The Ultimate Sirui P 326 Review!

Although we rarely review monopods as we tend to favor tripods that provide monopod functionality, we have chosen to make an exception and chosen to type up and publish our ultimate Sirui p 326 review. Although we have seen a number of people requesting reviews of the Sirui p 326, we also decided to cover it as it is such a great little monopod.

The blend of a high build quality, great performance, decent feature list, and fair price tag have made the Sirui p 326 very popular with both the photography and videography communities. So much so that many people who own the Sirui p 326 have chosen to post their own reviews online (click here to read some of them) of their experiences with it offering you an excellent independent insight into how the monopod performs over extended periods of time.

Although we do feel that the price tag of the Sirui p 326 is fair, you can sometimes save as much as ten percent off list price if you pick up a refurbished variant or a second hand one (Click here to check for product prices and availability). That said many people prefer to get a brand new variant as it tends to put their mind at ease knowing it is brand new and the chances of anything being wrong with it are minimal.

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User Control System

The Sirui p 326 has been designed to be as easy to use as possible no matter what level of experience you have with using a monopod system to provide image stabilization for your camera rig. This means that it has some basic but highly effective systems that allow you to quickly and easily use the monopod without having to waste time during setup.

As we are actually pretty big fans of the Sirui p 326 we will kick off without only real dislike about the monopod, the fact that no ball head is included with your purchase as standard. We feel that Sirui could have easily included one of their ballheads with the monopod and pushed the complete package at once. That said, many people have chosen to pick up the Manfrotto 234RC (Click here to check for product prices and availability) ball head to use with their monopod.

This is due to the Manfrotto 234RC having an excellent reputation within the community, a low price tag, and excellent performance history. It is cheaper than the majority of the Sirui ball heads on the market while providing similar levels of functionality without you having to break the bank. The quick release plate that is included on the Manfrotto 234RC is excellent too as you would expect coming from Manfrotto.

Working our way down the monopods body we come to the gripping using that allows you to comfortably grip your tripod and ensure that it stays upright once you have mounted your camera rig to it.

It has been designed to be as comfortable to grip as possible even in wet and cold conditions allowing you to keep your camera rig mounted while getting all the image stabilization that you require.

Working our way to the bottom of the monopod we come with the leg lock system. The Sirui p 326 uses the twist lock system as shown in the image to the right. This allows you to quickly and easily expand the tripod as you require without having to waste time as you would with a flip lock system.

Once locked in place, the leg locks are solid, firm, and won’t give way keeping your camera rig safe and sound during use. Although it is hard to see in the photograph to the right, there is a foot grip at the very base to help further increase the monopods grip and stability during use.

Performance And Functionality

As we mentioned earlier in the article, one of the main reasons that the Sirui p 326 has proven to be so popular within both the photography and videography community is to how useful it is and how low its price tag is. Some of its key features are listed below:-

  • 17 Pound Load Capacity
  • Six Independent Leg Sections
  • 60 Inch Max Height
  • 0.88 Pound Total Weight
  • Included Wrist Strap

If you are planning on using the Sirui p 326 for any type of travel photograph then it’s lightweight and small compressed size is perfect for you. It will allow you to easily carry the monopod with you, set it up within seconds and then get all of the image stabilization that you could ever need.

Time and time again we see people complaining about travel tripods coming with a ball head system and their panoramic photography and slow pan video footage suffering due to it not having a panhandle. With a monopod, this is totally avoided even when using a ball head as you simply pan the whole monopod to get the smooth panning features that you need.

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Build Quality

Being a carbon fiber monopod the Sirui p 326 is extremely lightweight while also having some of the most robust properties available at this price point. This allows the monopod to take a ton of punishment in your photography bag while moving around to your various photography or videography locations without taking any serious damage.

As we mentioned on the user control system section of the article above, the design for the p 326 has been planned to be as easy to use as possible and the build quality just makes this even better. There are no random, unneeded joints or anything that get in the way as there are on some of the competing monopods and everything is smooth and easy to use.

Our Verdict

That brings us to the end of our Sirui p 326 review and as we mentioned earlier in the article, we really are big fans of this monopod. When comparing it to the other monopod systems at its price point in the market, it has little to no real competition and this is why it has increased in popularity at an almost exponential rate over the years with no signs of slowing down. Adding it to your camera accessories provides a lightweight, robust, quick and easy source of image stabilization that you can take anywhere with you without issue.

Click Here To Read Independent Third Party Reviews Of This Product!

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Sirui P 326 to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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