The Best Selfie Stick For Olympus Tough TG 5 Cameras!

After seeing some people reaching out for advice on a selfie stick for Olympus tough tg 5 cameras we decided to put a little time in to get this article type up and published for our readers. Although the tg5 only comes in at around half a pound, its shape can make it a pain to use with a traditional selfie stick.

Thankfully, the newer generation of selfie sticks is able to easily hold your camera without issue even with its slightly awkward dimensions. They are also very robust with a proven history of being able to support the weight of some of the heaviest mirrorless cameras and DSLRs on the market right now meaning they can easily hold your tg5.

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The Fugetek FT-568

As far as we are concerned, the best selfie stick for Olympus tough tg 5 cameras on the market right now is without a doubt the Fugetek FT-568 (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Its excellent features, great functionality, solid performance, and low price tag make it the obvious choice and this has resulted in it becoming one of the most popular selfie sticks in the world. In turn, this popularity has resulted in thousands of reviews from independent owners of the stick choosing to post their own reviews online (click here to read some of them) sharing their own insights into its performance.

Your Olympus tough tg 5 will mount directly on the sticks mounting thread without issue. Additionally, the included attachments will also allow you to mount your smartphone on the still too allowing you to capture photographs on that as and when required. Additional mounts are also available for action cameras although if you have an action camera with a tripod mounting thread then it will mount directly to the stick without needing to purchase the additional mount anyway.

As the Fugetek FT-568 is a next-generation selfie stick, it has received a bunch of upgrade over what was offered with the first few generations of sticks. The flip locks along the body of the stick ensure that your camera will stay in place without issue during use and not slide or give way. The handle of the stick is totally overhauled and has now been copied by most of the competitors due to it being so comfortable and easy to hold for long periods of time.

When fully collapsed the stick is actually very small and its lightweight makes it very easy to pack away in your luggage for traveling without having to use much of your baggage allowance. Another advantage of the stick is that it has an industry leading length of almost fifty inches when fully extended allowing you to capture some selfies with epic backgrounds that are available while traveling.

Another advantage of the stick that makes it very useful for traveling is that it is water resistant preventing water damage taking its toll over the months while traveling. As many people are often out and about exposure to the elements when traveling, your gear will often get wet and there’s nothing you can do about it. Thankfully though, there is no need to worry about water having any negative effect on your Fugetek FT-568.

If you are looking to pick up a cheap, lightweight, and easy to use selfie stick for your Olympus tough tg 5 then the Fugetek FT-568 is definitely the stick for you and the obvious choice. Its reputation amongst the community back this up and should give you all the reassurance that you need that this is the stick for you.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Fugetek FT-568 to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

A Homemade Selfie Stick (Its Easier Than You Think!)

With a light camera like the tg5, we would always recommend that you just take a premade selfie stick like the Fugetek FT-568 that we covered above. Now, some people may choose to try and make their own homemade selfie stick for their camera so we decided to quickly go over it as it is actually a very easy thing to do and can be done surprisingly cheaply.

To quickly and easily make your own selfie stick for your tg5 you will need to pick up the following items:-

You simply then attach the swivel head onto the mounting thread on your monopod. The process can take as little as only ten seconds and then you are good to go. You can mount your camera on the thread on your swivel head and then easily adjust the angle that your camera is angled to with minimal effort required.

As you have an actual monopod in your selfie stick rig when you build it in this way, you can quickly and easily switch from using it as a selfie stick to using it as a monopod within seconds. As the vast majority of selfie sticks on the market don’t even come close to providing you with any monopod functionality then the homemade selfie stick could make this the best option for you depending on what you are planning to use your stick for.

As we mentioned earlier, we would recommend going with a fully made selfie stick for a tg5 camera as they as so lightweight but as we mentioned, if you feel you may need the added functionality of a monopod then taking the homemade option could be the better choice for you.


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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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