The Ultimate Bonfoto B671C Review!

Welcome to our ultimate Bonfoto b671c review post that we hope helps as many people as possible who are considering picking up the Bonfoto b671c tripod! With more and more people going off traveling and trying their hand at things such as YouTube or Instagram we have seen more and more people reaching out for budget-friendly travel tripods.

Over time this has lead to a direct increase in the number of people who reach out for information on the Bonfoto b671c. Thankfully, unlike some of the other travel tripods on the market these days, Bonfoto have managed to create an excellent little tripod that won’t break the bank while providing you with some great functionality and performance while having a ton of great features.

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The Head Of The Tripod

Just like our other tripod reviews, we want to start our Bonfoto b671c review by going over the head of the tripod. Considering the price point of the b671c its head is jam-packed with features providing a ton of functionality that is often even missed out from more expensive tripods on the market.

As you can see in the photograph above, a bubble level and compass are included as standard on the head and they are both clearly visible even when you mount your camera rig to the tripod. The bubble level on the tripod is very handy allowing you to ensure that your tripod is level before mounting your camera as well as ensuring it stays level once your camera is mounted.

The compass can come in handy depending on what type of photography you are planning on doing. For example, say you are looking to capture the milky way from a set location and you know the compass bearing that the milky way will be at for optimal photography. You go to the location that you have chosen to capture your photographs and set up during daylight, the compass can be used to help you set your camera rig up facing the correct direction before night comes or the milky way is even visible.

As the b671c uses the standard ball head design to help keep its costs as low as possible it will perform very well for photography or videography where you are planning on keeping your camera on a fixed location. That said, it can struggle a little when it comes to things where you have to move your camera while mounted on the tripod such as panoramic photographs or slow pan video.

Thankfully, you can pick up a number of cheap pan head mounts (Click here to check for product prices and availability) that you simply place on the quarter inch mounting screw on your b671c to essentially act as a new head for the tripod while providing panning functionality.

The Bonfoto b671c quick release plate.
The Bonfoto b671c quick release plate.

The photograph above shows the quick release plate for the Bonfoto b671c tripod. It is very smooth and easy to use allowing you to easily mount or unmount your camera when needed without having to waste your time as you may with other entry-level travel tripods.

On top of this, rather than just including one quick release plate with the tripod, you get two as standard with your purchase! I know this may sound like sometimes small but it can be a nightmare to source additional quick release plates for entry-level tripods. As Bonfoto include two you can mount one to your camera and have a spare or if you use a multiple camera set up you can mount one on each tripod to let you quickly switch between the camera that is mounted on your tripod.

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The Center Column Of The Tripod

We also want to quickly touch on the center column of the b671c and you can see the main reason in the photograph above. Unlike some other entry-level tripods or budget-friendly tripods on the market right now, the b671c comes with a solid fully fixed counterweight hook.

This allows you to mount additional weight to your tripod as required when using it outside in windy conditions to help increase its stability. This further improves the image stabilization the tripod is able to provide your camera rig while also helping to prevent your tripod from blowing over in the wind.

We have lost count of the number of tripods on the market with higher price tags than the Bonfoto b671c that miss out this simple feature. Now, we fully admit that if the tripod is designed to be used in a studio then there is probably no need for a counterweight hook but when it comes to travel tripods we feel they are an essential feature.

The full tripod rig has a maximum upper payload weight of 17.6lbs meaning it is able to easily support the majority of popular mirrorless and DSLR cameras that are used for travel photography as well as their lenses. If you are wanting to use the tripod for capturing video for YouTube and are using something like a Canon g7x or Sony RX100 then this tripod is able to easily support your camera too as they are very light bits of kit.

The Legs Of The Tripod

With variants of the Bonfoto b671c available with a frame made from either carbon fiber or aluminum, you are able to easily pick up a lightweight portable tripod that is very robust and will be able to stand the test of time. No matter the variant of the tripod that you purchase, the center column and legs are solid, offering plenty of stability when set up. Unlike some competing budget friendly tripods, the legs on the b671c do not feel cheap and have a nice finish on them making the tripod both look at feel professional.

As you can see in the photograph above, the b671c uses a twist lock leg locking system that is very quick and easy to use while offering a high level of stability. Once you have twisted the leg locks in place, your tripod will stay in place helping to keep your camera rig stable and safe while capturing photographs or recording video footage.

The rubber feet at the bottom of the legs of the tripod offer some excellent grip even if you are on a wet or slippy surface. This feature further increases the stability and safety of the tripod and your camera when mounted without any additional effort being required on your part.

When fully extended, the b671c comes in at just over 55 inches allowing you to use it as you tripod of choice in the vast majority of travel photography or videography situations that you can think of.

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The Monopod Functionality

Another feature that sets the Bonfoto b671c apart from the competing tripods on the market is its monopod functionality. As you can see in the photograph above, one of the legs has an additional layer of a foam grip on it. You can fully detach this leg and transform it into a fully functioning monopod if needed.

You can see the monopod fully detached and set up in the photograph to the right. As this is a travel tripod, we feel the monopod feature is a great and welcome addition to the functionality that the b671c is able to provide you.

It lets you quickly reduce the weight of your photography or videography kits by removing the bulk of the tripod allowing you to switch to a simply monopod if required. This lets you travel lighter taking up less space while still having access to some image stabilization for your camera rig when you get to your location.

Our Verdict

That concludes our Bonfoto b671c review and we would highly recommend that you add it to your collection of camera accessories. It really is an excellent travel tripod and Bonfoto have knocked the ball out of the park when it comes to the b671c leaving the vast majority of their competition at this price point in the tripod market behind them.

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