The Best Manfrotto Tripod For Canon 80D Cameras!

For today’s article, we will be taking a look at what we feel is the best Manfrotto tripod for Canon 80d cameras currently available on the market. Adding some much-needed stabilization to your camera kit can help drastically increase the image quality that your 80d is able to provide for you.

Thankfully, the Canon 80d is a pretty lightweight camera considering the performance that it offers and it only comes in at 1.61lbs. This makes it really easy to find decent quality tripods for your camera that can safely support the weight of your camera as well as your lens of choice and any other accessories that you want to mount on your camera.

Rather than featuring only one tripod in our article, we have settled on two Manfrotto tripods that will serve your 80d well. The first is a general use tripod that really is an excellent product and the second tripod is a smaller, lightweight product that is perfect for travel photography.

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The Manfrotto MT055XPRO3

We feel the best general purpose Manfrotto tripod for Canon 80d cameras is the Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 (Click here to check for product prices and availability). It is a middle of the range Manfrotto tripod that has an excellent reputation and provides all the stabilization and a ton of functionality for your camera. If you are looking for a general purpose tripod for your 80d then you could also consider the Zomei z818 tripod (Click here to check for product prices and availability) as it is a very similar tripod to this Manfrotto product that comes at a much cheaper price point. Additionally, our Zomei z818 tripod review may be helpful for you.

This Manfrotto tripod comes with an upper payload of around twenty pounds of supported weight. This means that it is easily able to support the 1.61lbs of your 80d’s camera body while leaving over eighteen pounds of payload left over for any accessories that you want to mount on your camera and place on your tripod too. Now the ball head design of the tripod is perfect if you are only planning on using it for photography but picking up a decent, cheap pan head attachment (Click here to check for product prices and availability) can help improve its performance for videography and panoramic photographs without hiking the overall costs up too much.

Being a Manfrotto tripod it should not be surprising that it uses the Manfrotto quick release plate system. This allows you to save time by mounting your Canon 80d on the quick release plate and then quickly mounting it or unmounting it from your tripod on the fly as required. Due to the very simple and easy to use design of the quick release plate it has also been implemented into many other manufacturers products too. For example, the Zhiyun gimbal range all use the Manfrotto quick release plate as well as a bunch of competing tripod brands too allowing you to swap your camera between them as required.

Although not specifically designed to be used as a travel tripod you can use it in a pinch as it is a fairly lightweight aluminum tripod that can easily be carried although a tripod actually designed for use as a travel tripod like the one later in the article would be a better choice if you are planning on traveling a whole bunch with your camera accessories. If you are planning on using your tripod outdoors on uneven surfaces then the bubble level on the tripod head can be a lifesaver as it allows you to quickly ensure that your camera rig is perfectly level before capturing any photographs or video footage.

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The Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod

As we mentioned earlier in the article, we also wanted to cover a Manfrotto travel tripod for Canon 80d owners that you are able to pack up with your photography kit bag and take with you for travel photography and in our opinion, that tripod is the Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod (Click here to check for product prices and availability). This really is a great little travel tripod that comes with all the functionality that you would expect and comes with a pan head as standard to make it easy to capture and epic slow panning footage of the views that you may see while out traveling.

One thing that we would like to point out for the Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod is that its upper payload limit is around the 6.6lbs mark. Now remember, your Canon 80d comes in at around 1.61lbs so you still have around five pounds of payload weight spare for your camera accessories. Although we would imagine that this is still plenty of payload weight for anything you would want to add to your camera rig for travel photography, we just wanted to point it out and make our readers aware of the lower payload capacity.

Again, the tripod comes with the standard Manfrotto quick release plate system to allow you to quickly and easily unmount your 80d from the tripod to switch to freehand photography so you never have to risk missing any random once in a lifetime photographs that can be common when traveling around. Being a travel tripod, it should be no surprise that it is made from aluminum to help keep the weight as low as possible but the aluminum is thick walled to help increase its robustness and allow it to take a ton of punishment while in transit without having an effect on its performance.

If you are looking for a nice, cheap, travel tripod that can easily support your Canon 80d camera body while helping to improve your image quality then we feel that the Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod is the tripod for you and should seriously be considered.

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