The Best UV Filter For Nikon P510 Cameras!

We have seen more and more people reaching out for advice on the best UV filter for Nikon Coolpix p510 cameras and we decided to publish a dedicated post on the subject as the p510 is a pretty unique camera when it comes to lens filters.

Before we get into the article, we just want to make any of our readers who are not currently aware that threads on the front of your p510 lens are NOT filter threads! Although they look slightly similar, they are too wide and attempting to mount a filter on those threads may result in cross threading and potential damage to both the p510 and your lens filter.

Due to this, you have to use a filter adapter ring with your p510 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) that will essentially mount onto the threads already on the p510 and allow you to mount a lens filter on the other end of the adaptor ring. Thankfully, adapter rings can be picked up pretty cheap and once mounted, many photographs just leave them on their cameras without removing them when not capturing photographs.

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Although not the lens on a P510, we feel this photograph does a great job of showing why you should always use a UV filter when possible. The front lens element is totally fine as the UV filter has taken all of the punishment and damage from the accident.

The P510 High-Grade Multi-Coated, Multi-Threaded, 3 Piece Lens Filter Kit

Although it is not just a UV filter for Nikon p510 cameras, we would always recommend the P510 High-Grade Multi-Coated, Multi-Threaded, 3 Piece Lens Filter Kit (Click here to check for product prices and availability) to our readers for their p510. The full kit has been designed to seemlesley work together as one with your p510 and removes the worry of picking up a lens filter that does not match the size of the filter adapter ring that you pick up for your camera.

The kit includes the following items as standard with your purchase:-

  • A UV filter.
  • A Circular Polarizing Filter.
  • A FL-D filter.
  • Filter Adapter Ring.
  • A Cleaning Cloth.
  • A Carrying Case To Carry Everything In.

The build quality of the filter kit is excellent and the system is very easy to use. You simply mount the filter adapter ring on the threads at the end of your p510 lens and then you are able to mount any of the included filters up on that as required. If you like, you are also able to pick up additional filters if you wish, for example, an ND filter and it will seemlesley mount the filter adapter ring provided it has a 62mm thread size.

Due to the fixed lens design of the p510, we would always recommend that you keep a UV filter mounted on it to help prevent any damage as shown in the image at the top of the article. With this kind of camera, a broken front lens element, or broken lens, in general, can be a total nightmare to get repaired and costs can quickly spiral out of control. The UV filter in this kit is robust and able to take a ton of punishment without having any negative effects on your image quality while keeping your camera protected during use.

If you are looking to pick up a UV filter for your camera then we would highly recommend adding this lens filter kit to your collection of camera accessories. It has everything you need to protect your front lens element as well as additional filters to help you get some unique photographs with your p510.

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The Gobe Filter Range (Budget Option)

We know that picking up a full filter kit for your p510 can be a little expensive if you only want to pick up a UV filter so we also wanted to touch on a cheaper option. You can pick up a regular UV filter for Nikon p510 cameras (Click here to check for product prices and availability) as well as a filter adapter ring (Click here to check for product prices and availability) and then protect the front lens element on your camera this way without having to shell out as much money.

If you are one of our regular readers then you would probably have guessed that we would recommend a Gobe filter as we feel they offer the best blend of quality and price on the market right now. Additionally, the filter adapter ring linked above requires 67mm lens filters so be sure to pick up a 67mm Gobe filter.

This solution works in the exact same way as the kit solution covered first in the article. First you mount the filter adapter ring on your p510 and then you screw your filter onto its threads. This ensures that the lens on your p510 is protected during use and will not have any effect on the image quality that you are able to pick up with your camera.

The Gobe multi-layering technology on their filters also helps to improve the over all performance of the range allowing you to save a fair amount of money compaired to what you would have to spend if you went with some of the compeating lens filter brands. The frames on the Gobe range are also made out of a specific alloy that is very strong while also being very lightweight. This further increases the effetiveness of the filter without you having to add a heavy object to the end of your p510.

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