The Ultimate Godox P120L Review!

So today we are going to go over our Godox P120L Review that we have been wanting to publish for a few weeks now but simply never had the spare time available. Although it has got off to a slow start, its reputation is slowly starting to grow within the photography community as more and more people pick the P120L up.

In addition to this, we have noticed more and more people reaching out each month to ask for advice on the P120L. This is the main reason that we decided to publish this article and try to help as many of our readers considering picking it up as possible as it is a great little lighting solution that comes with a very fair price tag. Over the months to come as more and more people hear about the Godox P120L we feel it will continue to grow at a steady pace with its reputation increasing month on month.

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Performance And Functionality

Considering that the Godox P120L is a regular lightweight parabolic softbox it offers some great performance without the need to break the bank while providing you with all the soft light you could need. It is great for reducing shadows that have been cast on your subject from other lights or flashes in your studio and helping to light the subject of your photograph.

The L at the end of its name denotes that this is the light version of the light with the Godox P120H (Click here to check for product prices and availability) heavy version also being available. We have seen some reports from third party, independent photographers commenting on how they own both with a pretty even split between them about preferring the light version and the heavy version as they specialize in slightly different uses. That said though, we would imagine that the majority of our readers will be fine using the Godox P120L rather than the heavy variant.

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As you would expect from a softbox coming from Godox, it provides some excellent continuous lighting for your photography sessions without you having to break the bank. This can help you set the mood and manipulate low light conditions and cast shadows as required or provide direct soft light to soften the shadows as we already touched upon.

The reflective liner that is included with your purchase of the P120L is a regular smooth baseliner to provide regular light. Although we would imagine that most people would use this as their go-to liner of choice anyway, we just want to quickly point out that a honeycomb grid reflective liner (Click here to check for product prices and availability) is also available if you think you may need it.

Coming in at only 1.79kg it makes the perfect light solution if you know that you will have to move around between locations between sessions while taking as much of your kit with you as possible. When condensed, the Godox P120L is also pretty small in all fairness to it and can easily be stored without much issue.

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Build Quality

One thing that definatley sets the Godox P120L apart from some of the competing softbox lighting solutions on the market right now at this price point in the market is its excellent build quality. It has been put together really well and designed to be as easy to use as possible. The Fiberglass support rods offer all the support required and are easy to insert or remove from the light if you do end up having to debuilt it to change locations.

The Bowens mount attachment gets the job done and is made from metal rather than plastic ensuring that the P120L will last you for many years to come if you are constantly removing it from the stand to switch up your locations. One thing that some competing lights at the lower price points do is use a plastic mount that can quickly warp in shape resulting in a nightmare when it comes to mounting or unmounting the light from your stand.

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The reflective liner on the light is great quality and pretty robust. We doubt that it will rip or tear anytime soon via reasonable use removing the need to go off and purchase a replacement every few months. If you plan to keep the light in a studio with ideal conditions this will probably be a none issue as many photographers use these lights as a set and forget solution rarely touching them after the initial setup.

Although a decent quality carry bag is included with your purchase as standard and does offer that extra layer of protection when transiting, we feel that the Godox P120L is robust enough to be placed in your regular photography bag with your other equipment depending on what else you are carrying in it.

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Third Party Reports

As our regular readers know, we prefer to share some third-party reviews of any items that we feature on our blog. We feel that the embedded YouTube video above is probably the best video format review of the Godox P120L available at the time of writing and that it does a great job of covering the positives and negatives of the Godox P120L.

This review from an independent photographer is very short and won’t take long to read either. They comment on how they love the Godox P120L softbox and that it is very easy to build and debuild when required. They also mention that they would recommend it to others and that they were able to take some stunning photographs with it.

Our Verdict

That brings our Godox P120L Review to an end. We know that it was a relatively short review when compared to what we usually publish but in reality for a small, lightweight softbox, there really is not much to say. We feel that the P120L will make a great addition to your collection of camera accessories and really help improve your studio lighting.

If you are a location based photographer rather than a static studio photographer then we feel that this really is the light for you. It is very robust, easy to build and debuild, very lightweight, and small when debuilt making it easy to travel with.

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