The Ultimate Sirui T2204X Review!

Our regular readers will know that we have decided to cover more tripods over the coming months and today we are publishing our ultimate Sirui T2204X review. Our hope is that we will be able to help any of our readers who are considering adding the T2204X to their collection as well as anyone who finds our article via sites like Google or Facebook.

Although the T2204X initially got off to a pretty slow start due to heavy competition from brands like Manfrotto in the mid-range tripod niche, it is slowly starting to grow its core user base and reputation at a steady rate. It also has a solid reputation within the community too and we feel that this is only going to continue to grow in coming months as more people try the tripod.

Considering its price tag, the Sirui T2204X does offer some decent performance and functionality while also having a great design and build quality. It can easily make a great addition to any photographer or videographers camera accessories if they have the budget available for this great little travel tripod. That said, if you are after a general tripod rather than specifically a travel tripod then we would highly recommend that you consider the Manfrotto MT190XPro4 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) over the Sirui T2204X.

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User Interface And Control System

Unlike some other travel tripods at this price point in the market that have tried to add fancy gizmos to their tripods that end up making it harder to use, Sirui has kept their user interface as simple as possible. In our opinion, this is always the best way to go as it makes it easier for people to pick to tripod up and use it without having to go off and waste their time learning new systems.

As you can see in the image above, the removable monopod leg on the T2204X is based around the standard screw joint that is quick and easy to detach or reattach. Not only is this tried and tested system very simple to use but it has no fancy lock that can go wrong and end up removing the functionality all togeather.

For example, we have seen a few travel tripods using button-based systems or flip lock systems and once the buttons or flip lock gets damaged, the monopod leg cannot be detached again. With the screw joint systems like the one used on the Sirui T2204X, you can always just twist the leg to release it an get the monopod functionality it provides. Additionally, Sirui has added cross thread protection to the joint to minimize the chances of you accidentally cross threading the joint when reattaching it to the main body of the tripod.

The leg angle selectors on the Sirui T2204X are the basic click locks as shown in the image above. In our opinion, this is the only part of the T2204X that may let it down against the competing tripods at this price point in the market as the technology is a little dated. That said, it does get the job done by allowing you to quickly and easily adjust the angle of the tripod legs while still ensuring they provide all the image stabilization you require for your camera rig.

They are also very easy to use too and the vast majority of photographers and videographers who will be looking to pick up a mid-price point tripod will be familiar with the system. On top of this, due to being an older technology, the click lock system really has been put through its paces by the community over a number of tripod brands and has an excellent record of keeping your camera rigs safe.

The Sirui T2204X uses the twist lock leg lock system as shown in the image above and as you would expect, they are very easy to use allowing you to quickly and easily set up your tripod without having to waste time. We are fully aware that there is a pretty even divide within both the photography and videography communities between using twist locks and flip locks on their tripods.

Even if you do prefer the flip lock system, in this day and age, the support and ease of use both systems provide are very similar leaving little to no difference between the systems. When it comes to travel tripods we feel that the twist lock leg lock system is better anyway as you can quickly and easily operate all the locks on one leg at once when setting up your tripod to help save you time when traveling around.

We feel that Sirui has done a solid job of making the T2204X as easy to use as possible, even if they have had to use some older tech to do this. Not only does this let you quickly and easily set the tripod up or debuild it after use but it also lets you use it right out the box without having to learn any new systems.

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Performance And Functionality

With a max load capacity of 33 pounds, the T2204X should be able to hold any camera rig without issue even if you use a heavy DSLR camera or a heavy telephoto zoom lens. If you are using the tripod for travel photography, chances are you may be trying to keep your camera rig as light as possible anyway to save on your luggage allowance meaning 33 pounds will definatley be enough.

The Sirui T2204X comes in at only 3.94 x 3.94 x 18.62 in when folded down and only 3.26 pounds meaning you should be able to easily add it to your luggage without the tripod causing you any dramas. As we have already mentioned, when set up, the T2204X offers you some excellent image stabilization that is quite impressive when you take its folded size and weight into account.

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One thing that we would like to recommend is that you always have a source of a counterweight available when using the T2204X in windy conditions. Due to it only being 3.26 pounds plus whatever your camera rig weights it may be susceptible to blowing over in the wind. Thankfully, rather than having to purchase counterweight bags to hang off the tripod to increase its weight and stability, you can just hang your backpack off it. If you don’t have a backpack with you, you are able to use the carry case for the tripod and put a few rocks in it or fill it with dirt or sand if needed.

One thing that does help to set the Sirui T2204X apart from the competing travel tripods at this price point is its monopod functionality. As we mentioned earlier in the article, you are able to quickly and easily detach the monopod leg to get your monopod functionality without having to waste any time.

When out and about traveling, having this monopod functionality can be excellent. Not only does it allow you to leave the majority of the tripod in your car or hotel room to reduce the weight you have to carry to your location but the tripod provides some excellent quality image stabilization when you get to your location.

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Build Quality And Design

The build quality of the T2204X is also excellent with the tripod being made mainly from carbon fiber it is no surprise that it is very robust while also being very lightweight. The robust nature of the T2204X means that it can take all the damage coming its way while traveling to your photography location without showing the signs of damage.

The fully adjustable center column on the Sirui tripod has also been designed well allowing you to adjust the position of your camera rig with ease. The foam hand grips on the tripod are comfortable to hold if you are planning on doing any kind of vlogging while holding the tripod with your camera rig mounted on it for extended periods of time.

Although the rubber feet on the base of the legs of the tripod do help to increase stability when using it on wet or slippy surfaces, we would always recommend you take additional precautions in these conditions. We have seen some nightmare stories from photographers and videographers whos tripods gave way on slippy surfaces resulting in damage to their camera.

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Question – What is the thickness of the Sirui T2204X when it’s folded for travel?

Answer – 4 3/8 inches.

Question – Does the Sirui T2204X always come with the Six-year warranty?

Answer – The Six-year warranty is only available from authorized dealers of Sirui products. Many local photographers and this dealer on Amazon provide the Six-year warranty as standard with your purchase.

Question – Are the legs on the Sirui T2204X waterproof?

Answer – No, you need the W series of tripods for fully waterproof legs.

Third Party Reports

As usual, we wanted to share a great independent review of the Sirui T2204X with our readers from a third party user. The video above is the best review from an external user that we could find at the time of writing although most of the points that they make in their video are covered in our article.

In addition to the video above you can also click here to read a number of independent reviews of the tripod that have been left by people who use it as their go-to tripod of choice. We feel these reviews can offer a valuable external insight into how well the tripod is able to perform for photographers and videographers in a number of different situations.

Our Verdict

That brings our Sirui T2204X review to an end. Although there are a few small things that Sirui could have done differently on the T2204X, we feel that it is a solid tripod that can easily hold its own against some of the competing tripods at this price point on the market. We feel that it can be a reliable source of image stabilization to help improve your image quality when out and about on your adventures while also being a valuable addition to your collection of camera accessories.

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