The Best Selfie Stick For Sony A6000 Cameras!

In this article, we will be taking a look at what we feel is by far the best selfie stick for Sony a6000 cameras currently available on the market right now. There is no denying that the a6000 is a hugely popular camera and thus, it is no surprise we see a massive amount of people constantly reaching out for advice on accessories for their camera.

The main problem with using an a6000 with a selfie stick is the weight of the camera. Even without a lens on it the body of the camera is around a point in weight and most selfie sticks are designed to work with the weight of a smartphone or action camera. Thankfully, out of all the selfie sticks we researched we managed to find one single contended that has a good reputation within the photography community as well as the ability to hold an a6000!

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The Selfie Stick For Sony Alpha A6000

We feel that the best selfie stick for Sony a6000 cameras on the market right now is the Fugetek FT-568 (Click here to check for product prices and availability). It is without a doubt one of the most popular selfie sticks out there right now and the best part it that it is able to attach and support the weight of a mirrorless camera like the a6000. This coupled with its excellent build quality, good functionality, and budget-friendly price tag has helped it earn an excellent reputation within the photography community and it also has a number of a6000 already using it with their cameras!

The Fugetek FT-568 can fully extend to around fifty inches in length while supporting the weight of your a6000 allowing you to take some excellent selfies capturing the landscape behind you in all of its glory. The stick itself is made from very tough material to ensure that it is durable and robust to prevent it accidentally buckling causing your camera to fall to the floor. In fact, one of the main points we kept seeing repeated again and again when researching the Fugetek FT-568 was just how robust, reliable, and sturdy the stick actually it.

The handle of the stick is also very durable and has a non-slip comfortable rubber handle to allow you to hold the stick for extended periods of time without experiencing any discomfort at all even with a heavy camera like the a6000 attached to it. The flip locks along the body of the stick allow you to quickly and easily lock the stick at various set lengths to allow you to get the perfect shot while also offering peace of mind that both the camera and stick are secure.

The Fugetek FT-568 control remote on the selfie stick handle but will not pair with a Sony a6000.

One thing we would like to point out is that the Fugetek FT-568 comes with an excellent remote control system at the top of the handle but like most selfies sticks, it is based around using Bluetooth technology and the Sony a6000 does not support Bluetooth in its wireless connectivity.

This means that the remote will not sync with your a6000 natively and although we have seen some YouTube videos on how you are able to customize your camera, we would not recommend any aftermarket modifications unless you know exactly what you are doing and have plenty of experience.

That said, the remote control will work fine with the vast majority of smartphones on the market right now allowing you to quickly and easily swap between your a6000 and your smartphone to take photographs when required.

All in all, the Fugetek FT-568 is an excellent product and in our opinion one of the essential camera accessories, especially if taking selfies is your thing.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Fugetek FT-568 to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

Using A Monopod

Although not strictly a selfie stick, you are able to choose a high-quality suitable Sony a6000 monopod (Click here to check for product prices and availability) that you can effectively use as a selfie stick if you need to. The main advantage that using a decent monopod has overused a traditional selfie stick is that it is able to support a much higher weight class than your average selfie stick.

This means that you are able to mount heavier camera accessories on your a6000 and then mount it on your monopod and record as you wish. For example, if you are using your Sony a6000 for vlogging you may want to have either a fixed prime lens or a wide angle lens on your a6000 as well as a decent quality microphone that would increase the weight of your overall camera rig.

Most selfie sticks will either buckle under this weight, break, or at the very least struggle to cope. With a decent monopod, this is a none issue. They are designed to be used in a similar way to a tripod rather than a selfie stick and they are designed to have a large amount of camera rig weight mounted on them and be able to withstand the pressure.

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How To Take A Selfie With A Sony A6000 Camera

One thing that we have also seen a number of people asking is how they would actually go about taking a selfie with a Sony a6000, especially as the camera has lack of Bluetooth connectivity preventing them working with any remote of a decent selfie stick for Sony a6000 camera. Well, there are a few additional accessories that you are able to purchase if you like but in our opinion, these are a waste as you are able to quickly and easily take advantage of the built-in timer function on your a6000.

You basically just set the timer up with your camera already mounted on your selfie stick or monopod of choice and then life the camera up to the angle that you want it to capture the photograph at. Its really quick, really simple and literally anyone should be able to set it up. If you are not the most technical of people then the short video below explains how to do it quickly.

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