3 Of The Best Tripods For Nikon D750 Cameras!

In this article, we will be taking a look at what we feel is the best tripod for Nikon d750 cameras currently available on the market. We will also be including two additional options in an attempt to include a tripod suitable for all budgets.

Each of the tripods in this article already has an excellent reputation within the photography community and they have been tried and tested to prove their worth. They are also readily available and easy to pick up from most good photography stores.

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The Zomei Z699 Tripod

First up on our list of the best tripods for Nikon d750 cameras currently available on the market right now is the Zomei Z699 Tripod (Click here to check for product prices and availability). We feel that it offers a nice blend of its functionality and its price offering value for money for a high-quality tripod with an excellent build quality. We feel that this is one of the main reasons that it has managed to gain such a good reputation amongst the photography community so quickly. You can also read our full review of the Zomei Z699 Tripod that we recently published too if you like.

The Zomei Z699 is available in both an aluminum variant as well as a carbon fiber variant with both being excellent value for money. The ball head system is easy to use and offers excellent image quality for both photography and videography. As you would expect, a quick and easy to use quick release plate is also included that allows you to easily mount and unmount your d750 from the tripod during sessions.

At the base of the center column of the tripod is a metal stability hook that you are able to use to mount counterweights when using your tripod in windy or unstable conditions.

Unlike some of the other tripods in this style that try to offer the best features possible for the lowest possible price, the Zomei Z699 comes with a metal hook rather than a flimsy plastic one. This allows you to easily add weight to the tripod to help anchor it and keep it upright.

The maximum load capacity of the tripod is around 15 lbs or 7 kg meaning that in addition to your 1.7 pound Nikon d750. your lens, mic, and flash of choice you should have plenty of additional load weight left over on the off chance that you actually need to use counterweights.

This makes the tripod perfect for landscape photography but you are also able to use it for portraits as you would expect. The bubble level on the tripod head is easy to read, even in low light conditions or when you have your Nikon d750 mounted on the tripod. This allows you to keep your tripod level when doing any slow pans or panoramic photographs.

All in all the Zomei Z699 is a solid tripod and will serve both you and your Nikon d750 well. It has most of the features of many of the more expensive tripods while being cheaper than the more well known brands.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Zomei Z699C to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

The Manfrotto 290 Xtra 3-Way Head Kit

Next up we have the Manfrotto 290 Xtra 3-Way Head Kit (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Although a solid tripod we feel that the Manfrotto brand overcharge for what they deliver these days and that is one of the reasons that we highly recommend the Zomei range. That said, it has managed to earn itself an excellent reputation amongst the professional photography community due to its excellent performance.

If you are a professional level photographer then chances are you already know what you want so we don’t want to spend much time on the Manfrotto 290. If you do want to read more about it then you can via the links below.

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The Zomei Q555 Tripod

Next up on our list, we have the Zomei Q555 Tripod (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Another Zomei tripod that again offers excellent functionality and build quality with a fair and cheaper than usual price. This has helped the Q555 quickly expand its core customer base since its release and earn an excellent reputation amongst the community. We also have a full dedicated review of the Zomei Q555 online that may be helpful.

The Zomei Q555 has been designed from the very start to be a lightweight travel tripod that is still able to support the weight of your camera body and any accessories that you may have mounted on it. Considering its price and the functionality it offers, we feel that the Zomei Q555 is a very good tripod that can fit in with almost anyone’s photography gear.

The ball head on the Q555 is able to rotate through three hundred and sixty degrees without issue. The quick release plate is also easy and smooth to use allowing you to quickly and easily mount and unmount your camera rig from the tripod when in use. Although considered a budget tripod, the flip lock leg system on the Q555 is actually better than the ones on some higher end products that we see.

Although the Q555 does have a spirit level on the head to help you keep the tripod head level when panning it can be a little difficult to see in low light. That said, this will not be an issue if you are planning on using the tripod in daylight or for indoor photography.

All in all, we feel that the Q555 is a very good tripod for your Nikon D750, especially if you are planning on traveling with your camera. You are also able to treat the Q555 as a budget-friendly tripod for snapping photographs indoors or for portrait-based photography too.

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