2 Of The Best UV Filters For Nikon P900 Cameras!

In this article, we will be taking a look at what we feel are the best UV filters for Nikon p900 cameras currently available on the market right now. Thankfully, the Nikon p900 filter size is 67mm so it is fairly easy to source filters in that thread size due to it being commonly used on a large number of popular lenses.

In the age of digital cameras, a good UV filter protects your lens from scratches and essentially acts as a sacrificial material rather than to prevent UV light from getting to your camera sensor and damaging your camera’s film. Due to the design of the p900, any damage to the lens can be a total nightmare with repair costs quickly adding up. Thankfully, UV filters can prevent a large amount of damage and cost a fraction of what a new p900 would cost.

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This photograph shows an expensive lens fitted with a cheap UV filter after an accident. As you can see, the element on the lens filter is destroyed but the front element of the lens under the filter is perfectly safe.

The Gobe 67mm Lens Filter Range

In our opinion, without a doubt, the best UV filter for Nikon p900 cameras currently available on the market right now is the Gobe three peak 67mm UV filter (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Although the filter is also available in the cheaper one and two peak variants that will still serve you well, we will be focusing on the three peak variant for the most part. In addition to this, we also published a full review of the Gobe UV filter range that you may find helpful too.

Due to Gobe coming up with a number of design improvements for lens filters as well as a number of product improvements they have been able to exponentially grow their market share due to being able to produce higher-quality filters with a lower cost resulting in a lower price tag for their customers. Their production process also makes filters that offer excellent image quality with their UV filters offering excellent protection for your lens.

The three peak range of Gobes UV filters come with the highest possible quality German Schott glass as their element that can take an insane amount of punishment helping to further protect your lens from damage. In addition to this, the three peak range also comes with Gobes sixteen layer coating system that further increases the amount of punishment the filter can take without having any effect of your image quality when mounted on your lens.

The frame of the Gobe range is high-quality Magnalium too that helps keep the frame as robust as possible while also keeping the UV filter very lightweight. The frames low profile also makes it easy to seamlessly add it to your existing photography kit bag without it needing to take up much space or weight when not mounted to your p900.

All in all, we are massive fans of the Gobe filter range and feel their UV filters will make a great addition to your p900 camera accessories. There is no doubt that they offer a high amount of protection and can help prevent or at least minimize any damage to your p900 if an accident occurs. We would highly recommend that our readers check them out!

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The Nikon Coolpix P900 High-Grade Multi-Coated, Multi-Threaded, 3 Piece Lens Filter Kit

Next up on our list of UV filters that you can use with your Nikon Coolpix P900 is the official Nikon Coolpix P900 High-Grade Multi-Coated, Multi-Threaded, 3 Piece Lens Filter Kit (Click here to check for product prices and availability). With it being the official Nikon P900 filter kit there is no surprise that the set fits your p900 seamlessly and offer great performance. In addition to your UV filter in the kit, you also get a CPL filter as well as an FL-D filter fluorescent filter.

Coming from Nikon you know you are getting a high-quality lens filter that offers an excellent image quality when mounted on your p900 with a ton of protective potential. We still feel like the Gobe range covered above can take more punishment allowing you to protect your p900 for longer without needing to potentially purchase another UV filter, the Nikon filters still get the job done.

If you are looking to pick up a number of filters then this filter kit can definitely make a nice addition to your collection of lens accessories. That said, if you are only interested in picking up a UV filter then choose the Gobe filter above as it works out much cheaper and on a specific filter to filter comparison the Gobe range outperform the Nikon range.

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Should You Use A UV Filter?

With the debate still raging on if you should or should not use a UV filter to protect your lens we thought we would share the video below as it echoes our thoughts and the importance of investing in a UV filter.

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