2 Of The Best Tripods For Sony A6300 Cameras!

In this article, we will be taking a look at what we feel are the best tripods for Sony a6300 cameras currently available on the market right now. We often see people reaching out for advice on accessories for their a6300 so we have decided to publish this article in an attempt to help any of our readers who own a a6300 and are in the market for a Tripod.

We have settled on two high-quality, budget-friendly tripods for our article that both have excellent reputations within both the photography and videography communities. The first is a larger, more generic tripod for general purpose photography and the second is a smaller, lightweight tripod that is designed for travel photography. We feel that these two options should be able to meet the needs of most of our readers while also helping to save them some money when compared to the tripods that are usually recommended.

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The Zomei Z699 Tripod

In our opinion, the best tripod for Sony a6300 cameras currently available on the market right now is the Zomei Z699 Tripod (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Not only is it cheaper than its Manfrotto rivals but it is also cheaper while also offering the same functionality and performance with a very similar build quality. The Z699 has also managed to earn itself an excellent reputation amongst the community since its release and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Additionally, we also recently published our own in-depth Zomei Z699 tripod review recently that you may find useful.

There are two main variants of the Z699 currently on the market with one being made from carbon fiber and one being made from aluminum. Other than that, the two variants are pretty much identical and similar in price but if you have a personal preference then you are able to pick it up as you please.

The z699 is based on the standard concept of using a ball head as shown in the image to the left. As you can see, there are a number of dials that you are able to use to customize the angle that the tripod will hold your a6300 at. Although you are unable to see it in the image to the left, the head also comes with a horizontal bubble level to help keep your camera level during your photography sessions. Thankfully, Zomei has actually planned the location of their bubble level and even when you have your camera and lens mounted on the tripod it is still easy to see.

The head also comes with an easy to use quick release plate that allows you to easily mount and unmount your a6300 as required. You are able to manually mount and unmount your camera each time but adding the quick release plate to your camera and using it will save you valuable time and potentially money during your photography session. The plate is nice and smooth to use and seamlessly fits the head allowing you to mount your camera within seconds.

The maximum supported load weight of the Z699 is around 28.66lb or 13kg meaning that it is easily able to support the weight of your a6300 with a heavy zoom lens and other accessories or any other mirrorless cameras or DSLR cameras that you may own. This makes it an ideal tripod for a large number of photography niches and should be able to meet the majority of our reader’s needs.

All in all we feel that the z699 is a solid choice when looking for a tripod for your Sony a6300. It is cheaper than its competitors while providing similar functionality and performance leading to it quickly earning itself a solid reputation amongst the community that we feel will only get stronger.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Zomei Z699C to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

The Zomei Q555 Tripod

The next product on our list is another tripod from the Zomei range, this time it’s their Q555 (Click here to check for product prices and availability) as what we feel is the best travel tripod for Sony a6300. With its smaller size, lighter weight, and helping to provide excellent image quality for your photographs or videos it is no surprise that the Q555 has managed to grow such a loyal customer base who have left a bunch of independent reviews online. Again, we recently published our full, in-depth review of the Zomei Q555 that you may find helpful in your hunt for a tripod.

Considering the price of the Q555, its build quality is excellent and beats many of the competing tripods at this price point by far often meeting the standards of the more expensive products on the market. As you would expect, it comes with a quick release plate system that can save you a bunch of time when mounting or unmounting your a6300 or other cameras from the tripod during your photography session.

If you are in the market for a travel tripod for your a6300 then there is a high chance you will be using it to record video or take photographs outside in potentially windy conditions. The Q555 has a counterweight hook shown in the image to the right attached to the base of its center plate allowing you to add additional weight to your tripod to prevent it from blowing over and help protect your camera.

Although there are various products available on the market that you can hang from your counterweight hook, you can save some money by just using your backpack or some other form of a bag to add weight. This coupled with the tripods max load capacity of around 8kg or 17.6lbs means it is easily able to support your a6300, a heavy zoom lens, and plenty of counterweights to keep the tripod standing in windy conditions.

The flip lock leg system of the tripod also allows you to quickly and easily adjust it as required depending on the type of terrain you are photographing on to ensure you get the best possible photograph or video footage. The head of the Q555 comes with a bubble level to help you ensure that your camera is level when using the tripod on an unlevel surface to help improve the quality of your travel photographs too.

All in all, the Q555 really is an excellent tripod that we feel is actually slightly underpriced when compaired to the competing products on the market right now offering you a potential steal. It is no surprise that it is such a popular product and keeps growing its customer base at an almost exponential rate.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Zomei Q555 to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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