The Ultimate Tascam TM-2X Review!

Welcome to our ultimate Tascam TM-2X Review that we have seen requested for a number of months now and as we don’t expect this to stop anytime soon we have decided to publish this article and get it online. Chances are that if you are reading this, you have heard of the Tascam TM-2X and are fully aware of its reputation amongst the community.

Being one of the more popular microphones for DSLR cameras on the market right now, there are more and more owners of the mic posting their independent reviews online (click here to read some of them) of their experiences.

Additionally, as the Tascam TM-2X can be considered to be a mid-range price tag mic, we would also like to quickly point out that you are sometimes able to pick it up it up at a discounted rate if you are willing to get a refurbished or second-hand version (Click here to check for product prices and availability) of the mic.

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User Interface And Control System

Just like most modern microphones on the market these days, the Tascam TM-2X is very easy to control and use. This makes it very easy for anyone to pick up, mount it to your camera of choices hot shoe mount, plug its jack connector into your camera and go off and record video with excellent audio quality.

We would imagine that the vast majority of our readers would be able to pick up the Tascam TM-2X and get it working with their camera within seconds. The image to the right also shows the main control system for the microphone, a simple mark switch that is very easy to use.

All in all, we feel Tascam have done a great job of ensuring that the TM-2X is very easy to use and even if you have never used an external microphone before, we feel you will be able to easily use this microphone.

Performance And Functionality

As we touched on at the start of the article, if you are reading this then chances are that you have already heard of the Tascam TM-2X and its excellent reputation within the community. This is largely due to the microphone providing some of the best possible performance and functionality at its price point and often competing with a few higher price point mics.

Here are some of the key features of the microphone that we feel help it stand out against the competing mics at this price point:-

  • It boasts a 50hz to 20kHz frequency range.
  • It offers a 1.6k ohm output impedance.
  • It has a 74dB signal to noise ration.
  • It uses a plug and play power solution via the JEITA standard CP-1203A.
  • It uses cardioid mics for better sound capturing.
  • It comes with an onboard low-cut filter as standard.

In addition to the features covered above, you also get a fur windscreen and a noise isolation arm included with your purchase of the Tascam TM-2X as standard.

If you are new to using an external microphone then some of the features listed above may be a little intimidating and off-putting but most of them activate on the microphone passively to help improve your the level of audio that you are able to capture and require no input from you at all making it very easy to use.

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Build Quality

As we have not been able to find fault with the microphone so far, let’s start our build quality section with what we feel are the two main negatives of the Tascam TM-2X. The first as shown in the image above is that the hot shoe mount on the microphone is actually made from plastic rather than metal. With the mic bordering on the mid-range price point we would expect a metal hot shoe mount as standard as plastic ones warp over time and end up being a total pain to mount or unmount.

The second negative in our opinion is the shock mount doing little to nothing to absorb the effects of any shock to your audio track. The system used by the Rode microphones is much better and easier to use in our opinion.

Now, onto the positives of the build quality for the Tascam TM-2X. It really is a solid little microphone that is very lightweight meaning that you will rarely even feel its additional weight when mounted on your camera of choice. Additionally, the plastics that have been used to make the microphone are also very robust meaning that you can put the mic in your photography kit bag during transit between locations and if it takes any knocks it probably won’t break or have a negative effect on its sound quality.

As we mentioned, we do feel the build quality of the microphone lets it down a little but in our opinion, this is offset by the great performance it offers and the high-quality audio it can capture for you.

Our Verdict

That concludes our Tascam TM-2X Review and we hope we have done a balanced job of covering both its positives and its negatives throughout our article. We feel that adding the TM-2X to your collection of camera accessories will help improve your audio quality for your videography and keep your clients happy.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Tascam TM-2X to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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