The Ultimate Manfrotto MT055CXPro4 Review!

Welcome to our ultimate Manfrotto MT055CXPro4 review that we decided to publish recently after publishing a bunch of articles featuring entry-level tripods and noticing a lack of content for the higher price point tripods too. As we have also noticed a number of people reaching out for specific information on the  Manfrotto MT055CXPro4 we decided that this is the perfect tripod to start our higher price point tripod review series.

As you probably know, Manfrotto and their tripods have a reputation for being on the pricey side but in exchange for paying the higher price tag, you usually get superior build quality, excellent performance, and great functionality out of the tripod and we are pleased to say that the MT055CXPro4 is no different.

We feel that this is one of the main reasons that the Manfrotto MT055CXPro4 has been able to dominate the market at its price point. Not only does it have a massive core user base of people who use it as their go-to tripod of choice but it also has a well deserved, outstanding reputation within the community that shows no sign of changing any time soon. More recently, due to more and more people adding the MT055CXPro4 to their collection of camera accessories, interest in the tripod seems to be growing exponentially.

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User Interface And Control System

One thing that Manfrotto tripods are well known for is having an easy to use control system that also keeps your camera rig safe and secure during use and the MT055CXPro4 keeps to the proud tradition. As always, Manfrotto have subtlely upgrades a few key features in this generation of their tripods while improving image stabilization and general stability through their innovation without having to take any drastic steps or overhauling how the user will control or set up their tripod.

The latest generation of Manfrotto leg angle selectors shown in the image above are just as quick and easy to lock in place as ever but the underlying technology has been totally overhauled. Not only do they allow you to set your leg sections in some crazy positions without compromising the maximum load capacity capabilities of the tripod, but it also keeps the tripod firm and secure no matter the leg angle you choose.

Now, this could be a total waste of time if you are planning on using the tripod for something like studio photography where you will probably use the tripod in a more traditional way. That said though if you are involved in a nature photography niche where you will be out and about and not have ideal conditions to place your tripod in a position that you need, these new leg angle selectors are a life saver.

They let you place each of your legs on a different surface at a different angle to place your camera rig exactly where you need it to get the perfect photograph or video footage that you need. They also provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your camera rig is safe and secure and that the legs won’t give way during use too.

Another thing that Manfrotto has innovated on this latest range of tripods if the traditional flip lock leg locks that have been overhauled and rebranded as the Manfrotto quick power lock. Although we doubt that many people will even notice a difference as the actual user interface is almost identical to traditional flip locks, the mechanism underneath that locks the leg in place has been totally overhauled.

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Not only does it help to decrease the amount of time you require for your initial set up or pack up of your tripod but it also helps to increase stability while also reducing the chance of the leg giving way during use. In addition to this, the new design also reduces the chance of the lock head getting caught on clothing and you accidentally being able to pop the lock open risking your camera rig falling to the ground.

We actually did a little research into the reputation of the quick power lock system amongst the community as brands will often just give something a paint job, rename it and try to upsell it as the next best thing. That said though, it does seem that the community agrees that Manfrotto are onto something with this new locking system and we wouldn’t be surprised if competing brands started to try and rip it off and add it to their own products in the future.

The image above shows the rotating bubble level on the head attachment of the MT055CXPro4. Although most tripod heads that you choose to mount on the tripod will have their own bubble level, it is nice to know that Manfrotto has taken the time to add a rotating level to the actual tripod itself.

We love this feature as it is something very simple that won’t hike the cost of the tripod up but helps to save the user time. Gone are the days when you set your tripod up, mount your camera rig only for it to cover the bubble level making you have to guess that your tripod is level and end up being wrong and having to do some touch-up work in post-production. Now, if you are using a large camera body that covers the bubble level you just rotate it around the head to a location where you can easily see it.

Speaking of tripod heads, we would like to recommend the two heads below as they both have excellent reputations and do a great job. We have chosen one ball head and one pan head but of course, you can use anything you want with the MT055CXPro4.

The image above shows the Manfrotto easy link connection system in action that allows you to quickly and easily mount additional accessories onto your tripod as required. Although we feel it does definatley have its uses and can be a great feature in some photography and videography niches, we can see why some people feel it is a little gimmicky and annoying.

If you are in the latter school of thought then simply don’t use the system. It can be fully detached from the Tripod but we have seen countless reports from both photographers and videographers who have been won over by the easy link connection system once they decided to give it a fair try and now love the ease of use it offers.

All in all, Manfrotto have done an excellent job with the MT055CXPro4 and its interface and control systems are all flawless. We love the innovation that Manfrotto keep bringing to the space while also keeping the actual user’s systems very familiar to photographers and videographers so they don’t have to learn a new system to enjoy the benefits of the upgrades to their kit.

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Performance And Functionality

As you would expect from a Manfrotto tripod, especially at this price point in the market, the performance and functionality that the MT055CXPro4 provides is second to none. In our opinion, this is the reason that this tripod stands out from the competition and has been able to grow such a large user base while earning the excellent reputation that it has.

The image stabilization it provides is excellent and due to the advanced, next-generation locking systems explained earlier in the article, you also have the peace of mind of knowing that your camera rig is safe and secure during use. The variable center column shown in the image below allows you to change the position and angle of your camera rig while also offering the exact same level of image stabilization, stability, and peace of mind.

The tripod offers you a maximum height of 66.93 inches with a minimum height of 3.54 inches allowing you to use the tripod with your camera equipment in a large number of situations. You are able to lock the legs of the tripod in with additional protection at 25°, 46°, 66°, and 88° further increasing the angles you can get with your camera and ensure you are able to position to tripod how you require to get the photograph you want.

The tripod uses a Four leg section system that can each be increase or decrease in length to get the tripod to fit any location you may find yourself working at. As we touched on earlier in the article, this may not be a big benefit for you if you are working out of a studio with ideal conditions but if you are out and about on location it is an excellent feature to have available.

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The maximum upper load capability of the tripod comes in at 19.84 pounds ensuring that you are able to use the heavy DSLRs or telegraphic lenses on the market without having to worry about the tripod giving way. With the vast majority of camera rigs we would imagine that you would have enough payload capacity left over for any counterweights or accessories that you need to use too.

Although the MT055CXPro4 was not designed to be used specifically as a travel tripod, we have seen a few reports from people who use it in this way without issue. When fully collapsed, the tripod is just over 21 inches long and comes in at just over 4.5 pounds allowing you to easily add it to your hold luggage to travel with while ensuring you have superior image stabilization when you get to your destination.

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Build Quality And Design

It should be no surprise that at this price point in the market, Manfrotto has ensured that the build quality of the MT055CXPro4 is excellent and second to none. As the majority of the tripod is made from carbon fiber it is not only extremely robust but also very lightweight considering how strong it is.

We have already covered the quality of the various locking mechanisms on the tripod earlier in the article so won’t be spending much time going over them again in this section but we feel Manfrotto have done an excellent job with them. So much so that we fully expect the competing brands to rip the systems of and add them to their own tripod ranges.

Although the MT055CXPro4 requires very little maintenance, basic practices should always be carried out. For example, say you have been photographing near salt water, it is always best to try and strip the tripod down to wipe it down with a towel to prevent the build-up of salt on the locks. Thankfully, the MT055CXPro4 has an excellent design and is very easy to maintain requiring minimal time and effort on your part to strip clean.

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Question – Can I mount a slider on the Manfrotto MT055CXPro4?

Answer – Yes, there are various sliders on the market that will mount to the tripod without issue.

Question – is the MT055CXPro4 a flat base tripod?

Answer – Yes.

Third Party Reports

Our regular readers know that we always try to share an independent review from a third party user of all products that we feature on our blog. After spending some time checking out the other reviews of the MT055CXPro4 online, we feel that the YouTube video embedded above is the best external review of the tripod available at the time of writing.

In addition to checking out the video above, you can also click here to read some other third party reports from people who use the MT055CXPro4 as their go-to tripod of choice. They offer an excellent insight into the performance of the tripod in a massive number of different situations and show exactly why it has such an excellent reputation within the community.

Our Verdict

That brings our Manfrotto MT055CXPro4 review to an end and as you can probably tell, we are massive fans of this carbon fiber tripod and think it will make an excellent addition to your collection of camera accessories. It provides some excellent image stabilization while also ensuring that your camera rig is safe and secure when mounted too. The tripod can be customized to perform well in all conditions and a ton of different locations allowing you to always have a reliable source of image stabilization no matter the job.

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