technology that Yongnuo have developed and use in their YN760 does a great job of ensuring optimal brightness of the LEDs at a stable level when in use too. Additionally, it also helps the LEDs require less power to produce effective light while also producing less heat to reduce the risk of you running into any overheating issues too.

The light can be powered by a battery pack of NP-F750 lithium batteries or an external power supply via the power cable. Both options work well with the external power supply being the preferred option when using the light for studio photography. If you are out and about with the light or on location at an event gig, you can still get great battery life out of the batteries due to the power saving tech on the LEDs.

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Build Quality And Design

Another strong feature on the Yongnuo YN760 is the great build quality and unlike some of the competing lamps on the market in this price range, the YN760 does not have that cheap feel to it either. The majority of the casing is made from high quality, low weight, robust plastics to help ensure that you can mount the light on low load capacity stands if needed while making sure it can take its fair share of bumps too.

Although the LEDs used in the YN760 have some power saving technology to help reduce the amount of power they require, there is still a risk of the lamp overheating when used for extended periods of time and that’s where its internal fan comes in. Although you can customize the performance of the fan, our advice would be to just leave it at its default settings.

The support handle at the read of the lamp is decent and allows you to carry the light if required but for optimal use, you will want to be mounting it to a stand. If you are planning to use the lamp for outdoor use then there are a number of attachments available that allow you to mount the lamp on pretty much anything you can think of.

Coming from Yongnuo, it was safe to say that the YN760 was going to have a solid build quality anyway as Yongnuo are known to produce solid products. That said though, we really do feel that they have gone the extra mile with the YN760 and really smashed the ball right our the park when it comes to the design and build quality of the light.

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Question – Can you mount softboxes to the Yongnuo YN760?

Answer – Yes.

Question – What is the output power of the Yongnuo YN760?

Answer – 80W.

Question – What is the Lumen power of the Yongnuo YN760?

Answer – 8000LM.

Third Party Reports

Due to the low popularity of the Yongnuo YN760 at the time of writing, we have had a total nightmare finding a decent independent review of the LED light. We usually try to share a review from an third-party photographer or videographer of all products that we showcase on our blog to try and offer a balanced opinion of the product. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Yongnuo YN760 we were unable to find a review that we felt was worth sharing with our readers.

The video above does show an unboxing of the YN760 showing exactly what you get included with your purchase and you can click here to read some independent third party reports of people who use the YN760 too if you like.

Our Verdict

That brings our Yongnuo YN760 review to a close and we feel that the video light can make a great addition to your collection of camera accessories. It offers some great performance with a solid build quality while also retailing for a fair price tag. One thing that we would suggest to our readers is to also consider the Neewer Outdoor Studio Flash (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Although it offers a few less features than the YN760, the Neewer light is also a little cheaper and has one of the best reputations going at the time of writing at this price range in the market.

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