2 Of The Best UV Filters For Nikon D3400 Owners!

Today’s article is going to be about what we feel are the two main contenders for the title of best UV filter for Nikon d3400 owners on the market right now. We would like to point out that the thread size of the filter you order has to fit the threads on your lens of choice, not something on your d3400 camera body. The thread size of your lens should be written on its lens cap, around the size of the forward lens element as well as in the manual that came with it.

Gone are the days when a UV filter was simply used as a form of UV protection for your camera sensor and camera film. These days the vast majority of people who pick up a UV filter choose to use it on a digital camera and its purpose is to help protect your lens element from damage during an accident as shown in the image below.

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This photograph shows an expensive lens fitted with a cheap UV filter after an accident. As you can see, the element on the lens filter is destroyed but the front element of the lens under the filter is perfectly safe.

The Gobe UV Lens Filter Range

Without any doubt in our mind, the main contender for the title of best UV filter for Nikon d3400 owners is a UV filter lens filter from the Gobe range (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Although one of the newest brands to the lens filter game, the Gobe range have been able to exponentially grow their core customer base as well as their reputation in a very short period of time due to the low price of the filters and excellent quality. Additionally, we also published a full dedicated review of the gobe UV filter range that may also be helpful to you.

The Gobe UV filter range comes with either high-quality Japanese glass or high-quality German Schott glass as their lens filter elements. This ensures that the Gobe range comes with two of the best types of glass in the world for your lens filter while also being able to offer a high level of protection for your lens element in the event of an accident.

The Gobe filter elements are also multi-coated with up to sixteen unique layers to help improve both the performance, functionality and image quality provided by their lenses while keeping costs as low as possible. This allows you to quickly and easily mount the filters onto your camera lens of choice without it having any effect at all on either the photograph or video quality that you are able to capture.

The frames of the Gobe lens filters are made from high-quality Magnalium that keeps them robust yet lightweight while also helping to keep costs as low as possible. Another advantage of the Gobe range is that they offer their filters in one of the largest thread size ranges of all filter brands. At the time of writing their UV range is available in the following thread sizes:-

  • 37mm
  • 39mm
  • 40.5mm
  • 46mm
  • 49mm
  • 52mm
  • 55mm
  • 58mm
  • 62mm
  • 67mm
  • 72mm
  • 77mm
  • 82mm
  • 86mm
  • 95mm

If you are looking to pick up a budget-friendly but high-quality Nikon d3400 lens protector then we would definitely recommend that you consider investing in the Gobe UV range. It will make a great addition to your filter kit as well as to your overall range of lens accessories.

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The Tiffen UV Lens Filter Range

Although we feel that the Gobe UV range is a better product, another popular UV filter for Nikon d3400 owners as well as the wider photography community is the Tiffen UV lens filter range (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Although the Tiffen brand has been one of if not the leading lens filter brand for many years now their decrease in innovation and stagnant product range has enabled the newer brands like Gobe to come in and quickly start dominating.

That said, due to the Tiffen UV range having been available on the market for much longer than the Gobe range, they have managed to earn themselves a solid reputation amongst the community. Additionally, we also recently published our full Tiffen UV lens filter review that you may find helpful. Similar to the Gobe range, the filters offered by Tiffen have been specifically designed to have zero effect on the image quality for your d3400 when mounted on your lens while offering protection to your front lens element during use.

Although the Tiffen UV filter range does come with their own multi-coated technology, it is currently as advanced as that offered on the Gobe range but does still help improve overall performance and protection. Another drawback of the Tiffen range is that their UV filters are not available in as many thread sizes as the Gobe range either potentially making it difficult for you to source the correct size for your lens of choice.

Considering the price of the Tiffen range, the metal threads on the filter are a welcome addition as many of the very low price products try to use plastic threads. Over time, this increases the chances of the filter cross threading with the threads on your lens and potentially causing damage that could otherwise have been avoided. If for whatever reason, you are unable to pick up a UV filter from either of these brands then we would highly reccomend that you ensure the filter you pick up comes with metal threads.

If you are in the market for a Nikon d3400 lens protector and are unable to source a Gobe UV filter then we would recommend you pick up a one from the Tiffen range. It will make the ideal addition to your filter kit as well as a welcome addition to your collection of camera accessories.

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Should You Use A UV Filter?

With the debate still raging on if you should or should not use a UV filter to protect your lens we thought we would share the video below as it echoes our thoughts and the importance of investing in a UV filter.

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