The Best Joby Gorillapod For Canon G7X Cameras!

In this article, we will be taking a look at if you can use a Joby Gorillapod for Canon G7X cameras and what tripod from their range you should be using. With both the G7X and the Joby range being massively popular products, particularly with the blogging community, it is no surprise that we see a number of people reaching out for advice each month.

The size, weight, price, and functionality of a G7X and a Joby Gorillapod make it the ideal combo for vlogging and other niche types of photography but there are a few things that you have to be aware of when choosing the Gorillapod that you want to use with your camera.

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Can You Use A Gorillapod With A Canon G7X

Many people choose to use a Gorillapod with their G7X and G7X mark ii cameras but the thing that you have to check is that the Gorillapod you choose to pick up can support the weight of your G7X camera. Thankfully, your Canon G7X weighs around 0.67 lbs making it very light and usable with most of the current Gorillapods currently available on the market right now.

We would always recommend that you use the regular Gorillapod Tripod by Joby (Click here to check for product prices and availability) as it has a payload weight of 6.6lbs meaning that it can easily support the weight of your G7X while also being very budget friendly. The regular pod will be able to meet the vast majority of your needs if not all of them without breaking the bank while being able to safely support the weight of your camera.

Over the years, Joby has released a number of more expensive Gorillapod that each has their own special niche with a higher price tag, some going over well over $100! These are not needed for a G7X user and are just a waste of money as the regular pod is almost a third of the price of the specialist ones while still being able to do everything due to the very low weight of your G7X!

In addition to being able to use the regular Gorillapod with your Canon G7X, you are also able to use it with the vast majority, if not all action cameras currently on the market as well as a number of other mirrorless cameras and a few DSLR cameras depending on the lenses that you use on them. This offers you a niche flexible tripod that can potentially support the weight of a number of your cameras allowing you to get some unique looking photographs or videos.

The Standard Gorillapod Tripod By Joby

The standard Joby Gorillapod for Canon G7X (Click here to check for product prices and availability) offers a ton of functionality that you are able to use to your advantage and we will be taking a look at some of it now. Over the years through its various upgrades, it has remained the main product from the Joby range and has managed to earn itself an excellent reputation within the market.

The mini tripod allows you to quickly, easily, and cheaply stabilize your G7X and help improve image quality and allow you to get some very stable footage while vlogging. You are able to use the three legs as a way to place your camera in some unique positions on a stable surface to talk into your camera when stationary or hold all three legs in your hand to record while walking using the Gorillapod as a sort of makeshift selfie stick.


The more modern Gorillapod also have some additional features that the original range did not have. The image to the right shows one of the variants with a bubble level on the tripod head that allows you to ensure your camera is level before you take photographs or start recording your footage helping to improve overall quality.

As the tripods are made from a mixture of lightweight plastics, aluminum, and rubber they offer a very lightweight product that is surprisingly robust and able to take a ton of knocks and bumps without showing any damage or impacting its functionality.

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