2 Of The Best ND Filters For Nikon D7000 Cameras On The Market!

In this article, we will be taking a look at what we feel is the best ND filter for Nikon d7000 cameras currently available on the market right now. With more and more people wanting to use a long exposure for their photographs we are seeing more and more people turn to ND filters to reduce the amount of light that gets to their sensor.

Both of the filters that we will be featuring in this article have an excellent reputation within the photography community and will not affect your image quality. They are both high-quality filters that are budget friendly too allowing you to pick either of them up without needing to break the bank.

One thing that we would like to point out is that the filter thread size you require actually relates to your lens of choice rather than your camera. Although these filters are excellent for use with your Nikon d7000, check your lens cap as many of them tell you the required filter thread before actually ordering a product.

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The Gobe ND Filter Range

In our opinion, the best ND filter for Nikon d7000 cameras currently available on the market right now is the Gobe three peak neutral density filter (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Although a relatively new brand to the filter niche, Gobe are quickly establishing themselves as one of the market leaders with a rapidly growing user base and reputation. We have published a full gobe filter review that covers their whole range that may also be helpful to you.

In addition to their excellent quality, Gobe filters are also very budget friendling helping their ND range become one of, if not the best budget ND filter currently available on the market. Their three peak filters come with the best possible German Schott glass in their filter element as standard offering a very clear, easy to clean, robust, and effective element for your filter.

Additionally, Gobes sixteen layer multi-resistant coating is applied to all filter elements before shipping helping to further improve the performance of their lenses while also helping to reduce any possible ghosting or lens flare. Unlike many competing filters currently on the market right now, this multi-coating tech also helps protect your filter from scratches while also helping make it water, oil, and dust resistant.

The Gobe range of filters also come double threaded as standard allowing you to attach more than one filter to your camera lens at the same time as needed. For example, say you are wanting to capture a waterfall in all of its natural beauty as part of your landscape photography. You could use a Gobe ND filter to help allow you to use an extended exposure while also using a Gobe CPL filter threaded onto the ND filter to help reduce any glare or reflections from the water. Many competing filters are not double threaded preventing you from being able to do this.

All in all, we feel that the Gobe ND filter range can make an excellent addition to your photography accessory kit. They have been tried and tested all over the world and seem to win any photographer over who gives the range a try. With their low price tag and excellent quality, it makes sense for you to at least check the filter range out further.

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The Tiffen ND Filter Range

The next product that we will be covering in our list of ND filters that you can use for your Nikon D7000 Camera is the Tiffen ND filter range (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Again, the Tiffen range is very popular and offers a very high-quality lens filter but we just feel that Gobe take the lead ever so slightly. As you would expect from a high-quality lens filter, the Tiffen range has an excellent reputation within the photography community and we recently published an article comparing both Tiffen and Hoya filters that you may find helpful.

The Tiffen ND range is currently available in the following thread sizes offering you plenty of options to ensure there is something available to fit your current lens of choice:-

  • 37mm
  • 46mm
  • 49mm
  • 52mm
  • 55mm
  • 58mm
  • 62mm
  • 67mm
  • 72mm
  • 77mm
  • 82mm

As you would expect from a neutral density filter, the Tiffen range does an excellent job of eliminating any overly bright or washed-out images during your photography session. They are able to help balance your exposure as well as control the depth of field for your photograph helping to improve your landscape photography images.

All in all, the Tiffen filter range can make a decent addition to your photography kit for your Nikon D7000 Camera as well as any other DSLR or mirrorless cameras that you may own. As we mentioned earlier in the article though, we would recommend that you pick up a Gobe filter over the Tiffen ones if possible as they are often the same price, if not cheaper while offering more features with what is in our opinion, a higher build quality.

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