The Ultimate Godox TT685F Review!

We have seen people reaching out for a decent Godox tt685f review for a while now so we decided to sit down and get this article published. Our hope is that this will help any of our regular readers who are considering picking up the Godox tt685f.

Now, just to confirm, the “F” at the end of the item code denotes that this is the Fuji camera variant of the TT685 and that is what we will be focusing on for the rest of our article although many of the points we make for the Fuji variant will be the same for the Canon, Nikon, and Sony versions of the camera flash too.

If you have been using Fuji cameras for a while then you will probably be well aware of what a total pain it can be to find a decent camera flash. Thankfully, we feel that the Godox tt685f  really does do a great job of filling the space and offering an excellent product that will be able to meet the needs of the majority of our readers. You can also click here to read some external independent reviews of the flash that have been left by other photographers who use the tt685f as their go-to flash unit. Additionally, you can also sometimes save a bit on the regular list price of the flash if you are willing to pick up a refurbished version (Click here to check for product prices and availability).

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Interface And Control System

The screenshot above shows the navigation menu and control system for the Godox tt685f, if you are familiar with any of the other more modern flashes in the Godox range then it will be fairly similar and easy to pick up. That said, even if you are brand new to Godox flash units, the navigation menu is very easy to get used to and all the key settings that you may need to tweak are easy to get to.

The mode button on the flash also allows you to quickly and easily switch between TTL flash, manual flash, and guide number within seconds. If you are mid-shoot and have models and clients on location this can help prevent you having to waste time, especially over the course of a full photography session.

The rotary dial and control buttons on the flash are all responsive and easy to use too no matter the conditions allowing you to operate your flash in cold or wet conditions without issue.


We really do feel that the Godox tt685f will be able to meet the requirements of the majority of our readers and its price tag also means we feel most of our readers should be able to pick it up. The 2.4g wireless transmission on the flash unit allows you to set your flash photography rig up over a maximum of one hundred meters controlling a number of units all at the same time.

This is perfect if you are wanting to use the flash in any master or slave configurations over an extended location or even if you are just wanting to rig up your studio. At the time of writing, the Godox tt685f can be used as a control unit for the following models when in slave configuration:-

  • Godox AD600
  • Godox AD600M
  • Godox AD360II-C
  • Godox AD360II-N
  • Godox AD200

The tt685f is powered by four AA batteries and we would always recommend using a high-quality rechargeable battery (Click here to check for product prices and availability) with the flash unit for the best possible performance. That said, a set of fully charged batteries will provide you with around two hundred and third flash activations but keep in mind, your flash settings and recycle time will have an effect on this.

The variable recycles time of the flash unit also allows you to use it in a large number of situations. You can set it to fully recycle in as little as 0.1 seconds through to its optimal 2.6 seconds recycle time, just remember that the shorter the time frame the more battery power will be required. The flash also supports both manual and automatic zooming through the 20-200mm range.

Build Quality

Although some older camera flashes from the Godox ranch received a reputation for having a poor build quality, they have managed to turn it around with the tt685f. The flash is predominantly made from high-quality plastics that are both lightweight as well as robust. As you can see in the photograph above, the hot shoe attachment on the base of the flash is made from metal to ensure a good, solid mount on your Fuji camera.

Although the flash itself has been put together well, it does kind of have a slightly cheap feel to it that kind of lets it down against some of the competing flash units at this price point. That said, the functionality and performance of the flash definitely more than makeup for the slightly cheap feel that it has.

Another upgrade over previous flash units in the Godox range is that the tilt and rotary function of the head are smooth and easy to use. Additionally, the solid build quality makes it feel strong meaning it no longer feels like you may accidentally rip the flash head off the flash body when trying to angle your flash for optimal bouncing.

Our Verdict

That concludes our Godox tt685f review. In all honesty, we really do think it would make a great addition to your Fuji camera accessories. Its reputation alone is good enough to make it a solid contender to be your new flash but its price tag and the performance and features it offers make it the obvious choice. Over the coming months, we only expect it to become more and more popular and its reputation to only improve as more people pick it up and use it as their go-to flash unit of choice.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Godox tt685f review to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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