The Ultimate Godox X1T F Review!

Welcome to our Godox X1T F review that we have been meaning to publish for some time now. We have finally managed to get some spare time set aside so we decided to publish this article to help any of our readers who are looking to pick up the X1T F trigger from Godox and add it to their collection of camera accessories.

As you probably know, the F in the name denotes the Fujifilm version of the flash trigger. The premium brands have definatley been slow to start rolling out accessories for the Fujifilm camera range but Godox specifically built a part of their strategy around this and have some of the best third-party Fujifilm camera accessories on the market at the time of writing. Thankfully, the Godox X1T F is no different to this and we feel that Godox really has managed to smash it out the park with this great little wireless flash transmitter.

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User Interface And Control System

As far as the radio flash trigger market goes these days, the Godox X1T F has a neat and tidy user interface that is really easy to pick up as shown in the image above. The control system is simple and anyone who can use a modern smartphone will be able to pick it up within a short amount of time too.

This ensures that you can add the Godox X1T F to your camera accessories and quickly get used to the flash trigger and not have to waste time prepping it for use. Once set up, if you choose to tweak or change any of its settings during your photography session, you are able to quickly and easily do so as required thanks to the easy to navigate menu system too. The backlit screen also ensures that you can navigate the flash units menu in low light conditions too.

The buttons and dial on the Godox X1T F are easy to use too even if your fingers are cold. They are also solid rather than being flimsy like some of the competing products that almost feel like they may fall off when pressed. Although some people have criticized the flash trigger for having so few buttons on its control system, on the flip side of this though, we prefer it as it is fewer buttons to have to get used to and keeps the system as simple to use as possible.

Performance And Functionality

As you would expect from any flash trigger worth it’s salt, especially a one with a reputation as good as the Godox X1T F, it is jam-packed with a bunch of features and functions that help push it ahead of the competing flash triggers at its price point in the market. Although we will be touching on many of these key features in depth throughout this section, here is a short bullet point list of what we feel are some of the best features of the X1T F.

  • Supports GR group flash to a max of Five groups broadcast over Thirty-two channels.
  • Fully supports a number of popular flash modes including i-TTL autoflash, 1/8000s HSS, FEC, FEL and modeling flash with both the TTL & HSS being particularly popular with owners of the Godox X1T F.
  • Fully supports 2.4G wireless transmission with a maximum operating distance that can reach up to 100 meters.
  • Fully supports sync delay settings, wireless shutter release, zoom setting, and various memory functions.

We would like to point out that the One Hundred meter wireless transmission distance is direct from the side of the box and we have seen reports from people saying they were able to get a long distance or they were not able to get the One Hundred meter distance. This could be down to a number of reasons in your location such as the atmospherics and the other items around. Generally, though, you should always be able to get close to One Hundred meters wireless distance without issue.

Thankfully, the Godox X1T F comes in at less than 100g making it relatively light compared to some of its competing flash triggers on the market. This can help you due to not really realizing the additional weight when you are using the X1T F as a part of your camera rig. We have seen a number of people complain about other flash triggers saying that they are too heavy and end up adding too much weight to their camera when in use and eventually end up causing their arms to ache but this is not an issue with the lighter X1T F.

The Godox X1T F is also able to support and control a slave group of flash units. This can be a key feature if you are involved in the portrait photography niche or any other niche light fashion photographer where you may want to use multiple flash units at once. Although some of the competing flash triggers at this price point also support this feature, we feel that the other key features also included in the Godox X1T F push it out ahead of the crowd.

The battery life of the Godox X1T F is also solid considering that it is a more budget-friendly to mid-range price point flash trigger. Simply powered by standard AA Alkaline batteries, you can quickly and easily swap them out when required but a fully charged set of batteries should easily be able to last you through the vast majority of your photography sessions anyway.

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Build Quality

Thankfully, Godox has managed to shake the reputation of having low-quality products for a low price tag due to them consistently putting out solid products that get the job done with the lowest possible price and the X1T F is no different. No Godox X1T F review would be complete without commenting on the build quality of the flash trigger.

Although predominantly made from plastics, it is a high-quality plastic that is robust and can take plenty of knocks and bumps that are inevitable with photography accessories. The X1T-F radio flash is weather sealed as well as dustproof too allowing you to use it in a number of photography situations without having to worry about accidentally damaging your equipment.

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The hot shoe mount on the X1T F is made from fully molded metal that will hold its shape over time and not warp during use. This ensures that you should always be able to quickly and easily mount or unmount the X1T F from your camera body of choice without it jamming or getting stuck. Although rare, we have seen some reports of the cheaper competing flash triggers with the plastic hot shoe mounts warping in shape and ending up stuck on camera bodies after use. Even if you don’t end up going for the Godox X1T F, we would always recommend that you go with metal hot shoe mounts rather than the cheaper, lower quality plastic ones to avoid this!

As you would expect from a modern flash trigger, the X1T F also has a mount on its head that is also made from metal so you can quickly and easily mount a flash unit on it. This offers the same benefits as the base hot shoe and will not warp over time allowing you to quickly and easily mount or unmount flash units from the X1T F within seconds.


Question – Will this work with non-Godox flash units?

Answer – There are some flash unit brands that essentially license Godox flash units, rebrand them, and then market them as their own. As the tech is identical the Godox X1T F will worth with many of these flash units without issue. You can also use the Godox X1T-F Receiver by mounting other third-party flash units on its top hot-shoe mount and remotely control may compatible third-party flash units.

Question – Will the Godox X1T F work with other wireless protocols?

Answer – No, the X1T F works with the 2.4G protocol but we doubt this will be an issue as the vast majority of modern photography equipment all support 2.4G.

Question – Does the X1T F work with other camera brand bodies?

Answer – No, the F in the name of the Godox X1T F denotes that this is the Fuji variant. There are other variants of the Godox X1T with a C for Canon, N for Nikon, and S for Sony camera bodies. That said, we have seen a number of YouTube videos showing a number of ways to essentially hack the X1T system to make any variant work with different camera body brands but we have not tried to do this ourselves but take note, doing this will void your warranty.

Third Party Reports

As always like to share independent reviews of any product that we cover so here are some third-party reviews of the Godox X1T F. In our opinion, the YouTube video that we have embedded above is probably the best video format review online at the time of writing that covers the Godox X1T F and we feel it is well worth watching as it is not too long and goes into some great detail too.

This independent review from someone who uses the Godox X1T F as their go-to flash unit of choice comments on how they feel that the X1T is a great little flash trigger. They share their experiences while using it as well as share their thoughts on it and we feel it is worth reading as it is a pretty short overview.

Although very short, this report from an independent owner of the Godox X1T F who uses it with their XPro2 comments on how they were initially having issues with the flash unit but it was down to a firmware issue on their camera. As usual, we would always recommend that you keep the firmware on your camera body up to date. Not only does it keep the compatibility with new accessories up to date but it also corrects and bugs that people may try to exploit. It was only a few years back a glitch with Sony cameras meant people could save the photographs off your memory card wirelessly to their laptops.

Our Verdict

That concludes our Godox X1T F review and we really do think that it is a solid little wireless flash trigger that is worth every penny. As we touched on at the start of the article, it can be a nightmare to find decent quality accessories for the Fujifilm camera range but Godox has earned the reputation as being one of the few third-party brands that you can always rely on.

The Godox X1T F will be a great new flash trigger to add to your collection of camera accessories and we feel that it definatley deserves the great reputation that it has within the community. It does not break the bank while also offers some excellent performance and functionality. In addition to this, it is extremely easy to use and we feel that any one will be able to quickly get used to the Godox X1T F and add it to their camera rig without any problems.

We would just like to quickly reiterate that most of the issues we have seen reported with the Godox X1T F ended up being down to the firmware on the actual camera, not the flash trigger. If you are experiencing any problems then double check that you have the latest firmware installed on your Fujifilm camera before troubleshooting any further. From what we can see, simply installing the latest firmware release for your camera has solved the vast majority of reported issues that we could find for the Godox X1T F.

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