The Ultimate Sirui A1005 Review!

After the exponential growth of Sirui’s’ tripods recently we have seen a steadily increasing number of people reaching out for advice on a number of their products. This, coupled with the fact that we are working on reviewing as many of the popular tripods on the market right now as possible has lead us to research and publish our ultimate Sirui a1005 review.

Although newer to the market that most of its competitors, the Sirui a1005 is slowly growing its market share as well as increasing its reputation within the photography and videography communities. The high build quality, excellent performance, and great functionality of the a1005 make it a good competitor to the more established Manfrotto tripods on the market while allowing the purchaser to save some money by picking up the a1005 instead.

If you like, you can click here to read some online reviews for the Sirui a1005 that have been left by other people who use the tripod as their current go-to image stabilization solution. Over the coming months, we are definitely expecting the popularity of the Sirui a1005 to increase just as quickly as the other Sirui tripods on the market right now.

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User Control System

Just like any other mid-range tripod on the market, the a1005 has a great user control system that will allow you to tweak its performance during use to get exactly what you need from it. We will start at the top and then work our way down the tripod as it seems the easiest way to do this.

The included ball head that is shown in the image above offers a quick and easy mounting system for your camera rig. The quick release plate on the a1005 works seemlesley and additional plates are readily available (Click here to check for product prices and availability) this allows you to pick up as many as you need to place one on all of your cameras to enable you to easily switch between the camera that you have mounted on your tripod.

If you are wanting to use the Sirui a1005 for any kind of panoramic photography or slow pan video footage then you may want to pick up a decent, budget-friendly pan head (Click here to check for product prices and availability) as shown in the image to the left.

This will help to keep costs down while still ensuring that you can get the tripod to meet your needs. That said though if you are do not need the tripod for any panoramic uses then the standard ball head that is included with the tripod should be enough to meet all your needs.

Moving our way down the tripod we come to the ratchet locks at the top of each of the legs as shown in the image to the right. These work perfectly and are very easy to use allowing you to have peace of mind that the tripod will stay in position to keep your camera rig safe when mounted.

Once you are ready to pack up your tripod the ratchets are easy to release allowing you to quickly and easily debuild the tripod as required and be on your way without issue.

Finally, at the bottom of the tripod, we have its twist lock leg lock system and rubber feet as shown in the image to the left. Although some photographers and videographers seem to prefer the flip lock system we are massive fans of the twist lock system.

Twist locks save time and allow you to set up your tripod and get your camera rig mounted and recording with minimal effort or time wasting. If you are using your tripod on any wet or slippy surfaces then the rubber feet come into play and will help prevent the tripod from accidentally slipping and risking and damage to your camera rig.

Performance And Functionality

One of the main strengths of the Sirui a1005 is its excellent performance for its price point in the market helping to push the a1005 our ahead of the competing tripods on the market right now. As we have mentioned above, the a1005 has plenty of features that help it provide you with some very flexible image stabilization to meet any situation that you may find yourself in.

  • Short center column to allow for low angle use.
  • Full aluminum tripod builds for maximum robustness with minimal weight.
  • Folded height of 14 inches.
  • 22-pound load capacity.
  • Removable leg for monopod functionality.
  • Maximum height.
  • Travel tripod functionality.
  • Four-section legs.
  • Fully adjustable center column.

As you can see, the Sirui a1005 boasts some impressive features that allow you to adjust it to a number of different heights and angles to allow you to get the photograph or video footage that you require.

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Build Quality

As we mentioned earlier, the aluminum used in the tripod has enabled Sirui to produce a very lightweight tripod that is also pretty robust without having to ramp up the price tag as brands do for carbon fiber tripods. This ensures maximum stability when set up ensuring the a1005 can provide your camera rig with all the image stabilization that it may require. All in all, we really can’t find fault with the build quality of the Sirui a1005 and think that Sirui has done an excellent job of both designing and building the tripod.

Our Verdict

As you can probably tell from our Sirui a1005 review, we are definitely fans of the tripod and predict that it will have a bright future ahead of it. We have no doubt that it will be able to provide great image stabilization for your camera rig even if you use a large and heavy telephoto zoom lens. All in all, it will make an excellent addition to your camera accessories and help improve your image quality.

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