The Ultimate Godox TT685S Review!

As our regular readers may know, we are slowly trying to work out way through our the full Godox TT685 range as each brand variant has a slightly different competition to the other brand variants. Today it is the turn of our Godox TT685S review that we have been trying to get around to publishing for some time now.

Being the Sony camera variant of the very popular Godox TT68 flash range it is no surprise that it has earned an excellent reputation within the Sony camera owning community. We feel that the TT685S does a great job of filling the middle price point flash unit niche for Sony cameras that was previously a void with no real leading camera flash available on the market.

This definitely shows in how quickly the TT685S managed to carve out its massive core customer base of Sony camera owners who use it as their go-to camera flash unit of choice. Additionally, many of these photographers have chosen to post their own individual reviews online (click here to read some of them) of the flash unit sharing their experiences with it. We would highly recommend that you read at least a handful of those as they tend to be short but are first-hand reports from other Sony camera owners who are using the TT685S as their primary flash unit of choice.

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User Interface And Control System

One of the most common things that we see people reaching out for advice on when it comes to a camera flash is how easy is its control system and navigation menu to use. Thankfully, Godox has stuck to what they know with the TT685 range and kept everything relatively similar to their other more modern flash units. This allows for easy crossover from people who have used previous Godox products and the simple design also allows you to pick the unit up, play with it for a short amount of time and to be very confident in how to navigate its menu to get the best out of it.

The control system on the flash unit is simple and based around the central rotary dial as shown in the image above as well as seven supporting buttons and the on/off switch. This keeps it simple approach ensures that it is as simple as possible to work the flash unit helping you to save time over the course of a photography session. Although dedicated flash mode buttons are very common now, a simple press allows you to switch up functionality between TTL flash mode, manual flash mode, and guide number to adapt to your requirements quickly.

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The navigation menu itself has also been designed to try and minimize the amount of potentially wasted time for someone using the TT685S. Godox does this by putting the most commonly tweaked flash settings towards the tops of the menu to allow you to quickly and easily get into the options and get what you require.

Thankfully, the days of the fuzzy LED screen are behind us now and information displayed on the TT685S screen is very easy to read and does not fuzz. Additionally, we have noticed that the backlight feature ensures that you can read the information the screen is displaying to you, even in low light conditions without fuzzing the characters up.

Performance And Functionality

As we touched on earlier in our article, time was that it was a total nightmare to find a half decent flash unit at this price point for Sony cameras but thankfully, the TT685S came along and has filled the niche. With its excellent build quality, great performance, solid feature list, and awesome functionality, it became an instant hit with the community.

We know that photographs will end up utilizing slightly different functionality to each other depending on what they need for their specific flash photography session but here are the key features of the TT685S that we feel push it out ahead of the competing flash units at this price point:-

  • Fully supports HSS(Max.1/8000S)
  • Both front and rear curtain sync
  • FEC
  • Multi-flash
  • Manual flash
  • Full support for TTL, manual flash, multi-flash, S1, and S2 modes
  • 20-200mm auto/manual zoom capability
  • GN60
  • 22 fully variable steps of power output(1/1~1-128)
  • Variable 0.1-2.s recycle time
  • Up to 230 full power flash activations
  • 2.4G wireless transmission functionality
  • Fully compatibe with the Sony Wireless Lighting System

As you can see, the TT685S boasts an impressive range of features that help it compete with some of the higher price point flash units, especially in the Sony compatible flash unit space as the niche has so few decent camera flashes in our opinion. All in all, though, the TT685S has all the functionality required to ensure that it can meet your needs and offer some of the best possible performance available on the market right now, especially for its price.

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Build Quality

Another thing that Godox have managed to smash out the park when it comes to the TT685S is its build quality. It is predominantly made from a very robust yet lightweight plastic to keep its weight as low as possible while ensuring that it can take its fair share of bumps without breaking. This ensures that you can place the flash unit in your photography kit bag and take it to the various locations you have photography gigs booked without having to worry about it breaking during transit.

The design of the TT685S also helps to assist with heat dissipation to help reduce the chances of overheating when using it. This can be a godsend when using the flash with a recycle time of 0.1 seconds as it can generate heat quickly and potentially lead to the flash overheating.

Our Verdict

That’s the end of our Godox TT685S review and as you can probably see, we feel that it is a solid flash unit that will serve your Sony camera of choice very well. In our opinion, it will let you get the best possible image quality for your flash photography without you having to break the bank while also making a great addition to your collection of camera accessories.

Click Here To Read Independent Third Party Reviews Of This Product!

Click Here To Check For Prices On This Product!

The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Godox TT685S to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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