The Ultimate Godox TT350O Review!

We always see people reaching out for advice on what mid ranged flash unit they should pick up, we also see a fair number of people specifically reaching out for advice on the Godox tt350O so we thought we would be able to answer both questions with one single article. Although this will predominantly be a Godox tt350O review, we feel that the flash unit is also an excellent candidate for the best mid-range price point flash on the market.

It has a solid reputation within the market that is growing at a steady pace and its core customer base keep posting their own reviews online (click here to read some of them) that you can read if you want an independent opinion of the flash unit. Although rare these days, you can sometimes find a refurbished version of the Godox tt350O (Click here to check for product prices and availability) that can save you a fair bit of money off the actual list price.

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Starting With The User Interface

As always we will be starting our Godox tt350O review by taking a look at the user interface and user control system on the flash unit. Thankfully, the navigation menu on the tt350O is very basic and user-friendly allowing you to quickly and easily get used to using it and learn where the various settings are that you may need to tweak during a photography session. In our opinion, this works to the advantage of the tt350O as some of the competing flash units at this price point have taken the navigation and customization options too far and have ended up with a really confusing menu on their product.

The actual control system on the tt350O also helps push it ahead of the competing camera flashes as all of the buttons are very easy to press even if your hands are cold or wet. The rotary dial on the flash is also very easy to turn to help get you through the various flash options but it also has just enough resistance to prevent you accidentally over rotating and scrolling too far through the menu. The fact that the whole system is controlled by five control buttons and a power button is also a positive for us as if you are a regular reader you will know we much rather have a simple and easy to use product than something with useless bells and whistles that we will never use but make the unit confusing and cumbersome.

The backlit control screen on the tt350O also ensures that you can use it at nighttime or in low light conditions without issue and the changing color of the backlight indicates if the flash unit is in either master with a green background or slave with the red background as shown in the photograph above.

As you should expect from a camera flash at this price point in the market, the mode button allows you to quickly switch up the performance and functionality that your flash unit provides you. Single presses will quickly rotate between manual flash mode, TTL mode and guide number. If you have clients or models waiting for you to get your camera rig ready then this prevents you from having to waste both your time and theirs while making the whole session flow better and seem much more professional.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Godox tt350O really is excellent considering its price point in the market although we personally feel the plastic materials that the majority of the flash head and flash body are made from do feel a little cheap. On the flip side of this, these plastics are very robust helping to protect your flash unit from knocks while also being as lightweight as possible to ensure that it remains light and easy to travel with.

The hot shoe mount on the flash is metal as you would expect and offers a quick and easy connection to the hot shoe on your camera of choice too. Unlike some cheaper flash units on the market right now, the battery cover clicks firmly in place once you have placed your batteries inside the flash unit and will not easily open by accident requiring direct pressure to open. This helps keep the batteries in place and your flash powered preventing any accidental openings that can send your batteries flying across the floor.

The ball and socket connector between the flash head and the flash body is solid and really well put together offering both rotational and tilt functionality for the flash head with ease. Gone are the days where you have to worry you may accidentally rip your flash head off when trying to rotate it and thankfully, the rotary system on the ball and socket connector is really smooth and can be operated with one hand.

Included Accessories

Although relatively basic stuff, one nice feature of the Godox tt350O that other flash units at this price point in the market don’t offer is a handful of included useful accessories as standard with your purchase. The photograph to the left shows what you get but in short, these are all included when you pick the tt350O up:-

  • A flash case.
  • A flash diffuser.
  • Gel color inserts.

The flash case and flash diffuser are surprisingly high quality in all fairness to Godox and are definitely useful depending on what you are wanting to use your tt350O for. Depending on what you are trying to do with your flash or how much time and money you have put into building up your camera accessories, the gel color inserts may be totally useless though. We are not a fan of the traditional gel inserts and rather pick up a set of cheap card based ones as they tend to last longer. That said though, it is nice to have them if you don’t have an alternative in your photography kit and they can help customize the performance of your camera flash.

Our Verdict

Well, that wraps up our Godox tt350o review and as we hope we have managed to convey, we really do think this is a solid flash unit that will make a great addition to your collection of camera accessories. Its build quality and performance are both great and its feature list is decent, especially when you take into account its price tag. We have no doubt that picking it up will help to improve your flash photography capabilities without breaking the bank and its fair price tag means that the vast majority of our readers should be able to pick it up without issue.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Godox TT350o to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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