The Ultimate Godox AD200 Beauty Dish Review!

With the Godox AD200 being such a popular lighting solution, it is no surprise that so many people are reading out for advice on various topics surrounding the light. We have noticed an uptick in the number of people reaching out about a beauty dish so we have decided to publish this article going over our best Godox AD200 beauty dish review.

Although there are a few decent third-party beauty dishes available on the market right now, we feel that sticking with Godox and going with their Godox AD-S3 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) is the best option at the time of writing. Not only does it offer some great performance but it also has a low price tag and has managed to earn itself a solid reputation within the community.

The Godox AD-S3 beauty dish helps to manipulate the output of the Godox AD200 light to be somewhere between a traditional direct flash and a softbox. It allows you to quickly and easily create a concentrated pool of light effect and allow you to illuminate your subject as required while also getting the beauty dish lighting effect in their eyes too.

We will review the Godox AD-S3 in more detail below and we hope that our article will help any of our readers who own a Godox AD200 and are looking to pick up a great little cost-efficient beauty dish to help improve the image quality of their flash photography.

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User Interface And Control System

Unlike most of the third-party beauty dishes on the market right now, the Godox AD-S3 beauty dish will mount directly to your Godox AD200 without issue. We know there are a few third-party beauty dishes that natively mount the light but it is definatley the minority and that’s probably why you are reading this article as they are a bit of a nightmare to find yourself.

Additionally, as the Godox AD-S3 beauty dish mounts directly to the light and does not require a wrap-around or securing strap, the Bowens mount on the flash strobe remains fully operational and allows you to mount it to a light stand as you would without the beauty dish attached. This makes the whole process a whole lot easier and saves you a bunch of time when mounting or unmounting the beauty dish from your Godox AD200. The included grid with the Godox AD-S3 beauty dish is also very easy to mount and unmount to the actual beauty dish when required too.

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This results in a great little beauty dish with a very easy user interface system that ensures you are able to quickly use as required without having to waste any time. If this is your first beauty dish and you have never used one before there is nothing to worry about as there are a few reports from people like yourself who use the Godox AD-S3 and confirm they have been able to mount it to their flash strobe right out the box without issue without having used a beauty dish before.

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Performance And Functionality

Beauty Portrait
Before getting into the performance section of the article, we just want to point out that all of the example photographs in this section were captured using a beauty dish. That said, not all of the photographs use the Godox AD-S3 beauty dish or the Godox AD200 flash strobe but we wanted to include them anyway as we feel they are good examples of what you can potentially get when using the Godox AD-S3.

One of the most common things that we see people mention about the Godox AD-S3 is that it is only 12 inches in diameter and most people are used to using larger beauty dishes for their photography sessions. The slightly different design of the dish ensures that you still get optimal light distribution when using the Godox AD-S3 while also keeping the dish lighter without having an effect on its performance.

Depending on what you are using the light for, you may want to mount the included grid on your dish to tweak its performance. Although we could not find any official confirmation from Godox, it seems that mounting the grid on your Godox AD-S3 will reduce the light output from it to about a 30-degree cone of light. This can let you direct the light to an exact location on your subject to produce a precise effect depending on what you need.

Some common photography niches where this may be useful for you include portrait photography, fashion photography, new born photography, pet photography, child photography, and wedding photography.

Whirlwind of Beauty
The image above serves as a decent example of what the grid is able to get the beauty dish to produce for you as it has softened the shadows from the other lights on the subject resulting in a nice clean portrait photograph. Although we are massive fans of Godox and their products anyway and in all honesty expected a decent level of performance from their Godox AD-S3 beauty dish we are pleased to report that it definatley met all of our expectations.

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Build Quality And Design

When it comes to the build quality of the Godox AD-S3 beauty dish we just want to point out that we have seen a few reports of people comparing the build quality of the dish to completing dishes that are double its price tag. It is common sense that a dish that retails for double the price is going to have a better build quality but in our opinion, the Godox AD-S3 has a solid build quality anyway.

It is lightweight and although we would not describe it as robust, we feel it can definatley take a knock or two without issue. As we mentioned earlier in the article, the dome on the dish is a slightly different design to some of the older generations ensuring that it provides higher specularity while also being smaller and lighter in weight.

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Third Party Input

We thought that the third-party video above is worth sharing with our readers as it offers some nice little tips on using a beauty dish for your photography sessions. That said, the video is not specific to the Godox AD-S3 or the Godox AD200 strobe light.

Our Verdict

That brings our Godox AD-S3 beauty dish review to a close and we hope that you have found it helpful and understand why we feel it is the best beauty dish on the market for use with the Godox AD200 flash strobe. It is not hard to see why it is so popular or has the reputation it has earned when you take into account the price tag, performance, and build quality of the dish.

We feel that it will make a great addition to anyone looking to add a beauty dish to their camera accessories that will mount directly to their Godox AD200. All in all, a solid little dish from Godox that we would highly recommend.

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