The Ultimate Mpow Selfie Stick Review!

So, we have been reviewing a fair few selfie sticks over the last few weeks and it seems our reviews have been well received so farm. We have seen a number of people reaching out specifically for a Mpow selfie stick review so we have decided to publish this article to help any of our readers looking to add this stick to their collection of camera accessories.

There is no doubt in our mind that the Mpow Selfie Stick iSnap X is the most popular selfie stick on the market right now as it has a massive user base. It is very cheap while also having a great build quality and providing some solid performance too. This has managed to earn the stick one of the best reputations going to and even now with more modern designs on the market, the iSnap X  keeps growing in popularity and reputation.

Although the Mpow iSnap X is up against some solid competition from the modern sticks like the Benro MK10 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) we will still be reviewing it in full. We feel that the Mpow iSnap X manages to stay popular and keep selling due to how strong of a reputation that it has and the fact that it is a dirt-cheap selfie stick that blows the other sticks at its price point out the water without them standing a chance.

User Interface And Control System

Now, as you would imagine from an entry-level selfie stick, it has been specifically designed to be as easy to use as possible. This ensures that anyone is able to purchase the stick, take it out the wrapper and get it working with their smartphone within seconds and start to capture their selfies like the one in the image above.

The Mpow iSnap X supports pretty much every regular-sized smartphone on the market right now but some of the phablet devices are too big for its mount to secure. That said, at the time of writing, all of the iPhone range and all of the regular-sized Samsung smartphone range will fit in the selfie sticks mount and stay secure during use.

The adjustable mount also allows you to easily adjust the tilt level of the stick from 0 degrees around to 270 degrees as shown in the image above. This ensures that you are able to angle your device as required to get the perfect selfie every time no matter the conditions. When not in use, the ability to tilt the head of the stick also makes it easier to store in your bag or pocket as you can change the angle of the head to ensure that it will fit as required.

Additionally, you are able to quickly and easily rotate the stick to switch your device between portrait and landscape views as shown in the image above. This ensures that you are always able to capture the photograph you need to get the best possible snap to share on social media or preserve your memories.

The Bluetooth remote control included with the Mpow iSnap X is very easy to pair with your phone via its Bluetooth options. Once paired up, you are able to press the Bluetooth remote to wirelessly get your phone to capture a photograph or start or stop recording video. The activation button for the Bluetooth trigger is convenient and easy to reach with your thumb while using the stick too ensuring that you can quickly and easily trigger it as required.

Finally, we just want to comment on the handle on the Mpow iSnap X that is surprisingly comfortable for its price point in the market. That said, we would imagine your hand may cramp if using the stick for extended periods of time without taking a break. If you are planning on using the stick for vlogging with your phone we would recommend something like the Fugetek FT-568 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) as it can support more device types while also being much more comfortable to hold.

The Mpow iSnap X is so simple to use that we would imagine anyone who has never used a selfie stick before would be able to easily get to grips with it and use it without issue. Additionally, if you are looking to pick up a dirt-cheap selfie stick for your child that is dirt cheap then the Mpow iSnap X is ideal.

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Performance And Functionality

When it comes to the performance of the Mpow iSnap X there really is not much to say as it is literally a selfie stick that has been designed to do one job and do that one job to the best of its ability. Anyway, we have made the list below covering some of the key features of the Mpow iSnap X that we would imagine our readers will want to know about the stick:-

  • Maximum usable length of 31.5 inches.
  • Folded length of 7.1 inches.
  • Full Bluetooth support for smartphones.
  • Fully adjustable 270-degree tilt head.
  • Wrist strap to help prevent the stick and your phone falling.

Other than that, there really is not much to say other than the Mpow iSnap X keeps your smartphone secure and safe when extended and provides you with some decent range and image stabilization for your selfies. The overall image quality will depend on the camera on your device but the Mpow iSnap X can definatley help to improve your selfies when compared to photographs captured using just your arm.

Build Quality And Design

When it comes to build quality, you have to keep in mind that this is one of the cheapest sticks on the market. Due to this, the actual extendable stick is a little flimsy and will not be able to take many bumps during use while extended so be careful. That said, it is easily strong enough to support the weight of all popular regular-sized smartphones on the market right now without issue.

The actual handle on the stick is well put together and is actually better than we would usually expect for this price point in the market. Not only is it solid, but it is also comfortable, and easy to hold. The Bluetooth trigger is also in a convenient spot on the handle making it easy to activate too.

The design of the stick is excellent for its price tag. There are so many cheap selfie sticks on the market right now that are a total nightmare to store. The photograph above shows the Mpow iSnap X stored in a jeans pocket giving you an idea of how small it is. This simple yet effective design allows you to easily store the stick as required while also getting maximum performance when in use.

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Third Party Reports

We have covered the key points in the video above in our article but we always like to share an external opinion of any product that we feature on our blog. Although we have covered the points in the video, some of our readers may want to watch it to get an independent opinion of the stick. Additionally, you can also click here to read some of the thousands of reviews of the Mpow iSnap X that have been posted online by people using it as their selfie stick of choice.

Our Verdict

That brings our review of the Mpow selfie stick to an end and if you are looking for a dirt-cheap selfie stick with great functionality then this is probably the stick for you. We have no doubt that it can help to improve your selfie image quality when compared to selfies captured using just your arm and think it will be a good addition to your camera accessories.

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