The Ultimate Godox DE300 Review!

We have finally managed to get enough time to get our Godox de300 review online after constantly seeing people reaching out for advice and feedback on the de300 studio flash strobes. Since its release onto the market, it is steadily increasing in popularity with its reputation within the studio photography community growing at a decent rate.

As with most popular products, there are a number of reviews online (click here to read some of them) that have been left by people who use the de300 as their go-to studio flash unit of choice. Additionally, if you are on a tight budget then you can sometimes save a little off the list price by picking up a refurbished or second-hand versions of the flash unit (Click here to check for product prices and availability). That said though, many of the people who pick the de300 up seem to fall in love with it and keep it as a long term camera accessory for their studio.

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User Interface And Control System

The image above shows the control system and user interface for the Godox de300 flash unit. As you can see, it is pretty basic in all honesty but considering that the de300 is an entry-level unit that has been designed to be as budget-friendly as possible, this should be expected. That said, the unit still provides all of the core functionality that you may require during a regular studio photography session and should be able to meet the needs of the majority of our readers in our opinion.

Our favorite thing about the control system of the de300 is that the buttons and dials are all spread out away from each other making it very easy to press the correct button if you are using the unit in low light or it is wall mounted and difficult to see the buttons. Many competing units in the market put all of the control buttons close together making it a nightmare if you accidentally press the wrong one and end up having to waste more time fixing everything. Thankfully, with the de300, this is not an issue.

Performance And Functionality

The Godox de300 can be run in a number of configurations via master and slave mode ensuring that it can serve as a key element of your studio’s lighting solution. With its wireless functionality,  you are able to use the Godox FT-16 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) with a number of other flash units in your studio or mounted to your camera to get perfect lighting for your portraits and studio photographs.

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The modeling lamp is based around the 150W system but the dials on the control system of the unit shown in the previous section allow you to quickly and easily tweak the bridgeness of the lamp without having to waste either yours, your models or your clients time during a session.

With a 1.2 second recycle time when at full power it can be a bit of a pain to use if you are planning on doing any rapid photography where you need your flash activations to be around the half second or faster mark. That said, for its price point in the market, the 1.2 seconds recycle time should be expected as they have to cut costs somewhere and the slower recycle time also helps reduce overheating in the unit.

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Build Quality

One of the main negative points with these entry-level studio flash units is a sub-par build quality as the brands producing them have to do something to keep the costs of the unit down to stay competitive. Thankfully though, the Godox de300 has a solid overall build quality and they have managed to produce a flash unit that is both lightweight as well as robust while keeping its low price tag.

In our opinion, as the months and years go by, this will work to the Godox de300’s advantage as more and more photographers looking for a cheaper lighting solution pick it up. Another common issue is that many of the entry-level models on the market right now can over problems with overheating if they are used in rapid succession over extended periods of time.

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When it comes to the Godox de300 and overheating, we would say it is around the middle of the pack of the flash units at this price point not really standing as a unit that is easy or difficult to overheat.

Godox has essentially recycled the design of some of their higher price point flash units with the Godox de300 offering an excellent design that is easy to put together or take apart for cleaning and servicing. This can work to your advantage if you work in a dusty studio or have a problem with your unit as it is very easy to strip down and see what’s going on inside and then put it back together again.

Our Verdict

That concludes our Godox de300 review, we have tried to be as balanced as possible throughout the article pointing out both positives and negatives of picking up the flash unit. In all honesty, though, we feel that the de300 would make a great little addition to anyone’s collection of studio photography camera accessories and help improve your flash photography performance without breaking the bank.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Godox de300 review to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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