The Ultimate Dolica TX570DS Review!

We have seen a few people asking about the Dolica tx570ds tripod and if it is worth them pocking it up or not. After looking around on the internet for a while, we realized that there is no dedicated article online for the tripod so we decided to publish our own dedicated Dolica tx570ds review.

Coming into the market as a lightweight, budget-friendly, travel tripod, the tx570ds has a ton of competition to go up against. Thankfully, we are happy to report that both its customer base and reputation within the photography and videography community are steadily increasing due to its cheap price tag, excellent build quality, and great performance.

The steadily increasing customer base of the Dolica tx570ds has resulted in a number of people deciding to share their experiences with the tripod by posting their own independent reviews online (click here to read some of them). Checking a few of those third-party reviews out can help give you an insight into the tripods performance from a large number of independent photographers and videographers.

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Performance And Functionality

In reality, the tx570ds is very similar to the compeating tripods at this price point when it comes to both the performance and functionality that it provides the owner. With the entry level tripod range, this is not suprising as the main goal of the manufacturwer is to get a solid tripod onto the market while keeping its costs as low as possible.

That said, the image stabilization that the tx570ds provides is solid and we have no doubt that it has the ability to easily improve the image quality of both your still photographs as well as any video footage you may record. Being a travel tripod, it is no surprise that it is very lightweight coming in at only two and a half pounds. This allows you to easily add the tx570ds to your photography kit bag or your luggage without really feeling the increase in weight.

As it has been specifically designed to be an ultra-compact tripod, it is also very small when fully debuilt coming in at just under fifteen inches. This allows you to easily carry the tripod around with you when required without it being a pain. On the flip side of this, the Dolica tx570ds can provide you with a maximum working height of around fifty-seven inches when fully extended ensuring that it is able to easily meet the needs of many situations.

The main drawback of the tripod is that it is a basic ball head tripod as shown in the image to the left. This is very common within the budget and entry-level markets as it is the cheapest solution while still offering a ton of functionality. We feel that the ball head design will be fine for most of our readers. That said, especially if you are planning on using the tx570ds for travel photography, it will struggle to do any kind of slow panning video footage of any epic landscapes you see, additionally, it can also struggle with panoramic photographs.

Trying either of these will result in a jump image or video but you can pick up a cheap panhandle (Click here to check for product prices and availability) head to mount onto the tripod to allow you to quickly and easily pan the tripod as required. Picking up a cheap panhandle can still keep the costs down while allowing you to capture some very smooth landscape panning footage or high image quality panoramic photographs.

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The Build In Monopod

The detachable monopod leg of the Dolica tx570ds tripod.
The detachable monopod leg of the Dolica tx570ds tripod.

In our opinion, the main thing that pushes the Dolica tx570ds ahead of the competing entry-level tripods is its built-in monopod. The design is solid making it very easy to detach from the main tripod as and when required. Simply detach the monopod leg and mount the tripod head to it as required.

As we keep mentioning, this can be a godsend if you are planning on using the Dolica tx570ds as a travel tripod. If you are planning on hiking around to get to remote destinations to get epic landscape photographs or video footage then carrying the full weight of the tripod can be a total pain.

Being able to reduce the tripods weight to almost a third by switching out to the monopod is a great way to reduce weight while still having some image stabilization available. When you get back to your hotel room after your hike you can then quickly re-attach the monopod leg to have full tripod functionality again too.

Build Quality

Thankfully, due to various developments in lightweight, robust metal alloys over the past few years, the Dolica tx570ds is able to provide the robustness of many of the higher price point carbon fiber tripods on the market right now. Using a metal alloy rather than carbon fiber allows Dolica to keep the tripod price very low and they pass the savings directly on to you.

The ball head on the tripod is also solid ensuring a very easy to use quick release plate that is smooth and fast to mount and unmount as required. We would like to point out that the Dolica quick release plate is preparatory making it a pain to find spares or replacements when needed. This can be a bit of a pain if you are planning to use multiple cameras in quick succession with the tripod as you will only have one quick release plate.

Our Verdict

That concludes our Dolica tx570ds review, picking it up and adding it to your camera accessories can be a great way to get some budget-friendly image stabilization to your photography kit. The high-build quality and robustness of the tripod ensure that it can take the punishment that is common with travel photography too.

We feel that the popularity and reputation of the Dolica tx570ds is only going to keep increasing over the coming years as it really is a great bit of kit.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Dolica tx570ds to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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