6 Quick And Easy Tips To Prevent Sony A6500 Overheating Issues!

Today’s article will be focusing on the various things that you are able to take advantage of to help your Sony a6500 overheating, especially when using it for high-resolution video recording. It is no secret that the a6500, as well as many of the other mirrorless cameras in Sonys alpha range, have overheating issues and we have seen a number of people reaching out for advice on what they can do to stop it.

We were unable to find a comprehensive list of steps that photographers or videographers are able to take to minimize the problem so we decided to just publish this article in an attempt to help any of our readers in this same situation.

Upgrade The Memory Card You Are Using

If you are only having your Sony a6500 overheating issues after around half an hour of recording high definition video footage then there is a pretty high chance that the problem is the data rate of your SD card. This is due to the fact that low data rate SD cards struggle to keep up with saving the high-resolution footage and this can quickly result in excessive heat generation being caused without anywhere to go.

We usually recommend that you use an SD card with a data rate of at least 200MB/s like the ProGrade Digital SDXC UHS-II Memory Card (Click here to check for product prices and availability) when recording high-resolution video with your a6500. Before going off and ordering a new SD card though, quickly check your current card of choice to see what its data rate is.

It should tell you a number followed by MB/s on the front label of the card as seen in the top right of the label on the card in the image above. If the data rate is less than 200MB/s then this could be the cause of your problems and if its data rate is closer to the 100MB/s mark then it is very likely the cause and simply upgrading your card to a 200MB/s SD card should prevent the issues in the future.

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Pick Up A Spare Battery Set

If you have checked your current SD card of choice and it is at least 200MB/s as explained above then the next most common cause of your Sony a6500 overheating is its battery. Now the included NP-FW50 battery with the a6500 really is an excellent bit of kit but the problem occurs when recording video footage for extended periods of time and the heat generated by the battery has nowhere to go as it is difficult to dissipate into the atmosphere.

We would highly recommend that our readers invest in a set of budget-friendly yet high-quality NP-FW50 rechargeable batteries (Click here to check for product prices and availability) anyway but picking a set up can also heal with your overheating issues depending on what you are doing with your camera.

The strategy basically revolves around swapping out the battery you are using in your camera every thirty minutes or so if possible but we know this is not possible in all photography and videography niches. Doing this removes the largest constant heat source in your camera and replaces it with a new cool battery helping to decrease the overall temperature of your camera.

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Use Thermal Compound Paste

Although we have actually tried this one ourselves, we have seen some Sony a6500 owners report having some success just using a simple Thermal Compound Paste (Click here to check for product prices and availability) on various locations inside of their camera. That said, if you are not experienced with using thermal compound paste then we would not recommend that you try to use it to help with your overheating issues and simply stick to the other methods on our list.

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Keep The Screen Off The Body Of The Camera

The first free way to help deal with your overheating issue is to simply move the camera screen away from the camera body as shown in the image above. This helps to create an air gap between the screen that is commonly the third highest heat source on your camera and the camera body while also increasing air flow.

This is a very quick and easy trick that you are able to implement and it can be surprisingly effective depending on what else you are doing as well as the atmospheric conditions and local temperature in your location.

Take Advantage Of Airplane Mode

Another quick, easy, and free thing that you are able to try to deal with your a6500 overheating problem is to use airplane mode to your advantage. The various wireless technologies on the camera such as the Bluetooth and wi-fi actually generate heat even when just turned on but not actually in use. Chances are, if you are recording video footage with your a6500 then you aren’t actually using the wireless tech on the camera anyway.

Simply use the airplane mode functionality on the camera to quickly disable all wireless tech for in use and then when you get home and need it turn the airplane mode off. We know this sounds simple but it is often overlooked by the community while also being one of the easiest ways to mark your overheating issues as solved.

Update To Latest Firmware

The final thing that we would recommend is another free thing that you are able to try and it is to simply get the latest firmware update. Sony are an excellent company and constantly release firmware updated for their cameras to fix bugs and security issues and have actually released a few updates for some of their cameras specifically to deal with overheating.

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