The Ultimate Godox XT32 Review!

We have noticed a constant stream of people reaching out about various wireless flash triggers over the last few months. Due to this, we have decided to try and dedicate some of our free time to covering what we feel are the stronger flash triggers on the market right now to help any of our readers looking to pick up a new wireless trigger for their flash rig.

As we have seen a fair few people specifically reaching out for advice on the Godox XT32 we felt that the XT32 was as good of a place as any to start. Since its release, it has managed to earn itself a decent reputation within the photography community over the years and shows no signs of its growth slowing down. It is a solid wireless flash trigger option that is pretty budget-friendly for what you actually get and it also offers you some excellent performance too.

Keep in mind that you have to pick up the correct variant of the flash trigger for your particular camera body of choice though. You can click here for the Canon variant or you can click here for the Nikon variant to ensure that you are getting the correct version of the XT32. Anyway, without any further ado, let’s get on with our Godox XT32 review.

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User Interface And Control System

The basics of the control system for the trigger can be seen in the image above and as you can see, it is based around an LCD panel to display the various data points, a rotary dial, and a few buttons.

The ease of use of the Godox XT32 makes it an ideal first-time wireless flash trigger as everything has been designed to work as simply as possible. That said, the XT32 also offers some of the best customizations for a flash trigger available at this price point too making it an ideal purchase for a more advanced photographer too.

If you are new to using a wireless flash trigger then we are confident that you will be able to pick the XT32 out of the box and get it working without running into any issues or having to waste much time. The basics of the trigger have been designed to be very easy to set up, if you are looking to take advantage of the customization that the XT32 offers then its probably a good idea to set a little time aside to play with it while having the user manual with you.

We feel that Godox has managed to hit the sweet spot that so many brands strive for with their products of actually getting the tick in the box for the whole “easy to learn, a lifetime to master” saying. The backlit LCD panel also ensures that it is as easy as possible to tweak its performance in low light conditions too ensuring that you can always get the most out of it no matter the conditions.

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Performance And Functionality

Now, we feel that the low price tag of the Godox XT32 is the main reason that it has been so successful within the community but a close second is definatley the level of performance that it offers you. Not only is it one of the leading wireless flash triggers in its price point in the market but it also has some features usually reserved for higher price point products.

We have made the list below to cover some of the key features on the Godox XT32:-

  • Canon and Nikon variants are available.
  • Build in 2.4G wireless transmission system.
  • MSK modulation so the signal does not interfere with any other gadgets.
  • High speed sync to 1/8000 second.
  • Second curtain sync supported.
  • Up to 100m of wireless range.
  • 32 fully supported channels.
  • 16 group sets.
  • Variable synchronization delay from 0-10ms.

As the 2.4G wireless protocol is the dominant tech uses at the time of writing, the Godox XT32 has a high chance of being fully compatible with a large number of modern flash units. The multi-shift keying modulation also allows you to use it in a studio or location where there are many wireless gadgets without the XT32 causing the other gadgets issues.

It is easy to see why the trigger is so popular and has such a good reputation within the community when you factor in the above features as well as the ease of use and large amount of custimisation too.

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Build Quality And Design

Now, it is common knowledge that the build quality of products in this price bracket is usually where brands try to cut corners to help reduce their costs and ensure they have a decent profit margin. That said though, Godox has delivered a really solid, lightweight product that is surprisingly robust too.

Everything feels smooth and none of the buttons have major issues with being unresponsive either. This helps to give the Godox XT32 an advantage over some competing flash units that have ongoing issues with their buttons not working correctly.

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Third Party Reports

Although the video format review of the Godox XT32 is pretty low quality, we wanted to share it as we like to offer an external review of all products that we feature or recommend to our readers and today is no different. The issue with the XT32 is that few people have reviewed it and those that have are not professional review channels

That said, you can click here to read some recent reviews of the flash trigger that have been recently published by third-party photographers who are using the Godox XT32 as their trigger of choice.

Our Verdict

That brings our review of the Godox XT32 flash trigger to an end and as you can see, we feel that it is a solid option and will make a decent addition to your camera accessories. It is clear to see why it has such a positive reputation within the photography community and its customization potential and performance help to set the XT32 apart from competing flash triggers too.

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