The Ultimate Voking VK750 Review!

As we work our way through reviewing as many of the entry-level flash units on the market right now, we have seen more and more people telling us that we have to check out the Voking VK750 as it has two of the features we request most for an entry-level flash unit.

The first is an LCD panel interface and the second is a One by Four battery housing to help reduce any potential overheating issue. At the time of writing, the Voking VK750 is the only entry-level flash unit on the market that we are aware of that has these two features so we decided to publish our dedicated Voking VK750 review to help try and make more people aware of this flash unit.

Although the Voking VK750 is not as popular as say the Neewer TT560 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) that we would consider the undisputed king of entry-level flash units, the VK750 is steadily growing its own core customer base and has a solid reputation within the community. The great performance of the VK750 and low price tag also leads us to believe that the popularity of this flash unit is only going to keep increasing as more and more people realize that it is a solid little entry-level flash unit.

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User Interface And Control System

The interface and control system for the Voking VK750 is shown in the image above and as you can see, it has a system that is build around an LCD panel with a directional pad to work your way through the navigation menu. As we touched on earlier, to our knowledge, this is the only entry-level flash unit on the market right now that offers this control system.

Not only are we fans of LCD panel based control systems as they tend to b easier to use but in our opinion, the also tend to allow for better customization of the flash units performance too. Although the buttons on the flash unit do feel cheap, they do their job and let’s remember, this is a flash unit priced around the $30 price point! The actual navigation menu on the VK750 is also very easy to work your way through and as we would imagine most of the people considering purchasing the Voking VK750 may be purchasing their very first flash unit, ease of use can be a major selling point.

The VK750 also has a metal hot shoe mount that ensures the mount won’t change shape like many of the plastic mounts on entry-level flash units can preventing any issues with the flash getting stuck on your camera body. The flash also comes with a built-in flash diffuser housed just above the flashbulb that you can put to work if needed and in all fairness to it, it works pretty well.

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Performance And Functionality

Now, the Voking VK750 also offers some excellent performance and in all honesty, we are surprised that the flash unit is not more popular within the community as it offers some great features. We have made the shortlist below going over some of the key features on the flash unit that we feel most our readers will want to know about:-

  • Guide Number (ISO 100) 58.
  • Four independent flash modes (Manual mode, multi-mode, S1, and S2).
  • Color temperature 5600k.
  • Flash time 1/200s to 1/20000s.
  • Fixed recycle time of 3 seconds.
  • Flash activations per set of batteries 100-1500.
  • Vertical tilt angle from -7° to 90°.
  • Horizontal panning angle from 0° to 270°.

Now, one thing that the Voking VK750 does not offer is a variable flash recycle time as it is fixed around the Three seconds recycle time. We feel that this should not be an issue for most photographers out there who are using the flash unit as three seconds should be quick enough for an entry-level photographer.

On top of this though, the fixed recycle time can actually work in your favor and help to prevent some overheating issues commonly encountered by entry-level photographers. We keep seeing people on social media and photography forums mentioning how their flash units keep overheating and the majority of the time, it seems it is due to them using a very fast recycle time on the flash unit for extended periods of time, as this is not an option on the VK750 it removes the problem.

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Another thing that we would like to comment in is that the 1500 flash activations per set of batteries is the officially listed number from Voking. We have not seen anyone confirm ever being able to get even close to this so we feel it may be a typo that should actually read 150 as the average activations seems to be around the two hundred mark.

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Build Quality And Design

Now, the build quality of the Voking VK750 is pretty average in all fairness to it, although it holds its own against the competing flash units in this price point it is pretty much middle of the pack. On the flip side of this though, the build quality of a flash unit in the entry-level price bracket is a common way for manufacturers to keep the price tag of their flash units down.

That said the flash is still pretty lightweight and although we would not describe it as robust, we do feel confident that the Voking VK750 will be able to take its fair share of punishment without breaking quickly.

Now, the main thing that we love about the Voking VK750 is the One by Four battery housing shown in the image above. Most of the competing flash units in the sub $50 price bracket tend to use a Two by Two battery housing that can lead to overheating issue. With the One by Four housing, heat can dissipate from the batteries much quick and easier than in the Two by Two housing where heat is commonly transferred between the batteries causing problems.

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Question – What camera bodies can the Voking VK750 mount to?

Answer – As the flash unit uses a standard hot shoe mount, it will mount to any Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Pentax, or Olympus camera body with a standard hot shoe mount.

Question – Does the Voking VK750 have an optical slave mode?

Answer – Yes.

Our Verdict

That brings our review of the Voking VK750 to a close and we can definatley see why it has such a great reputation within the community. It is an excellent little flash unit with some features other entry-level camera flashes simply do not provide. We have no doubt that adding the VK750 to your camera accessories can help improve your flash photography image quality without having to break the bank.

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