The Best Gorillapod For Canon M50 Cameras!

With the huge popularity of the Canon m50 since its release as well as its exponential growth rate to date, we have seen a number of people reaching out for advice on what the best Gorillapod for Canon m50 cameras currently on the market is. This is due to the Joby Gorillapod being a popular camera accessories for YouTube vloggers and the Canon m50 being a very popular vlogging camera.

We have decided to publish this article going over our recommendation in the hope that we will be able to help any of our readers who own the m50 and are looking to add a Gorillapod to their collection of camera accessories. That said, the answer is not as straight forward as you may think and there are actually two suitable Gorillapods for the m50 camera body.

As the Canon m50 comes in at just under 0.8 pounds within any accessories mounted on it the two baseline Gorillapod models are ruled out as they are unable to support its weight. We then move up to the Gorillapod 500 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) that can support a weight of around 1.1 pounds and the Gorillapod 1000 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) that can support up to around 2.2 pounds.

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As the vast majority of our readers who use the Canon m50 will also have a number of accessories mounted on their camera body during use, we would definatley recommend the Gorillapod 1000 over the 500 variant. There is only a couple of dollars difference in the price tags of the tripods while the 1000 variant supports double the load capacity of the 500.

This will allow you to mount a lens, microphone, and flash on your m50 camera body without going over the payload and crack on with your vlogging as you need. Additionally, the Joby Gorillapod 1k has earned itself an excellent reputation within the community since its release and will only continue to grow over the coming months and years.

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User Interface And Control System

Day 35 - Gorillapod Day!
If you are familiar with the flexible legs of the Gorillapod system already then the Gorillapod 1k will be very easy for you to set up and use. Simply mount your camera as required to the mounting plate and then set the tripod legs up as needed. The reason that the tripod seems to be so popular within the vlogging community is due it offering a cheap way to provide some much-needed image stabilization while holding the legs to talk into your camera.

If this is the main reason that you are picking the tripod up then all you have to do is mount your Canon m50 to the Gorillapod and hold it as required. The flexibility of the legs allow you to wrap them around your hand if required to offset any balancing issues that you may have due to the weight of any accessories that you may mount on your camera body too.

Although the Gorillapods available on the market at the time of working don’t support a quick release plate system, the mounting screw is pretty easy to rotate to quickly unmount your m50 when required without issue helping to save time if you want to go from your Gorillapod to a regular tripod or gimbal system.

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Performance And Functionality

Gorillapod yoga
Another popular use of the Gorillapod tripods is just how flexible they are as shown in the image above. You are able to quickly and easily bend them into some unique shapes without affecting the upper load capacity that they can support. When you change your location you can change the shape again or straighten the legs out to use it as a regular tripod if required too.

This makes it the ideal camera accessory for your Canon m50 if you are doing any kind of travel vlogging as you never know what kind of location you will be working in. The image below offers an excellent example of how you are able to use your Gorillapod to mount your camera to some random object when you arrive on location that a traditional tripod simply would not be able to support.

One thing we often see people ask when we show them the photograph above is something along the lines of how safe is their camera when they use a Gorillapod in that way. Now, provided your camera rig is under the listed upper payload of the Gorillapod you are using and that your Gorillapod is in full working order without any obvious signs of damage, your camera rig should be fine.

Now, another common question that we see is why not just take a regular tripod. Yes, a regular tripod could easily be set up on the ground in the photograph above and provide you with some image stabilization but even travel tripods are much larger and heavier than a simple Gorillapod. If you are a travel vlogger or a digital nomad, you will often be carrying the majority of the things you own with you. All the space and weight matters when it comes to luggage allowance and keeping your costs low making the Gorillapod ideal.

In addition to that, the Gorillapod also provides you with the quick and easy image stabilization for vlogging while holding the tripod legs while talking into your camera that we mentioned earlier. On top of this, when needed, it can also be used as a regular tripod too as shown in the photograph below offering some more traditional image stabilization for the camera in ideal conditions.

Day 63/365 My other camera is a monster...a cupcake monster.
The flexible nature of the Gorillapod system makes it convenient for you to quickly adapt its performance and functionality to meet the needs of your specific situation without having to waste time. As we mentioned, its cheap price tag, low weight, small size, and large payload capacity also make it an easy option to take with you on your travels over a traditional tripod system.

The reputation that Gorillapod have build for their brand over the last decade or so also give them a great advantage for any other wrappable leg base tripod due to Gorillapod products having such a low failure rate. When it comes to a small, lightweight yet expensive camera body like the Canon m50, we feel the Gorillapod 1k is the ideal partner in crime and will help you capture some photographs and video footage with excellent image quality that you may otherwise miss.

iPad + Gorillapod
Now, we know that this is nothing to do with the Canon m50 but we just wanted to point out that the Gorillapod 1k is also strong enough to be used as a make shift tablet stand as shown in the image above. If you are using your Gorillapod for travel vlogging and are traveling light, this can be a nice little bonus feature to know about.

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Build Quality And Design

The main reason people trust the Gorillapod range to hold their camera rigs in situations like the one shown in the photograph above is that Gorillapod have ensured that the build quality of their products are second to none. We always see people underestimate the build quality of the range due to the low price tag that the majority of their products come with but the truth is, their build quality really is second to none.

As we touched on earlier, the Gorillapod range has a very low failure rate helping to give both photographers and videographers the confidence required to mount their expensive camera rigs on the products and use them in the unique ways people do. As we mentioned at the start of the article, the Gorillapod 1k has an upper load capacity of around 2.2 pounds ensuring that your Canon m50 will be secure when mounted on the tripod.

The fully rubberized foot grips and leg rings also help to provide additional stability when used in difficult terrain or surfaces. The rubber foot grips also help to keep the tripod upright in wet or slippy conditions too. If you are out and about traveling with your m50 and plan on visiting any waterfalls to get some photographs for your Instagram, the Gorillapod 1k can help get some pretty unique images for you.

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Question – Can the Gorillapod be used with a smartphone?

Answer – Yes, another popular use for the Gorillapod range is to mount a smartphone but you do require the correct smartphone mount for your Gorillapod to use the two together.

Question – Is the Gorillapod 1k waterproof?

Answer – We were unable to find any official confirmation on this but we would always dry to tripod off after it gets wet during use as standard maintenance.

Third Party Reports

We are big fans of trying to provide our readers with as much information on any products we recommend as possible. We find that sharing reviews of the products that we recommend from independent photographers and videographers is usually the best way to do this so have embedded the YouTube review of the Gorillapod 1k above. Please note that the video above is a review of the actual tripod and not specific to using it with the Canon m50 though.

In addition to the video above, you can also click here to read a number of third-party reviews of the tripod that have been left be other independent photographers, videographers, and vloggers who either currently are or recently have used it.

Our Verdict

That brings our article on what we feel is the best Gorillapod for Canon m50 cameras currently on the market. Like we said at the start of the article, there are multiple products from the range that will work well with the Canon m50 but we feel that the Gorillapod 1k is the best option. It offers excellent performance with a solid build quality for a fair price tag.

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