The Ultimate Godox AD200 Barn Door Review!

So for this post, we are going to be going what we feel is the best barn door for the Godox AD200 and by its reputation within the community, many AD200 owners agree with our choice. Anyway, we feel that the Godox BD-07 Barn Door (Click here to check for product prices and availability) is the way to go when it comes to adding a barn door attachment for your Godox AD200 to your collection of camera accessories.

The Godox BD-07 has a low price tag, solid build quality, and some excellent performance allowing you to modify the shape of the light beam produced by your Godox AD200. Its fully adjustable doors can be used to focus the light on your subject or manipulate into a variety of shapes. The Godox BD-07 also includes a honeycomb cover as well as some color filters to further allow you to manipulate the light.

We know that there are a fair few barn door rigs on the market right now but in our opinion, most of the ones from random third party brands are a total waste of time. Not only are they usually low quality, they tend not to mount directly to the Godox AD200, and they often retail at the same price as the official Godox BD-07 too. As we mentioned, since its release, the Godox BD-07 has earned a solid reputation for itself within the community and is well worth considering.

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User Interface And Control System

The interface of the Godox BD-07 barn door really couldn’t be easier, as it has been designed to mount directly to your Godox AD200 you simply clip it on or off as required without having any fuss. Some third-party barn doors can be a pain to get on the Godox AD200 quickly as they have been designed to work with a number of light units and require various straps to hold them in place.

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Once the Godox BD-07 barn door is actually mounted to your lighting unit, you are able to adjust the actual barn doors as required to manipulate the light or add the honeycomb grip or colored inserts to get the effect you need from your Godox AD200 within seconds. All in all, Godox have done a great job of keeping the system as quick and easy to use as possible while also maximizing its effectiveness.

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Performance And Functionality

The performance of the Godox BD-07 is solid and we feel that this is the main reason is has proven to be the most popular choice of barn door for the Godox AD200 solution. It allows you to manipulate the light as required or focus its beam on your subject to maximize its output without having any hassle.

The image above shows the various clip-on color covers that let you tweak the shade of the light to set the mood. In all honesty, though, depending on the photography niche that you are working in, these could be totally useless and never used. On the flip side of this though, you may find yourself using them often in your niche depending on your goals.

In addition to the clip-on colors above, you also get the honeycomb cover shown in the image above. This can be used to help soften the effect of the light while still providing you with the barn door manipulation of the light beam that the Godox BD-07 provides too.

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Build Quality And Design

Considering that the Godox BD-07 barn door has a pretty low price tag, its build quality is actually pretty solid in all fairness to it. Not only is it very lightweight meaning it takes up very little load capacity of your light stands that you mount your Godox AD200 on but it is also pretty robust. In addition to that, it has a decent heat tolerance too and will not warp in shape when mounted on your Godox AD200 during use due to the heat the lighting unit gives off.

Another problem that some of the third-party barn doors have, especially at this price point is that they are made from low quality plastics that tend to warm from the heat of the light. Once the mainframe has warped, they can be close to impossible to mount back onto the light. Thankfully, this is not an issue with the plastics used on the Godox BD-07 barn door helping to push it even further ahead of the competing products.

Our Verdict

That brings our article on the best Godox AD200 barn door review to an end. Although there are a few different products available that can do the job to some level, we would always recommend that you stick with the official Godox barn door as it has the best quality that in turn ensures the best performance over an extended period of use.

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