The Best Pancake Lens For Sony A6000 Cameras!

For today’s article, we are going to be taking a look at what we feel are the best pancake lenses for Sony a6000 cameras currently available on the market right now. Unlike some of the other niches of lenses out there, when it comes to pancake lenses for your Sony a6000, there are two lenses that pretty much lead the pack without much real competition.

Due to this, we have decided to feature both of the lenses in our article and go into the strengths and weaknesses of each. In all honesty, though, we feel that picking either of these lenses up will make an excellent addition to your collection of camera accessories anyway. Both of the lenses have earned a great reputation amongst the community over the years to make it a very close call to name one as better than the other.

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The Sony SEL16F28 16mm f/2.8 Wide-Angle Lens

As we mentioned earlier, it is very hard for us to choose a winner out of the two lenses that we have chosen to feature. Due to this, we have decided to turn to the photography community and get their input between the two lenses and they decided that the best pancake lens for Sony a6000 cameras is the Sony 16mm f/2.8 (Click here to check for product prices and availability).

Although we would definatley class the Sony 16mm f/2.8 as a budget-friendly lens anyway, if you are on a very tight budget and are willing to pick up a second-hand lens (Click here to check for product prices and availability) you can sometimes save a fair bit on the actual list price.

Since its release onto the market, the Sony 16mm f/2.8 has gone from strength to strength gaining in reputation at an almost exponential rate when compared to the other pancake lenses out there at this price point. Many photographers and videographers have chosen to use the Sony 16mm f/2.8 as their go-to lens of choice with many posting their own reviews online (click here to read some of them) sharing their experiences with it.

Performance And Functionality

As you can see from the photo above that was captured using the Sony 16mm f/2.8 lens, its 16mm focal length offers some excellent wide angle photography performance with some excellent image quality. Being a prime lens, it has been specifically designed to perform amazingly in the wide-angle niche and it does its job very well indeed.

Although the photograph above was captured at twilight, it still gives a decent impression of how the f/2.8 aperture on the lens performs in low light conditions too. Being a standard pancake lens, the Sony 16mm f/2.8 is very small, lightweight, and easy to pack away making it ideal for capturing photographs of epic vistas that you may see while out and about traveling. This ensures that you always have a reliable lens with you for your Sony a6000 no matter the situation or where you are in the world.

That said, you can also reliably use the lens in a number of other photography niches too without issue. The 0.8-foot minimum focus distance and 0.078x magnification ratio have made it a popular choice for street photographers too and the color-capturing the potential of the lens is second to none at this price point.

Build Quality

Being an official Sony pancake lens it should be no surprise that the build quality and design of the lens really is excellent. We would definatley class the Sony 16mm f/2.8 as a budget-friendly, entry-level lens and unlike some of its competitors, it simply does not have that cheap feeling too it helping push it ahead of the competition.

The majority of the body of the lens is made from lightweight and robust material that further increase its usability as a travel photography lens too. The glass used in the elements for the lens are made out of high-quality Japanese glass that is extremely resistant to scratching too helping to prevent any accidental damage during use although it may be a good idea to pick up a UV filter too (Click here to check for product prices and availability).

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Although rare, we did see a few reports from people who use the Sony 16mm f/2.8 as their go-to lens of choice commenting on how the manual focus ring can become a little stiff as time goes on. Although the reports did not go into detail, we would imagine that this is simply due to lack of lens maintenance on the owners part and a simple blast with a cheap air blower would remove the dust causing the issue.

Just like all of the other Sony E-mount lenses available on the market right now, the Sony 16mm f/2.8’s actual lens mounting is solid and will not warp over time as some of the third-party lenses can. This ensures that you will always be able to quickly and easily mount or unmount your Sony 16mm f/2.8 to your Sony a6000 without issue as and when you require.

Our Verdict

That brings us to the end of our recommendation for the best pancake lens for Sony a6000 cameras and we really do think that the Sony 16mm f/2.8 will make an excellent addition to your collection of camera accessories. If you are expecting to have to travel light and capture a ton of wide-angle photographs or videos this is the obvious choice of the lenses on the market right now.

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The video below offers an additional third-party, independent review for the Sony SEL16F28 16mm f/2.8 to offer our readers an independent opinion of the product.

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