The Best Sony A6500 Intervalometer On The Market Right Now!

Today’s article is going to be based on what we feel is the best Sony a6500 intervalometer currently available on the market right now. If you are wanting to up your game when it comes to nighttime photography involving time-lapses, longer exposures or star trails then this is the intervalometer for you.

Due to the chipset that Sony has chosen to use in the a6500, there are only a handful of compatible intervalometers that are compatible with it. On top of them, most are a total waste of time and money so we would highly recommend you at least read the first half of our article.

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The JJC Timer Remote Control Shutter

In our opinion, the best Sony a6500 intervalometer on the market right now is without a doubt the JJC Timer Remote Control Shutter (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Not only is it fully compatible with your a6500, easy to use, has a good build quality but it is also cheap to pick up and add to your camera accessories.

Over the years, this intervalometer has established itself to be the market leader in its niche with little to no real competition. Due to this, many of the photographers who have invested in the JJC Timer Remote Control Shutter have posted their own reviews (click here to read them) offering a number of independent, third-partopinionsns of it that you may want to read.

The image to the left offers a brief overview of the control and interface system of the intervalometer. Even though the image is pretty easy to follow, we don’t feel it does the product justice on explaining just how easy it is to use.

If you are looking to improve your timelapse or long exposure potential then this remote control is definitely for you. It will totally remove the need to touch your a6500 for anything removing the risk of you accidentally knocking your camera body and ruining the image.

The battery life of the JJC Timer Remote Control Shutter is also excellent so there is no need to worry about you hiking out to the middle of nowhere and setting up your camera rig only for the batteries in it to have run out. There are multiple reports online from people who use this intervalometer confirming that they have used it for over a year on multiple night sky photography trips without needing to swap out its batteries.

As we mentioned earlier, at the time of writing at least, there are not many intervalometers available on the market that will work with the Sony a6500. If you own an a6500 and are looking to pick up an intervalometer then we would highly recommend you pick up the JJC Timer Remote Control Shutter rather than some random product that may not work with your camera and end up just being a waste of time.

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The Foto & Tech IR Wireless Remote Control

As the Sony a6500 intervalometer market realistically only has the JJC Timer Remote Control Shutter covered above as a solid intervalometer, we decided to also feature a very popular wireless remote control in our article. Although the Foto & Tech IR Wireless Remote Control (Click here to check for product prices and availability) offers many of the same benefits of an intervalometer, it is cheaper and offers less overall functionality as you would expect.

That said, it is still a solid remote control that has proven a hit with the community for both timelapse and long exposure photography over the years. This has resulted in a large number of reviews (click here to read them) being posted about the remote from other independent a6500 owners that you can read.

As we touched on earlier, a simple wireless remote control does not offer as much functionality as a fully fledged intervalometer meaning it will not tweak your a6500 settings. Due to this, we would highly recommend that you check and double check the settings of your camera before activating it to ensure you get the best possible image quality out of your camera rig.

Although we would always recommend you pick up a fully fledged intervalometer like the JJC Timer Remote Control Shutter covered first in this article for your Sony a6500 a wireless remote can make a nice addition to your camera accessories. Again though, if you choose to pick up a product that we have not featured in this article, be sure to check that it is fully compatible with the a6500 and has third-party, independent reviews from other photographers confirming that it does infact work with your camera.

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