The Ultimate Neewer C Stand Review!

Welcome to our ultimate Neewer C stand review that we have seen a number of people reaching out and asking for on various forums and social media pages. Although this was not actually a post that we had initially planned to publish, the constant number of people asking for advice on the Neewer C stand each month has pushed it to the top of our list.

As you would expect from any C stand, the extension arm on it is very versatile and can be used for a large number of things in a large number of different photography niches. A few key ones that come to mind include holding fill cards, lights, cameras, scrims, flash units, silks, diffusion panels, silks, and flags. That said, we have seen some pretty unique uses for C stands and they are only limited by your imagination.

Due to being such a versatile bit of kit, many photographers have multiple C stands around their studios but the market is a bit of a minefield in all honesty. Thankfully, there is a hand full of decent quality products out there and we are going to fully review one of them today, the Neewer C stand.

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User Interface And Control System

Neewer have taken the time during the design phase of their C stand to ensure that everything is as optimal as possible and we feel that this is one of the reasons that it leads the pack when compared to its competing products. The stand can quickly and easily be debuilt for storage to take up much less space when required with the image above shows how you can collapse or build the leg section to save space when not in use.

The system is extremely easy and we feel that anyone will be able to build or debuild the Neewer C stands as required for use on their photography sessions. The smaller size and footprint when debuilt also make this an ideal C stand for anyone who has to travel around for their photography work and its light weight helps to push it further ahead of the competing stands available.

The adjustable dial locks on the main body of the stand also allow you to easily adjust the height of the C stand when required as well as tweak the angle that it is operating at during use. This really does make it ideal for a massive number of uses as the full rig is customizable to get exactly what you need out of the stand.

Performance And Functionality

As we touched on at the start of the article, the functionality of these C stands really is only limited by your imagination. In addition to this, depending on your particular photography niche, you may be able to use it for something useful to you that would be pointless for someone else too. As these Neewer C stands are also pretty budget friendly considering how good they are, an established photographer with their own studio will usually have multiple stands to assist them when needed.

The video that we have embedded below is an excellent overview of how you are able to best set up your C stand to get the best out of it for your photography session. As we know our readers come from all levels of experience when it comes to photography, we thought it would be good to include it for our first time C stand readers.

All that said though, the most popular use for any C stand is probably as some sort of light stand or camera holder for overhead photography with the stands holding arm being used to support the weight and leave you free for other tasks. The Neewer stand is excellent for this offering supreme performance at its price point in the market due to its excellent initial design, great build quality, and ease of use.

In addition to this, it is also has a better maximum height than the majority of other stands at its price point currently on the market too. It has a usable height ranging from 4.75 to 9.5 feet and is fully adjustable and customizable to ensure you are able to get exactly what you need. The turning locks do have a little bit of resistance on them to ensure they do not accidentally release the lock on their joint but you can still easily unlock them to change the set up of the stand mid-session if require before locking them back in place.

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The stand is extremely easy to set up too so if, for example, you are a food photographer and you have a gig at a local restaurant who want some overhead photographs of their food to advertise on social media, you can quickly debuild your stand from your studio, take it to the location and set it up in less than a minute.

All in all, we couldn’t find fault with the performance offered by the stand, especially when you take its lower end price tag into consideration. On top of this, while researching independent reviews and reports from other photographers who use this stand, we could not find anyone requesting any specific features leading us to believe that the people who use this as their go-to stand are happy with their purchase.

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Build Quality

Without a doubt, our favorite thing about the Neewer C stand is its build quality and just how solid and robust the stand is considering that it is more of an entry level stand. Rather than being made from cheaper metals or have plastic based rotary locks like some competing stands, Neewer has built their stand out of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Not only does this help to protect the stand, including its rotary locks from the elements and rust build up over time but it also offers a very robust stand that can take a ton of punishment and support a large payload weight during use. As their are multiple variants of the stand available, and even the maximum height of the stand during use coming into play for its recommended payload weight, please check your owners manual for an exact maximum payload for how you intend to use your stand.

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That’s said though, we are confident that this stand will easily be able to support the weight of your lighting rig, camera rig, or anything else that you need it to hold in place during your photography session without issue. The rotary locking nuts are of a basic design but are very easy to use while also getting the job done and keeping the stand and its boom arm in place when in use. While researching the product for our article, we were actually unable to find a single report from a photographer saying that the locks on their Neewer C stand had failed either.

The high-quality rubber feet on the stand also ensure that it will stay in place if used on wet or slippy surfaces also offering you additional peace of mind that your rig is safe. Although many photographers will only ever use their stand in their studio with ideal conditions, we know some photography niches will have you using your stand on location with less than ideal conditions that may happen to be wet or slippy so just wanted to point it out.

In addition to this, the stand and its counterweight hook can easily support the weight of some cheap, counterweight sandbags as shown in image above. Now, these are by no means essential accessories for the stand and depending on what you are going to use your stand for, we would imagine the majority of our readers would be fine without using them at all. That said, we have lost count of the number of people we have seen complain about tripods they have purchased that do not have the capacity to hold counterweights so just wanted to point out that this is not an issue for this stand.

As you would expect from any C stand worth it’s salt, this offering from Neewer has a number of grip head accessories available if you need them so you can mount pretty much anything you could ever think of to the stand. Neewer produces many of these accessories themselves and they are also pretty cheap and cost-efficient but we doubt many people will need most of them for their regular photography gigs.


Question – Is the Neewer C-stand shaft spring-cushioned?

Answer – Yes, it is a spring-cushioned shaft for additional support and protection for your rig.

Question – Is a grip head included with your purchase of this stand?

Answer – No, at the time of writing, the majority of retailers will only sell the actual stand but some independent photography stores may include a grip stand but this is their choice and is usually not included in the price.

Question – Can the Neewer C-stand support my rig?

Answer – As we touched on earlier in the article, there are multiple variants of the stand available with different payload capacities. We would imagine that the stand would be able to support your rig though as it is very heavy duty and robust though.

Third Party Reports

The video above offers an excellent independent overview of the Neewer C stand and covers its capabilities well. Although we have covered the main points from the video in this article, we know some people prefer to watch video format content so thought that we would share it. The video is not very long so if you have a few minutes available we would recommend that you watch it.

In addition to the video above, we also have some independent, third-party reviews of the Neewer C stand from external photographers that we would also like to share with our readers.

This review of the stand comments on how sturdy and strong the stand is and how they would highly recommend it to other photographers looking to pick a C stand up. They also comment on how the spring loaded center column is a nice touche to help protect your gear that you mount on the stand for your sessions.

This review from another photographer who uses this stand as their go-to C stand of choice comments on how they actually regret now purchasing it earlier. The also mention how it is very easy to set up and that the stand has a great build quality too.

Our Verdict

That concludes our Neewer C stand review and as you can probably guess, we feel that it is without a doubt one of, if not the best entry level, budget friendly C stand on the market at the time of writing. In addition to this, it has managed to earn itself an excellent reputation across all of the different variants of the stand and its user base continues to steadily increase.

We feel that the stand will easily be able to support the weight of any other equipment you need it to hold for your photography session and you can totally customize the way the stand holds your gear too. You can debuild it down to be pretty small and lightweight for transportation and then rebuild it on location very quickly without an issue.

At the end of the day, if you are looking to add a great little C stand to your photography accessories while wanting to get the most bang for your buck then we would highly recommend you seriously consider the Neewer C stand. We would imagine it would be able to meet all of your needs and there are plenty of additional, third-party reviews online you can read via the link below to get more information from independent photographers who use this product too.

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