The Ultimate Bonfoto B674C Review!

Welcome to our ultimate Bonfoto B674C review that we have had planned for a few weeks now due to people specifically reaching out for advice on this solid little tripod. Due to having so much on recently, the post has been delayed a little but we have finally had the spare time to publish it.

We hope that our review will help any of our readers who are considering adding the Bonfoto B674C to their collection of camera accessories as it really is a great little tripod. It offers some excellent budget-friendly image stabilization as its price tag is much lower than the competing tripods from brands like Manfrotto. The build quality of the B674C is also great and it is no surprise that this carbon fiber tripod has such a great reputation within both the photography and videography communities.

If you are looking to pick up your first travel tripod or are on a tight budget while looking to maximize the bang for your buck then the B674C is an excellent option. Its popularity has started to steadily increase and we only see this continuing over the next few months and years as more people realize what a great bargain the B674C is.

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User Interface And Control System

Due to its price tag, we would imagine a fair few people who pick up the Bonfoto B674C may actually be purchasing their very first tripod. If this is the case for you then the control systems on the tripod are ideal for a first time tripod owner as everything is extremely easy to use. Although the image above offers a brief overview of some of the key features, we will expand on the main ones below.

Being a travel tripod, the ease of use plays into your favor by allowing you to quickly and easily set the tripod up on location, capture the photography or video footage you require and then quickly and easily pack up. If you are using the tripod to document your travels around a new city and have a ton of sights to see then over the course of a day you can end up saving a surprising amount of time.

Although we know that many people prefer flip lock leg locks on their tripod, the majority of travel tripods will use the twist lock leg lock system that the Bonfoto B674C has as shown in the image above. Not only are twist locks a little quick to set up as you are able to control all of the locks on all of the leg sections at once when building the tripod but they also lack the flip component that can get tangles when the tripod is packed for transit.

That said, the locks on the B674C do a great job of locking the legs of the tripod in place while ensuring that they will stand tall and hold strong without failing. The image in the bottom right of the image above shows the removable rubber shoe at the base of each leg on the tripod too. Although the rubber shoe does a great job of providing some additional grip for the tripod when used in wet or slippy conditions, you can also remove the shoe to get the metal spike if needed.

This ensures that you are able to essentially dig the base of the legs of the tripod into the dirt at your location for maximum stability. Although this feature will probably be rarely used by the majority of our readers, we feel it is a nice little feature to have on the off chance that you do need it. In addition to this, it is also a feature that the Bonfoto B674C has that is lacking on the vast majority of its competing tripods at this price point in the market.

The image above shows the quick release plate that the ball head included with the B674C comes with. It offers a nice and easy way for you to be able to mount and unmount your camera rig from the tripod within seconds saving you even more time when using the tripod. In addition to this, you can also source spare quick release plates via sites like Amazon to ensure you have spares as well as one plate for each of your cameras.

This allows you to swap between the camera that you have mounted on your tripod within seconds if you are planning to use it as a part of a multi-camera rig. One thing that is a little bit of a pain is that the Bonfoto quick release plate design will not mount directly to the majority of popular gimbals on the market right now. This can mean you have to spend a little time if you want to take your camera from your B674C and mount it on a gimbal but only you can decide if this is something that may cause you issues or not.

The final feature on the interface of the Bonfoto b674c that we wanted to cover is the great little counterweight hook it has at the base of its center column shown in the image above. Not only is the counterweight hook on the tripod easy to use, but it is also spring loads allowing you to mount additional weight to the tripod in windy conditions without risking damaging it.

Again, this is a feature of the tripod that may never be used by you as it totally depends on the conditions that you will be using it in. But trust us, having a reliable counterweight hook on your tripod is a one of them features you rather have an not need than need and not have.

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To the light weight of the B674C as well as the light weight of most travel based camera rigs, if used in windy conditions, the tripod may be susceptible to blowing over. If you are in windy conditions, you can hang your backpack or any other source of weight from the base of the B674C via its counterweight hook to increase its stability and reduce the chance of it blowing over.

Just be sure the additional weight you add does not exceed the maximum load capacity of the tripod that is around 17.6-26.4 pounds mark depending on how you have the tripod set up. Although there are specially made counterweight sandbags on the market, we feel that they are a waste of money as most the time, you can just add some rocks or dirt to the tripods carry case and hang that from its counterweight hook and get the exact same effect without having to fork out additional money.

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Performance And Functionality

There is no doubt in our mind that the main reason the Bonfoto b674c has proven to be so popular within the community while earning the excellent reputation that it has it due to its great performance. At this price point in the market, there is only a very small number of tripods that perform as well as the B674C and even fewer that are specifically travel tripods.

As we mentioned in the previous section, the B674C can provide you some excellent image stabilization no matter the conditions even when you are at a wet or slippy location. As more and more people who go off traveling are going out of their way to capture photographs of waterfalls for their Instagram accounts, this is a great feature to have on your tripod of choice.

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The lightweight portable nature of the tripod, as well as its maximum load capacity of 26.4 pounds, make it a great little portable tripod that is ideal for travel. This coupled with its 57.6 inches maximum height and leg folding technology to allow you to collapse the tripod right down and quickly store it in a backpack and its 3.1 pound base weight push it ahead of the competing tripods at the $100 bracket.

The 360° dial on the head of the tripod allows you to quickly, easily, and accurately adjust the angle of the tripod head and thus where your camera is aiming without issue. The Four-section legs on the tripod also help to increase the overall stability that the tripod provides you while the build in locking systems minimizes the chances of any of the leg sections giving way causing your camera rig to fall to the ground.

Another popular feature of the Bonfoto b674c that helps push it ahead of many of the competing tripods on the market is its built-in monopod functionality as shown in the image above. You can quickly and easily remove the detachable leg from the main tripod to reduce the size and weight that you are required to carry with you and use the monopod as your primary source of image stabilization if required.

Although this may not seem like a big deal, many locations that you may wish to capture photographs or video footage of can be well off the beaten track. This can sometimes mean hiking through poor terrain where being able to easily reduce the weight you have to carry with you can drastically improve the hiking experience. Although the monopod does not provide the same level of image stabilization as the full tripod, it can still help improve the image quality that you are able to capture while making your journey to the location easier.

All in all, considering the very low price tag of the tripod, we really can’t fault Bonfoto in any way. We feel they have created a solid little tripod that offers some of the best performance and functionality available at its price point in the market today. Not only is it easy to see why it has such a positive reputation but we also feel it will make a great addition to your camera accessories as a primary source of image stabilization.

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Build Quality And Design

Another strong feature that the Bonfoto b674c has going for it is that its build quality is excellent. Although it retails with an almost entry level price point, Bonfoto has not skimped of held back on putting their B674C together in any way. For example, unlike the majority of other competing tripods at this price point in the market that are made mostly out of an Aluminium based alloy, the B674C is made from Carbon Fiber.

Not only does this make it very robus considering its small size but also very lightweight increasing its usefulness as a travel tripod. Although there are other factors that come into play, carbon fiber based tripods also tend to age better and not show signs of wear and tear as quickly as ones made from metal alloys too. This means that the B674C is likely to last you longer than some of the competing tripods out there too.

One thing that we feel is a weakness on the tripod is that the bubble level on the tripod head included as standard is located in a stupid place as shown in the image above. Once your camera rig is mounted, it is totally hidden from view means that you have to guess if your tripod is actually level or not.

Now, you can work around this by picking up a different tripod head if you like and if you are planning on doing any slow pan videography work or some panoramic photography you will probably be going with a pan head (Click here to check for product prices and availability) anyway. On this flipside of this though, we would imagine that this is simply not an issue for many of our readers anyway due to the Bonfoto b674c being so cheap while offering such an excellent level of performance.

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Question – What size screw thread does the Bonfoto b674c have?

Answer – The tripod uses a 1/4 inch screw thread to mount its head.

Question – What is the minimum usable height of the Bonfoto b674c?

Answer – The minimum usable height is 14 inches.

Third Party Reports

The video review of this travel tripod above is a great decent overview of the tripod but in all honesty, we are only sharing it as we always like to share an independent view of all products that we feature on our blog. That said, for some reason, it has been a total nightmare to find an external review of the Bonfoto b674c that is in English and at the time of writing, the video above is the best we could find.

That said though, if you like, you can click here to read some third party reports of the Bonfoto b674c from a number of independent photographers and videographers who either currently are or recently have used it as their go-to tripod of choice.

Our Verdict

That brings our Bonfoto B674C review to a close and as you can probably tell by now, the tripod really is an excellent little product that is well worth its price tag. It offers great performance and image stabilization for your travel photography and is worth adding to your camera accessories.

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