The Ultimate Godox E300 Review!

Welcome to our ultimate Godox E300 review that we decided to post after having some of our time free up and noticing a number of people reaching out for advice on the E300. In all fairness to the E300, it is a highly underrated lighting solution in our opinion and can make a great addition to your camera accessories.

Due to their being a fair amount of competition in the niche right now we have noticed the reputation of the E300 is lacking. Unfortunately, it got off to a very slow start after its release on the market and after searching around for a little while, we were unable to find any specific reason for this. Usually, decent quality products that get off to a slow start had bugs when launched but this doesn’t seem to be the case with the E300. Thankfully though, this is slowly changing as more people start to consider adding the E300 to their collection of camera accessories as time goes on.

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User Interface And Control System

In our opinion, one thing that definatley helps push the Godox E300 studio lighting system out ahead of its competing products is the ease of use of its control system. As you can see in the image above, it is very simple and straight forward ensuring that you are able to tweak the settings to meet the needs of your session without having to waste time.

The system is also very easy to pick up even if you have never used a studio strobe before. On this flip side of this though, if you have used studio strobe in the past, we feel that you will probably find the Godox E300 easier to control and set up. We know that many of our readers are busy people and often worry about having to put hours of their time into new bits of kit just to learn the ropes but thankfully, this is not the case with the E300.

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We feel that anyone who can work their way around a modern DSLR camera navigation menu should be able to quickly and easily pick up its control system and have it working exactly how the want. We also know that many of our readers will be using the light in a low light studio and just want to confirm that even in low light, the control system is easy to see and operate.

The precise control system allows you to easily shift the output of the light between Twenty steps in 0.1 increments accurately. The output LED display panel on the back of the light allows you to easily note the changes you make and adjust the light accordingly if you need to tweak it during your session.

The actual mounting system on the Godox E300 shown in the image above is also very simple and chances are you will have used a similar system on many of your other photography accessories anyway. It allows you to quickly and easily mount the light onto a stand or tripod and then tilt it as required without issue. In addition to the mount that comes with the light, there are a number of third-party mounts that will also work with the Godox E300 to let you mount the light on pretty much anything you can think of.

Considering the price point of the Godox E300 we really can’t fault its control system and usability. We feel that Godox has done a great job of ensuring the design of the light is as solid as possible before rushing in to actually manufacture it like some of their competitors. This has resulted in a great product that is very easy to customize and use.

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Performance And Functionality

One of the main reasons we were so surprised that this great little studio flash doesn’t have a larger customer base is the fact that it offers some excellent performance and functionality for its price point in the market. Word is getting out though and we feel this is probably why we have noticed a steadily increasing number of people reaching out for advice on the Godox E300.

With the Godox E300 having been specifically designed to work as a mini photography studio strobe flashlight it is small, compact, and lightweight making it ideal if you are required to travel with your photography rig on a regular basis. Although it may be small in size, it offers some excellent light output stability with no more than Two percent shade shifts during use with the same output setting.

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The bulb in the lighting system is 150W and should be able to provide sufficient lighting for the majority of situations our readers may find themselves in when using a micro lighting solution. The Nine individual power levels also allow you to easily balance the performance of the lights output that you require against the heat generated during use. This is a great little feature that we love as it allows you to minimize the chances of you allowing the light to overheat and turn off mid-session without having to sacrifice the performance of the lights output.

Not keep in mind that there are some microlights on the market that cost Three times more than what the Godox E300 costs but we are impressed by the performance it offers for such a low price tag. We feel that picking the light up will make a great addition to your photography studio accessories, especially if you are on a budget or just trying to keep costs down as you know you won’t be using your micro lamp much for your sessions.

Although it is not essential and probably won’t be needed by most of our readers, you are also able to pick up the Godox FT-16 trigger (Click here to check for product prices and availability) for use with the E300 to remotely use the unit. As the FT-16 trigger is a pretty popular accessory for people who use Godox flash units we just thought that we would mention the functionality on the off chance you already have the trigger or feel the need to pick it up.

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Build Quality

The Godox E300s build quality is great in all fairness to it. The lamp is well put together, robust, and does not have that cheap feeling that some other lamps can have. All of the buttons are responsive on the control system even if your fingers are cold or wet and the LED display screen is clear and easy to see.

As we touched on in the section above the E300 does come with some overheating controls that allow you to balance the performance of the light against the heat it generates. In addition to this, it also has some basic heat dissipation technology to help keep the temperature of the lamp low during use anyway.

The light stand mount is sturdy and feels solid to use while also allowing you to easily tilt the flash as needed. That said, it does have a decent level of resistance to help prevent you from over tilting the lamp too. The twist lock on the mount is nothing special but it gets the job of locking the lamp in place done and does the job well while also being easy to use too.

The fuses on the light are easy to replace too if they blow during use and the process is fully explained in the manual for the light. That said, if you are not confident doing it yourself the majority of local photography stores will offer it as a service and will sometimes do it for free provided you purchase your new fuse for a few dollars from them as it literally takes less than One minute to do.

While researching other peoples reviews of the E300 we were unable to find any complaints about the build quality of the flash head. As we mentioned earlier though, the user base for the E300 is still pretty small in comparison to some of the competing lighting solutions so this may change over time but we have no complaints on the lights build quality either.

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Third Party Reports

As usual, we always like to share an external, independent review of any product we cover on our blog that is from a third-party photographer or videographer using the product. As we have mentioned a few times, at the time of writing, the Godox E300 is not as popular as we feel it should be leading to a lack of independent reviews being available to share with out readers.

The best we could do was find an independent unboxing video covering what you get with your Godox E300. It is short and may be worth watching for some of our readers but it is by no means essential and purely shows you what you get in the box with your purchase rather than share their opinion on the lighting system.

Our Verdict

That brings our Godox E300 review to a close and we hope that we have done it justice as it really is a great little bit of lighting kit that could make a great addition to your collection of camera accessories. On top of this, at this price point in the market, it is a bit of a steal due to the additional functionality and better build quality of most of its competitors.

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