The Best Selfie Stick For Canon G7X Cameras!

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at a few things that you are able to use as a selfie stick for Canon G7X cameras. There’s no denying that the Canon G7X and its newer build versions are very popular cameras, especially amongst the YouTube vlogging community. Due to this, we always see people reaching out for advice on how they are able to use the camera with a selfies stick to help improve both their vlogging and videography videos.

The majority of selfie sticks currently available on the market are all based around either smartphone or GoPro use making it hard to find one that actually works well with an actual camera. The camera itself also has a few limitations that can make it a nightmare to use with a selfie stick. For example, its lack of Bluetooth functionality can make it a bit of a pain to trigger the shutter function of the Canon G7X when using a selfie stick.

Due to seeing so many people reaching out for advice on this subject we decided to research the massive number of selfie sticks that are currently out there on the market right now. As we expected, the vast majority of them are either a total waste of time, don’t support the Canon G7X or had a bad reputation within the photography community. Thankfully, we were able to find one selfie stick for the Canon G7X as well as a few alternatives that we will be going over in this article that we feel should be able to help our readers.

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The Fugetek FT-568 Professional Selfie Stick

When it comes to a high-quality selfie stick for Canon G7X cameras, we were unable to find a better option than the Fugetek FT-568 Professional Selfie Stick (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Not only does one of its attachments allow you to attach your G7X to the selfie stick but it is also very cheap and also has a number of G7X users currently using it as their go-to selfie stick of choice!

The Fugetek FT-568 comes with three different attachments included at no additional cost. You get the standard smartphone grip, an attachment for a GoPro or other type or action camera as well as your regular digital camera thread. When using the FT-568 with your G7X you will be taking advantage of the last attachment but you can quickly and easily swap it out for either of the other two if you want to change the type of camera you have on your selfie stick.

When being used as a G7X stick, the Fugetek FT-568 allows you to extend your potential selfie range to enable you to easily capture more of your background and take those once in a lifetime photographs.The tripod attachment on the base of the FT-568.

The base of the FT-568 also has a standard tripod attachment as shown in the image to the right. We always recommend that our readers give the Joby gorilla pod (Click here to check for product prices and availability) a try when looking for a tripod attachment for a selfie stick or monopod.

They are very flexible and allow you to add a bunch of additional functionality to your selfies that you would otherwise have to go without with a regular static tripod base. They are quick and easy to add to your selfie stick while also being quick and easy to remove when you want to use it as a regular stick again.

The Fugetek FT-568 is made from a reinforced aluminum alloy that makes it very lightweight coming in at only 9.6 ounces without your Canon G7X attached. The alloy also makes the selfie stick very robust indeed. Unlike some competing selfie sticks at this price point, the FT-568 will not easily bend under the weight of your camera while you are out and about taking photographs.

Another advantage that the Fugetek FT-568 has over competing selfie sticks is its extender locking mechanism as shown in the image to the left. Rather than being the standard rotate to tighten clicks, the locks on then FT-568 have an individual lock.

This helps ensure the safety of your G7X when using the stick as it is much less likely to unexpectedly extend or retract without warning potentially putting your camera in harm’s way.

The Fugetek FT-568 can extend to a maximum length of 49 inches while still keeping its shape and functionality. The rubber grip at the base of the selfie stick helps to reduce the chances of you experiencing any discomfort even when using it while fully extended with your Canon G7X attached.

The independent video below offers a third-party, independent opinion of the Fugetek FT-568 (Click here to check for product prices and availability).

Although we feel that the Fugetek FT-568 is the best selfie stick for Canon G7X cameras it does have one main drawback that in our opinion is no fault of its own but actually a fault of the G7X. The lack of Bluetooth functionality on the G7X means that you are unable to use the Bluetooth remote on the FT-568 to activate the shutter and take photographs or start your video recordings.

Thankfully, the G7X community has came up with a number of ways that you can kind of work around this but in our opinion, the quickest, easiest, and most reliable one is to just use the camera photo delay feature. You can map the function to a button so you just press that button, aim with your selfie stick and then wait ten seconds before the photograph is taken.

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Upgrade Your Current Selfie Stick

Although we would always recommend that you just purchase a fully fledge selfie stick that is suitable for use with a Canon G7X like the Fugetek FT-568 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) covered above some people choose to just upgrade their existing selfie sticks. Although this may sound difficult, it is actually a relatively easy process to do.

All you need to do is pick up a Mini Ball Head (Click here to check for product prices and availability) and attach it to your existing selfie stick to upgrade it so a G7X will fit. On the flip side there are some drawbacks for this. It can be a total nightmare to find a mini ball head that fits the selfie stick you already have and then once you purchase it, the cost is usually around half of what you would have paid for a more suitable selfie stick.

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The Zhiyun Crane

Next up on our list is something that we would only really recommend for high-level vloggers or videographers who are using the Canon G7X is the Zhiyun Crane (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Now we want to be clear! This is not your basic selfie stick, this is a full-blown handheld gimbal system and is priced appropriately for what you are getting.

If you are just looking for something to help you take a few selfies then you should always choose the Fugetek FT-568 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) covered above as it is a much cheaper option for you.

That said, if you are wanting to expand and get some smooth rolling gimbal shows with your G7X for your vlogs and videos then the Zhuyun Crane is the perfect option to go with! Since the release of the Zhuyun range, their products have dominated the gimbal niche and the Zhuyun Crane M is perfect for your Canon G7X. It has an excellent reputation within the photography community as well as a number of G7X users already using it for their footage.

The video below offers an independent, third-party overview of the system as well as some excellent example footage of what you are able to expect when using the system.

As the video above shows, the Zhuyun Crane M is able to offer you some very smooth footage for your Canon G7X. As you can probably imagine, it also offers a very smooth platform for any selfies that you may want to take when using the gimbal system too.

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The Do It Yourself Options

As you would expect, over the years people have came up with a whole bunch of different ways that you can make your own selfie stick as shown in the video above. These four different ways have also proven popular but in all honesty, we would just recommend that you pay the money for a real Selfie stick (Click here to check for product prices and availability) that has been designed to work with small cameras like the Canon G7X.

Once you have factored in the cost of the materials to make your own selfie stick as well as the time and effort required you won’t be far off the cost of a real one. Additionally, the risk of a homemade selfie stick breaking and damaging your G7X is much higher than when using a commercially available one.

If you are seriously considering making your own selfie stick for your Canon G7X then we would recommend that you first ask yourself if you really are ready to risk a camera that costs hundreds of dollars in exchange for saving a fraction of what the camera cost on a selfie stick.

What To Look For In A Selfie Stick

Since the release of the Fugetek FT-568 (Click here to check for product prices and availability), more and more selfie stick manufacturers are trying to work out ways to get their sticks to work with cameras such as the Canon G7X. Although many of these sticks will be useless due to the low-quality materials and low build quality that is common in the selfie stick market we will continue to monitor the new products that get released. If we see any new sticks that we feel could meet the needs of our readers then we will be sure to update this article.

That said, you may see something for yourself that you think could help you. Here are the main things that we try and look for in any product before recommending it to our readers. We would advise you to try and apply this to your own process too.

  1. Check if the selfie stick is from an established brand that has a good reputation within the photography community. Thankfully, in this day and age, most people can use their smartphone to check anything the find at a market or store. A quick Google search can give you a good insight into the brand behind the stick you are considering and potentially give you a heads up if they are worth avoiding.
  2. Check for reviews of the actual selfie stick model. Again, another quick and easy one. The vast majority of selfie sticks will have some kind of unique identifier on them that you can search on Google or Amazon. These days you don’t even have to read the reviews as many sites have a star system so you can quickly see what other third-party, independent photographers are experiencing with a potential product.
  3. Make sure that it has the correct attachment for an actual camera! Market sellers and some online vendors can be very sneaky and tell you that a selfie stick will fit your G7X when it won’t. You are looking for an attachment for the selfie stick that looks similar to the ball heads we covered earlier in the article. The clip and grip style attachments are for smartphones or action cameras and are not safe for your G7X so be aware!
  4. The final thing that we would recommend that you check is the materials the stick is made from. Your G7X is heavier than your regular smartphone or action camera meaning a plastic based selfie stick will be more prone to bending and potential breakage over time and risk accidentally breaking your camera. Always try to get either aluminum or stainless steel as the main material while prioritizing aluminum when possible!

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