The Ultimate Godox PB960 Review!

Welcome to our Godox PB960 review that we have decided to cover as so many people have been reaching out for advice on this great little battery pack that is fully compatible with a ton of different flash units. The PB960 offers a ton of great features while also offering solid performance with a great build quality too all while coming in with a price tag around half of what some of the other popular battery packs on the market cost.

Due to this, it should be no surprise that the pack is so popular within the community as it provides a great, cheap way to power your camera flash without having to break the bank. Since its release on to the market a few years back, the pack has gained an excellent reputation within the community for itself while also becoming a really popular battery pack and dominating the competition in its price range while also competing against some higher price point units too.

We hope that our article will help any of our readers who are considering adding the PB960 to their collection of camera accessories while also helping to get the word out about this solid little pack. Before getting into the review, we would just like to quickly say that it is rare that we get to review a product that has been received so well by the community. Due to this, our review may seem overly positive but we really do feel that Godox has totally knocked it out the park when it comes to the PB960 and judging by its reputation, the community seems to agree with us too.

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User Interface And Control System

Now, as the Godox PB960 is just a simple power pack rather than a high-end camera or lens there really is not much to say about the interface system on it as it is very straight forward. Although some of the higher price point packs have a few dials and buttons on them that personally, we feel are pointless anyway, the Godox PB960 is very straight forward. This makes it ideal for both first-time battery pack users as well as more experienced photographers too.

The main interface point on the PB960 is the power indicator unit on the top of the pack as shown in the image at the start of this section of the article above. It allows you to quickly and easily see the power level of the battery pack so you can plan ahead when using it and minimize any potential disruption to your session.

Without a doubt, one of our favorite features of the Godox PB960 is the fully detachable battery as shown in the image above. Even some popular higher price point battery packs do not have this and it makes your life so much easier in our opinion. You can check the power level of the pack via the indicator on the top throughout your session and then when you know the power is getting low, quickly take a minute out to swap out the current battery for a fresh one and then get right back into the action.

If you are doing something like an all-day wedding photography gig this really can help make the day go as smoothly as possible while ensuring you always have the juice required to keep snapping away to capture all those special moments for your clients. In turn, this can help build your reputation as a photography and potentially end up leading to additional work and keep in mind, like we said, some higher price point battery packs don’t offer the detachable battery section so you get higher functionality for a lower price tag with the Godox PB960.

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Performance And Functionality

The Godox PB960 offers multiple benefits for your camera flash that included longer battery life, quicker flash recycle times, and dual outputs to power two flash units at once. If you are involved in photography niches where you may be out and about for the full day while needing the reliability of your flash units being able to go the duration then something like the PB960 really is a key bit of kit.

Although the benefits of the flash recycle time reduction is going to depend on the actual flash unit you are using, we have seen reports of a recycle time going from 15 seconds down to just one second once the flash unit was powered with the PB960, this is a time reduction of over 93 percent!

Although there are a ton of benefits that this recycle time reduction can provide you, our favorite example is with the bride and groom for a wedding photography gig. This is potentially the best day of their lives and they will want to spend as much of it with their friends and family as possible. Being able to quickly recycle your flash unit rather than have to potentially keep them waiting up to 15 seconds between photographs allows you to get your photographs of the bride and groom much quicker and let them get back to their guests.

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As we mentioned earlier, the Godox propac pb960 lithium battery pack can ensure you always have the juice required to keep snapping away with your flash too, even when using your flash unit at full power. The ability to quickly and easily swap out the battery part of the pack and exchange it for a fully charged one essentially lets you keep snapping away indefinitely without issue. Although the officially listed number of flash activations per fully charged battery module for the PB960 is 1800, you will have to account for the differences in power requirements for different flash units as well as the different power requirements depending on the flash settings you are using too.

Just keep in mind, continuous flash activations with a quick recycle time over an extended period of time can lead to some potential overheating issues in your flash unit of choice. How quickly this issues will present themselves is going to depend on the heat dissipation technology on your flash unit and there is nothing the Godox PB960 can do about it as the problem is the flash unit.

If you are an established photographer then chances are you will have multiple flash units available anyway as everyone should have at least one backup flash. The post popular way around overheating issues is to swap out your active flash unit for a backup one every now and then to give them a chance to cool down. As the Godox PB960 supports a large number of popular flash units, you can even switch between flash models while the PB960 can still potentially power all your flash units for you.

Wedding Photography Ideas : ....
Finally, we just want to talk about the dual output feature on the PB960 that allows you to use it to power two flashes at once. Again sticking with the wedding photography example, you can use the dial output feature to set your flash units up to get photographs like the example one above while using your power pack to keep your flash units powered without issue.

Although there are a number of adaptors on the market that allow you to turn each power output on battery packs into multiple outputs and thus powering more than two flash units at once, we are unaware of an official Godox adaptor to do this at the time of writing. Additionally, we have not been able to test any of these third-party adapters ourself so we would advise that you use caution if you choose to use any of them in your setup.

All in all, we feel that Godox has done an excellent job when it comes to the performance of the PB960 and we are very impressed that they managed to get so much into the PB960 while also managing to keep its price tag so low.

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Build Quality And Design

Now, the only commonly mentioned negative point for the Godox PB960 that we see mentioned by people using it as their go-to battery pack of choice is that it is pretty large in size and a little heavy. Thankfully though, you are able to just place it in a bag or belt holster and carry it with you without really noticing that you are carrying the additional weight. The power cables for the pack are long enough to stretch from a rear slung camera bag to your flash unit when you have your camera rig in the aim position pretty much overcoming this problem completely.

Other than that though, both the design and the build quality of the Godox PB960 is excellent, especially when you consider its price tag as well as the build quality of the completing power packs on the market right now. Although heavy, the PB960 is very robust as so many people plug their power pack into their flash unit and then kind of get tunnel vision and forget they are using it. This usually results in a fair few bumps and knocks for the PB960 as you forget you are using it. Thankfully though, the robust build quality ensures that the battery pack can easily take these bumps without taking damage or losing any performance either.

Another solid point is the clips that hold the battery component of the PB960 in place against the main body of the power pack are solid and very effective. Once you have clipped them in place, you can rest assured that the battery is going to stay attached and that the clips will not fail and drop the battery causing your flash unit to lose power.

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Question – What is the battery charging time for the PB960?

Answer – It takes around three hours to fully charge up a battery for the unit.

Question – What type of battery is used in the PB960?

Answer – It is an 11.1V/4500mAH lithium battery.

Third Party Reports

The YouTube video review of the Godox PB960 above shows some decent examples of how much of a difference the PB960 can make on your flash units when it comes to reducing their recycle times. We felt it would be a good idea to share the video with our readers to offer an additional opinion on the power pack that is external to our own too.

In addition to this, you can also click here if you want to read some additional third-party reviews of the power pack from people who are currently using it as their power pack of choice.

Our Verdict

That rounds our Godox PB960 review off and brings it to an end. We feel that this is without a doubt the best power pack available at the time of writing in its price bracket and this shows in the reputation it enjoys within the community. Not only does the PB960 dominate the other power packs at its price point in the market but it can also easily compete with some higher price point units too.

We have no doubt that adding the PB960 to your camera accessories can help improve your flash photography performance if you are in photography niches that need you out and about for extended periods of time. We would highly recommend that our readers seriously consider adding the PB960 to their camera accessories as it really is an excellent bit of kit.

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