2 Of The Best ND Filters For Nikon D3200 Owners!

With so many people reaching out for advice on what we feel is the best ND filter for Nikon d3200 owners we decided to put some time aside, sit down, write, and publish this article for our readers. We keep having to point this out so one more time probably won’t hurt, the thread size of your lens filter has to match the thread size of your actual camera lens, not some measurement on your d3200.

When we point this out the next thing we often see people ask is something along the lines of how do they find out the thread size of their lens. The vast majority of lenses out there will have it wrote on their lens cap somewhere. Additionally, the thread size of your lens can also be commonly be found around the edge of your lens body near the forward lens element as well as in your lenses owners manual.

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The Gobe ND Filter Range

As always, our number one recommendation for the best ND filter for Nikon d3200 users has to be the Gobe ND filter range (Click here to check for product prices and availability). Although Gobe offers a fair few different neutral density filters in their overall range each designed for a specific purpose they all have two things in common. They offer outstanding quality and come with a very budget-friendly price tag for what you are actually getting.

This has lead to the Gobe range quickly establishing themselves as one of the market leaders in the lens filter niche and growing a massive core customer base in a short period of time. With so many of their customers being so pleased with their purchases it is no surprise that so many have chosen to post their own reviews online (click here to read some of them) of the Gobe ND filter range. We would highly recommend you spend a few minutes reading some of those reviews as the offer a third-party opinion of the product that may be useful to you. We also published our own Gobe ND filter review a few months back that you may find helpful.

The Gobe ND range will make a great accessory for your camera lens of choice and make a nice addition to your Nikon d3200 kit. It will allow you to start playing around with long exposures as well as slow shutter speeds to capture some unique photographs that would otherwise not be possible as you need the ND filter to control the amount of light that can get to your d3200’s sensor.

Although the one and two peak variants of the Gobe range are still solid lens filters if you have the money available we would recommend picking up the three peak variants where possible. That said, many of their ND filters are currently only available in the one and two peak variants making the two peak filter the best available with one peak being the budget friendly version.

If you own a Nikon d3200 and are looking to expand your collection of lens accessories by adding an ND filter to your collection to help improve your digital photography then we would highly you pick up a Gobe ND filter.

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The Hoya ND Filter Range

One of the only drawbacks of the Gobe range covered above is the fact that unless you are ordering it online, it can be a pain to find in local photography stores. This is where the Hoya ND filter range (Click here to check for product prices and availability) comes in. Hoya is an established brand in the lens filter space that has been around for decades and offers some decent quality lens filters that retail for a fair price. As the brand has been around much longer than Gobe their distribution network is much better and they are often found in local photography shops if you are dead set on not picking your new filter up online.

Just like the Gobe filters, the Hoya range has a fair few reviews online (click here to read some of them) from their customers base going over their experiences with the filters. Additionally, we also have an article online covering our Hoya ND filter review that may also be helpful to you.

Hoya also offers a ton of neutral density filters in their range that will work with your camera lens of choice for your Nikon d3200. No matter what one of the Hoya ND filters you choose to pick up, it will help improve your photography performance by allowing you to work with longer exposures for your photographs to take advantage of time and movement without too much light getting to your d3200 sensor and ruining the photograph.

If for whatever reason you are unable to source yourself an ND filter for your lens of choice that you use with your d3200 then we would recommend that you look into the Hoya ND range. The offer a similar level of quality and don’t cost much more than the Gobe filters and will make a nice addition to your camera accessories.

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