5 Quick And Easy Tips To Stop Your Sony A6000 Overheating!

In this article, we will be taking a look at a number of ways that you can quickly and easily stop your Sony a6000 overheating when in use. Although reports of the a6000 overheating are usually based around when using the camera for video recording, we have also seen a number of reports from photographers about having the same problem when simply taking photographs.

I would imagine that we have all seen the “Sony a6000 overheating fix” of turning the camera off for 30 minutes to let it cool down. Not surprisingly, this is rarely an option, especially if you are in the middle of a session and have paying clients waiting. Thankfully, our solutions are all practical and usable to help keep your camera cool from the very start and prevent the overheat warning in the image below.

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Use An External Power Source

In our opinion, the quickest, easiest and cheapest solution to stop your Sony a6000 from overheating is to simply use a high-quality external power supply for your camera. The Anker PowerCore 5000 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) is a very popular external power supply and you can plug it directly into your a6000 via a cheap NP-FW50 USB Power Cable Replacement (Click here to check for product prices and availability).

This works by removing the largest source of power in your a6000 from the body of the camera and putting it in an external location so it can easily dissipate its heat into the atmosphere rather than it getting trapped in your camera and causing problems. There are a number of guides on various ways you are able to do this and it has one of the highest success ratings of preventing your Sony a6000 camera overheating during use.

The image above can also sometimes be used as a nice little workaround if you are unable to get yourself an external power source. You basically leave the card entry cover open to allow some airflow into your camera to help keep it cool.

We have also seen a number of videos on YouTube on how you are able to modify your camera to try and make this work better but we would not recommend it for the long term. Having a permanent opening on your camera can allow dust and moisture inside that in time can cause no end of problems so we would always recommend investing in a high-quality external power supply for your a6000 over keeping covers open.

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Use Thermal Compound Paste

Although its original purpose was to treat overheating issues in computers, a high-quality, budget-friendly thermal paste (Click here to check for product prices and availability) has been used by various members of the photography community to help deal with overheating issues in their cameras too. That said, we would like to point out that there are varying reports as to how effective using these pastes are and that we have never actually tried these ourselves either so we are basing our information on third-party reports.

That said, the paste works by attracting the head to it rather than to your camera components and then it quickly dissipates the heat into the atmosphere using its unique properties. One of the main differences between using these pastes on your computer vs on your camera is that many computer components have designated area that is clearly marked for you to place paste without it causing issues, cameras do not make it hard to use if you are not knowledgeable on your cameras internal components.

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Prevent Direct Exposure To Sunlight

Sometimes the old ways are the best and a simple, cheap, easy to use camera umbrella (Click here to check for product prices and availability) can do wonders for your Sony a6000 overheating issues by helping to keep it out of direct sunlight. Obviously, this will only work if you are at a photography location outdoors and the weather is hot but the sun can be the second highest heat source for your camera after its own battery.

Using something to provide shade for your camera is one of the oldest methods to help keep your camera from overheating and many photographers both amateur and professional still use it as a Sony a6000 overheating solution to this day. The beauty of using a small umbrella is that it is very easy to use, very effective, cheap, and very light allowing you to easily take it with you when traveling to your next photography location without it taking up much space or weight in your baggage allowance.

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Use An External Camera Monitor

Depending on the level of photography or videography that you are working at, this may be well out of your budget but another common workaround to help keep any camera in your collection cool is to invest in a high-quality external monitor (Click here to check for product prices and availability).

If you are a professional level videographer then these can be commonplace as they also let other people view your footage and let your client give instant feedback or direct the session how they like. If you are an amateur level videographer then we would not recommend this as a method to cool your a6000 as a decent monitor will set you back hundreds of dollars.

If you are on a strict budget then you can try this simple trick shown in the image below. It is not one hundred percent effective but it does help as your camera’s screen is the third highest source of heat (second highest when your camera is out of direct sunlight) for your camera.

Although it is a quick and easy adjustment, setting your onboard camera monitor to an angle as shown in the image allows air to flow behind it and dissipate the heat into the atmosphere. It is free and easy to do allowing you to help cool your a6000 down a little in a pinch while avoiding the overheating message.

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Turn Airplane Mode On

The various wireless settings on your Sony a6000 can generate a surprising amount of heat over time while often not being required. Taking a few seconds to turn on Airplane mode can turn all of these off at once helping to reduce the overall power required for your camera as well as the overall heat that it generates.

When not in use you can then quickly and easily turn Airplane mode back off to use any of the wireless functionality that you may require. As you are not recording video at the same time your A6000 should be able to easily operate without overheating.

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