The Only Godox SY8000 Review You Will Ever Need To Read!

We have seen a pretty dramatic uptick in people reaching out for assistance and guidance on various studio lighting rigs for the last few months. One lighting unit that to be honest, we never even knew existed until we saw some people specifically request advice on it is the Godox SY8000 slave flash lamp.

Now, some of our regular readers may be a little shocked that we weren’t aware of the lighting unit as we are self-confessed Godox fanboys. We love the fact that they offer budget-friendly equipment with an excellent build quality that offers great performance for its price. That said, judging by the reputation the Godox SY8000 has already managed to earn, it seems that Godox has managed to smash it out the park again for this lighting unit too.

Although there is a fair bit of competition on the market right now with some of the competing products being very well established having already proven themselves and built a loyal customer base, we wanted to go over our Godox SY8000 review. We are hoping that any of our readers who are looking to pick up the light will find it useful and that the article will help them make their decision.

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User Interface And Control System

Now, as you would expect from an entry-level lighting unit, the user interface is pretty basic and offers little to no real customization options as shown in the image above. That said though, as this is an entry-level lamp, this can actually work in your favor as it makes it very simple and straight forward to operate the SY8000. Essentially, it is a plug and play bit of kit that requires very little input from you.

Performance And Functionality

As we mentioned at the start of the article, Godox have built their brand around providing the absolute best performance possible while keeping the price tag of their products as low as they can. With a sub $30 price tag on the SY8000 you will probably realize that you are not going to get professional level performance but in all fairness, the SY8000 can hold its own against the competition in the entry-level lamp market.

The list below covers some of the key features for the SY8000 that we would imagine our readers would want to know.

  • Flash output power (WS): 82
  • GN (m) (ISO-100): 40
  • Illumination angle: >38° x 55°
  • Operating Voltage: AC110V/60Hz
  • Recycle time: 6s
  • Color temperature: about 5600K
  • Optical control distance: 10m / GN18
  • Accessories: Synchronous line

Although many people seem to presume that a slow fixed recycle time on an entry-level flash or lamp is a bad thing, we have to say the contrary. As entry-level lamps are designed to be as cheap as possible, they usually have poor heat dissipation as it can increase the price tag. A slow recycle time on the lamp that the user cant speed up helps to prevent any unexpected overheating issues during use and allows the overall session to flow better in our opinion.

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Build Quality And Design

Another common issue with the entry-level range on the market right now is that they often have a poor build quality that results in the lamp getting damaged or breaking quickly. Godox seems to have noticed this and attempted to keep the build quality as high quality as the price tag allows them to try and gain an advantage over their competition.

The lamp is lightweight compared to most other entry-level units and will easily mount to any entry-level light stand without even coming close to meeting its maximum load capacity. Although we would not describe the SY8000 as robust, it can definatley take a bump or two without breaking instantly.

Our Verdict

Although it was only short and sweet, that brings our review of the Godox sy8000 slave lamp to an end. There is only so much you can say about the SY8000 so we saw no reason to drag it out and waste our readers time. Anyway, we definatley feel that the SY8000 has a place in the market and that it can make a great addition to your camera accessories.

For its low price tag, it offers some decent performance and we have no doubt that you would be able to use it to improve your studio flash photography image quality. Additionally, the ease of use of the lamp is ideal for anyone who is picking up their first studio lamp and wants something that is as straight forward as possible to use.

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