The Ultimate Yongnuo YN600 Air Review!

Welcome to our ultimate Yongnuo YN600 Air Review that we decided to publish after recently covering the LED lights cousin, the Yongnuo YN300 Air (Click here to check for product prices and availability) in one of our articles. While doing our research for that article we realized that there is a distinct lack of information out there for these light panels so we decided to cover the YN600 Air to help any of our readers who may be considering picking it up.

Although the YN600 Air has gotten off to a slower and rockier start than its YN300 Air cousin, it has slowly started to grow its reputation within the community at a steady rate and is becoming more and more popular as a part of a lighting rig. We were unable to find any reason why the YN600 Air got off to a slower start as the build quality, functionality, performance, and interface on it are all pretty solid, especially when you take into consideration its price point in the market too.

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User Interface And Control System

If you have used any other modern LED video light available on the market right now, the user interface and control system on the Yongnuo YN600 Air will be very familiar to you as the majority of these lighting units all use the same system now. On the flip side of this though, if you are brand new to using a lighting panel, this system is extremely user-friendly and easy to pick up without any dramas at all.

As you can see in the image below, you control the light power output from the panel by the control dial allowing you to quickly and easily tweak the performance of the panel to get exactly what you need out of it. The LCD screen between the rotary dial gives a clear indication of the lights power output level ensuring that you can accurately select the output level you require. The ring itself is very easy to turn as well as very easy to locate if you are using the panel in low light conditions too.

The battery attachment on the Yongnuo YN600 Air are the simple place, slide, and click system used on a bunch of common photography and videography accessories these days ensuring you can quickly swap your batteries out when required. The panel uses the NP-F series batteries meaning that spares are easy to source (Click here to check for product prices and availability) while also supporting an external power supply (Click here to check for product prices and availability) input too.

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The actual mounting system on the Yongnuo YN600 Air lets you mount the light on various stands and tripods while also have a number of additional non-essential mounting adaptors available to allow you to mount the light on pretty much anything that you can think of. This ensures that you can always mount the panel as required to provide the subject of your video or photograph with optimal lighting when required.

As we touched on, the YN600 Air has an extremely easy to use control system and we feel all of our readers will be able to easily pick it up and use it. If provides you with an easy way to customize the performance of the panel to get exactly what you required out of it without having any random confusing dials or controls while also preventing you from wasting time that could be better spent elsewhere. All in all, we feel Yongnuo have done a great job on the interface for the light.

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Performance And Functionality

Another great selling point on this LED light panel and why we feel it is building itself a solid reputation within the reputation is that it provides some excellent performance for its price point in the market. In addition to this, it is extremely lightweight for the light power output that it can provide for you making it ideal for anyone who has to travel around with their gear.

The Yongnuo YN600 Air provides you with a large illuminating light panel that provides some excellent soft light for light filling. This can be used to soften shadows cast on your subject from other light sources on location and we have also seen a number of reports from people commenting on how they use the YN600 Air as their primary lighting source for their videography too.

The actual panel itself is made up of 192 individual SMD LEDs that provide a large light emitting area while being very energy efficient at the same time. This ensures that you are able to get excellent usage out of your battery but keep in mind that your battery life is going to change depending on the luminous intensity that you have the light set to.

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The YN600 Air comes with an ultra-high color rendering index over 95 providing a light source that is very close to natural light. When comparing the YN600 Air to competing products at this price point in the market, it blows the competition out of the water due to being as close to natural light as possible without you having to break the bank for some of the premium light panels that can easily cost three to four times what the Yongnuo YN600 Air costs.

The natural light emitted from the panel also ensures that it almost perfectly restores the color of your subject allowing your camera of choice to capture them as the eye would. Although this depends on the videography or photography nice that you are working in but anything that involves people, food, or animals with distinct colors will be captured beautifully.

The YN600 Air can provide you with an extremely lightweight, accurate and reliable light source for your video lighting needs that you can keep mounted on your camera without really noticing the additional weight on your rig when doing extended sessions. Its great performance also helps it stand a head and shoulders above the competing lighting panels at this price point in the market too.

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Build Quality

No YN600 Air video light review would be complete without covering the build quality of the panel. Now, keep in mind, this is a pretty budget friendly lighting panel with a low price tag so you have to give it some leeway on certain points and build quality is definatley one of them. Although the panel has a solid, robust build quality, it does have that slightly cheap feel to it.

Thankfully, this should not be an issue for the majority of our readers as its performance and low price tag help overshadow this. That said, although the plastics used for the case of the panel are of lower quality to help keep the price tag of the light as low as possible, they definatley do their job well and protect the light during use.

The actual LED panels are well put together with each LED being firmly and securely held in place to ensure you get an even distribution of light from the panel. The plastic casing is also tightly put together offering some decent weather and dust protection to but if you are using the YN600 Air as an on-camera LED light while outside in pouring rain then we would highly recommend that you cover it with some sort of waterproof protection if possible.

Unlike some entry-level panels that have plastic threads for the mounting attachment that wear out quickly and cross thread, the YN600 Air has a metal attachment too. We feel that this is a nice little touch to help keep it ahead of the competing panels at this price point in the market. This helps to ensure that it will not cross thread and cause you issues when mounting or unmounting the panel from whatever it is you plan to mount it on.

Off the top of our head, we can’t think of anything we would change on the YN600 Air when it comes to its build quality as it would result in a direct increase in the price of the panel.

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Question – Can the Yongnuo YN600 Air be mounted on the hot shoe mount of a DSLR?

Answer – Although its primary purpose is to be mounted on a tripod or lighting stand due to its larger size, we have seen a number of people report that they have mounted their YN600 Air on their cameras. Although it will not natively mount to your camera hot shoe mount, there are aftermarket attachments available to do this. In all honesty though, if you want a lighting panel for predominant on camera use, we would recommend the Yongnuo YN300 Air (Click here to check for product prices and availability) as its smaller size and weight make it much easier to do.

Question – How many lumens does the Yongnuo YN600 Air have?

Answer – It has 4000LM.

Question – Is the diffuser on the Yongnuo YN600 Air removable?

Answer – No, it is permanently fitted to the panel.

Third Party Reports

We always like to share some independent, third-party reviews of any product that we feature on our blog. We have decided to go with the YouTube video of the Yongnuo YN600 Air above as we feel that it is the best video format review of the product available at the time of writing and does a great job. It is not too long so will only take a few minutes to watch and we would highly recommend that you watch it if you have the spare time available.

Our Verdict

That brings our Yongnuo YN600 Air Review to a close and we feel that Yongnuo has done a great job of putting this great quality lighting panel together. We are glad to see that it is steadily increasing in popularity within the community as the months go by and expect it to continue to do for many years to come.

We feel that the YN600 Air has its distinct niche in the market and stands above the competing lighting panels at this price point too. We have no doubt that adding the solution to your collection of camera accessories will help to improve your image quality, especially for low light sessions and its light weight and small size make it ideal for taking with you on sessions at locations away from your studio.

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