The Ultimate Godox AD360II Review!

Welcome to our ultimate Godox ad360ii review that we have had on our list for some time now but have been too busy to publish. Thankfully, we have been smashing through our list of articles that we have been wanting to publish and it is finally the turn of the Godox ad360ii!

Primarily designed to be a portable flash unit that can be taken anywhere it is required and be able to provide the photographer with studio quality lighting. Thankfully, Godox has taken all of the lessons learned from the first version of the camera flash and built on them to improve the unit in every way allowing them to smash the mark two out of the park creating an excellent bit of kit.

That said, depending on the stage of your photography career, the price tag for the Godox ad360ii can be a major turn off. Thankfully, if you are lucky, you may be able to save some money off the list price by picking up either a refurbished or second hand Godox ad360ii (Click here to check for product prices and availability). That said though, it can be rare to find any second-hand units on the market as from what we have seen from the community, photographers are simply falling in love with the Godox ad360ii and make it a permanent addition to their collection of camera accessories.

Speaking of the community and other photographers who are using the Godox ad360ii as their go-to camera flash of choice, some owners have decided to like the flash unit so much that they published their own independent review of the unit that you can read if you like. Click here to read reviews of the Godox AD360II from Canon users or click here to read independent reviews of the Godox AD360II from Nikon users.

Click Here To Check For Prices On The Canon Variant Of The Godox AD360II!

Click Here To Check For Prices On The Nikon Variant Of The Godox AD360II!

User Interface And Control System

Thankfully, Godox has chosen to keep both the navigation menu and user control system on the AD360II very simple making the flash unit extremely easy to use. As you can see in the photograph above, the control system for the flash is based around seven buttons as well as a rotary dial that allows you to seemlesley navigation the flashes menu as well as control it during use.

All of the core flash settings that you may need to tweak during a photography session are all easy to navigate to meaning you don’t have to waste time during a shoot. If you have models and a client onsite during your photo shoot and are having to tweak your flash settings a bunch this time really adds up over the duration of a professional shoot.

As you can see in the image above, the LED screen on the flash head is fully backlit making it very easy to use while out and about on photography sessions. In our opinion, this is where some of the lower price point studio style portable flash units are let down as the unit is specifically designed to be a mobile studio style flash lighting solution so you can commonly find yourself using it in low light conditions. Although the cheaper competing units do have a backlit LED screen, the text on it becomes fuzzy and a pain to read. Thankfully, this is not an issue with the Godox AD360II and its text on the screen is sharp, clear and easy to read in all conditions.

Performance And Functionality

As you would expect for its price tag, the Godox ad360ii packs some pretty impressive performance with a ton of functionality due to its impressive feature list. As we pointed out earlier in the article, the AD360II comes in two main variants, one for Canon and one for Nikon. The limitations of each variant are only present when mounting the flash unit to your camera of choice via the hot shoe mount on your camera.

If you use the Godox 2.4g X1 wireless system then there is some cross-compatibility between the variants to help with cross-compatibility if you own both Canon and Nikon cameras. The wireless system also comes with a range of up to one hundred meters ensuring that it will work over large locations. If you are planning to use a multi-flash rig spread out over the full length of a large location this can be a godsend.

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When using the wireless system you are able to configure the AD360II as both a master or slave flash unit too. This offers some excellent control of your lighting right on location, especially if you are planning on using multiple AD360II units throughout the location for optimal studio style lighting.

Speaking of its studio style lighting, the AD360II can be powered up to 360W/s with a fully tweakable precise output. You are able to customize performance in 1/3 stop increments over the full power range of the flash if needed and the bulb in the flash unit is able to operate at extremely high temperatures without causing any performance issues.

One thing that we would like to mention about the flash unit is that when running it on full power, especially with a low recycle time you really do need a compatible battery pack. You can potentially save a little money if you purchase the AD360II flash unit with an included battery pack package. Both of the variants from the links below include a battery pack as standard to keep your flash unit online as long as possible.

Click Here To Check For Prices On The Canon Variant Of The Godox AD360II!

Click Here To Check For Prices On The Nikon Variant Of The Godox AD360II!

Build Quality

Again, due to the price tag of the AD360II, you would be right to assume that its build quality really is excellent. It is made from some very high-quality plastics to help keep the flash unit as lightweight as possible while also ensuring that it is as robust as Godox can possibly get it. As the AD360II is designed to be used as an on-location flash unit and to be taken with you while traveling to your photography location, its high level of robustness is an excellent feature.

The hot shoe is solid and does not have the same problems as some of the budget level Godox flash units where the hot shoe can warp in shape slightly over time making it a pain to mount and unmount. In all honesty, we are not sure if this is due to the alloy of the metal used for the actual hot shoe on the AD360II but it is solid and will hold its shape indefinitely.

Our Verdict

That concludes our Godox ad360ii review, we hope that you have found it helpful and we really do think that the flash head will make a great addition to your collection of camera accessories. Just be sure to pick up the correct variant for your main camera brand of choice to ensure optimal performance.

Click Here To Check For Prices On The Canon Variant Of The Godox AD360II!

Click Here To Check For Prices On The Nikon Variant Of The Godox AD360II!

The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Godox ad360ii to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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