The Ultimate Godox P90L Review!

Welcome to our ultimate Godox P90L review that we have decided to publish due to seeing so many people reach out for advice on this great little parabolic softbox. Before getting into the article, we just want to reiterate that this is the P90L variant of the softbox, the “L” in the name standing for the light version.

Anyway, we hope that our article will help any of our regular readers or anyone who finds us via Google or social media who are considering picking the Godox P90L up. The reputation of the softbox is slowly increasing month by month as more and more people add it to their collection of camera accessories and start using it and then posting their experiences online about it.

The great performance, ease of use, easy build design, fair price tag, and solid build quality lead us to think that as the following months come and go, the reputation of the softbox will keep increasing within the community too. We know that there are a ton of competitors out there, especially at this size and price range but only a hand full are worth your money and we feel that the P90L is one that is worth picking up.

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User Interface And Control System

Bing a regular parabolic softbox, the Godox P90L has a simple system that we feel any of our readers will be able to quickly pick up and build or debuild the P90L as required. The system is based around Sixteen fiberglass rods used as the inner skeleton with the outer diffuser, inner diffuser, and reflective liner then being placed over it.

Now, we are fully aware that building up a softbox can be an intimidating task if you have never did it before so we want to try and help any of our readers who may be considering the Godox P90L as their first softbox. Our regular readers will be aware that we are big believers in the whole picture paints a thousand words theory and if a picture paints a thousand words then a video must pain a million. We feel that the YouTube video below shows a quick and easy way to build out the Godox P90L and will allow our readers to quickly build the softbox once it is delivered to them.

Once you have built and debuilt the Godox P90L a few times you will be able to quickly and confidently so as required with it without having to faff on and waste time. The included carry case has plenty of space for the P90L when debuilt to allowing you to quickly get it into storage.

The actual mounting system is also extremely easy to use allowing you to mount the softbox on a large number of lighting units and stands without issue. With the P90L coming in at around 3.1 pounds you can also rest assured that the vast majority of stands will be able to take the additional weight without your lighting rig going over their maximum recommended load capacity.

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Performance And Functionality

Just like many other modern softboxes on the market in this day and age, the Godox P90L can be used to provide continuous lighting, soft light, or as a regular light modifier for the subject of your photograph or video. Many studios will use multiple softboxes on their lights to provide the exactly lighting required for the sessions too. For example, some for continuous lighting from the main lighting rights while also using one or two to provide soft light to soften the shadows on their subject cast by their main lights too.

Thankfully, the lower price tag of the Godox P90L means that you can pick multiple units up without having to break the bank while still getting some excellent performance out of the product. The deep parabolic box design of the diffuser makes it the ideal choice for and soft light requirements you may need and in our opinion, this feature is what helps to push it ahead of the competing products on the market right now that simple underperform when it comes to soft light.

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The deep parabolic design also allows the P90L to be used as a light concentrator or in a similar way to a light reflector if need too. This just adds to the versatility of the P90L and the number of use cases and photography/videography niches that you can use it in without having to pick up multiple boxes.

There really isn’t much else to say about the P90L as it is just a simple, affordable softbox. We would like to say though we feel Godox have done a great job of design it to be so versatile helping to score points against the competition while also allowing you to potentially save cash by getting so much out of a single softbox.

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Build Quality

As we just touched on, Godox has done an excellent job of designing this softbox and this also shows in its build quality. The box is durable, lightweight, both rush and fall resistance, while also having durable fiberglass support rods too. If you do not work out of a fixed studio and are planning on having to travel with your kit a whole bunch then the robust nature and tear resistant materials on the softbox are ideal.

One thing that we would like to point out about the outer diffuser on the P90L is if you use it on location outdoors and it gets wet, be sure to dry it as soon as possible. The material provides ideal conditions for mold build up when wet for extended periods of time and we have noticed a few people comment on this. That said though, this is more down to lack of people correctly maintaining their equipment rather than any fault of the P90L.

Without a doubt, the most common issues with softboxes at this price point relate to either low-quality reflective liners that rip easily or a low-quality softbox adapter ring that warps in shape and prevents you mounting the softbox on any of your lights. Thankfully, we were unable to find any complaints from people who use the P90L as their softbox of choice about this confirming that Godox has produced a high-quality product.

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Third Party Reports

The video above offers a decent comparison of the performance of the Godox P90L and the only other real softbox that we would recommend to our readers at the time of writing at this price point, the Aputure Light Dome Mini (Click here to check for product prices and availability). It is only around Two minutes long but shows some decent examples of the performance and light manipulation potential of both products and we feel it is worth watching.

Our Verdict

That brings our short and sweet Godox P90L review to an end. We usually prefer to knock out really long an in-depth articles but in reality, there is only so much you can say about a softbox as they are pretty basic bits of kit. That said though, we feel that Godox has done a great job with the P90L and it shows in the reputation the softbox has within the community.

We feel that it will make a great addition to your camera accessories and help improve your potential image quality without you having to break the bank on your new kit. The robust nature and versatility of the P90L make it ideal for anyone who has to travel to their photography locations with their equipment and need to get as much out of their kit as possible once on location. That said though, the P90L will also make a great addition to any lighting rig in a regular photography studio too.

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